Alyssa into Poetry Finals

Congratulations to Alyssa Borrirak (5/6J), who is a finalist in the 2017 Higgins School Anzac Poetry Competition.  The awards will be presented by Kelly O’Dwyer, Federal member for Higgins. We look forward to hearing about Alyssia’s experience at the Awards Presentation and feel very proud of her writing and submitting her poem below:

“My meaning of Anzac Day.”
This is my meaning of Anzac Day,
I think of the soldiers every time,
I will remind everybody about this special day,
By creating this Anzac Day rhyme.
Poppies and their seeds,
The Mighty and the brave,
They knew they would soon lay upon
Something called death and a grave.
They knew that they would lose their loved ones,
Their kids, their parents, their wives,
They had a feeling that inside the heart,
They wouldn’t own two lives.
They held their guns, breathing in,
Ready for the war,
The sight of guns shooting and smoke everywhere,
Were the only things they saw.
They started running, shooting their bullets,
They were shooting each other’s hearts,
The soldiers were shooting one by one,
Just like the movement of darts.
The horrible noise of people dying,
Was the sound everybody had heard,
Everybody could only hear the guns and the pain,
Nobody had said a word.
People crying and people sniffing,
In front of their loved one’s grave,
Listening to ‘The Last Post’ with poppies on their left,
Their hearts as dark as a cave.
All these soldiers were the bravest soldiers,
We have ever met,
So, let’s remember all soldiers and their brave hearts,
By Saying “Lest We Forget.”
Alyssa 5/6J