GPA Newsletter #1 – 6 February 2020

Events & Reminders

Term 1 2020: 29th January – Friday 27th March

Friday Lunchtime Snacks: 7th February – 27th March

Family Fun Night: Friday 13th March


Thank you once again to the GHPS community for helping the GPA raise over $50K in 2019 from the biennial Fete and all of the fundraising activities conducted throughout the year ! The funds raised were used to purchase air-conditioning units, 7 interactive TVs, 2 robot kits, $10,000 worth of furniture for our classrooms; and for Curriculum Budgets (English – $1,500, Maths – $2,400 and Library – $1,000) to enable the purchase of books and resources to enhance these curriculum areas for all GHPS students. There is also $4,000 that has been earmarked for the bike shed(s) to be included in the next set of building works.

We look forward to another great year of fundraising,  bringing our wonderful school community together to enjoy social events, and to continuing to foster the strong links between our school and the wider community. You can find out more in our GPA Charter.

New members are always welcome!

In 2020 we will be running meetings Friday mornings (2 per term) – but even if you are not able to attend meetings we welcome everyone to become a member by completing the form within the GPA Constitution (DET) and by joining our mailing list (link available on the GPA page of the GHPS website). Even if you are not a member you are still welcome to volunteer to help with any of the events/drives we coordinate (noting that to help at school events you are required to supply a copy of your current Working With Children Check to the School Office to be kept on file as per the VOLUNTEERS policy).

You can apply for a Working with Children Check using this link: Working with Children Check . Should you require any assistance with this process one of the GPA members would be more than happy to help – just email

Our First GPA meeting for 2020: Friday 21st February (9am, Wendy Wilson Hall, East Site)

Prep Parent Morning Tea 2020 – Thursday 30th January – Thank You

It was a wonderful opportunity for our Prep parents to be able to get together with each other and parents of older children after seeing the Preps head off for their very first day of school! Thanks to Fiona Davey, Trudi Giouris, Caitilin Hawkins, Heidi Powell, Nicole Verginis for setting up, serving, cleaning up & baking for this event. Thank you to EVERYONE who also brought in delicious baked goods – they were thoroughly enjoyed by all present! GPA also wants to thank Bridget & Nicholas Giouris, and Alex & Steph Verginis for their help setting up in the morning before school!


GPA will be selling Berri Quelch Fruit Juice Sticks every Friday lunchtime during Term 1 (for students in Prep to Grade 6) from 7 February to 27 March . We do need 4 volunteers (in addition to our Lunchtime Snacks Coordinator Heidi Powell) to be able to serve the frozen fruit juice sticks!

Please sign up via GHPS Sign Up Page if you can help!

If you haven’t pre-purchased you don’t miss out—you can purchase your icy-pole on the day for $1 each!


GPA will be running a Cake Raffle each Monday of Term 1 from 10 February to 23 March.

One family signs up each week to showcase their baking skills with something sweet – such as a cake, a batch of cupcakes, biscuits or slice, etc.

Students can buy tickets for $1 each to be in with a chance to win the coveted prize.

And if it is your week to bake, your child or children get their chance to take to the stage at assembly to show off what their family have provided AND draw the winning ticket!

We look forward to enjoying what delicious surprise Caitilin Hawkins has in store for us for the first Cake Raffle of 2020 next Monday 10th Feburary!

Please sign up here:  GHPS Sign Up Page


This website has been wonderful in rostering / preparing for GPA events and we will continue to use this for all upcoming events.

How it works:

1) Click on the GHPS Sign Up Page link, or copy it into your browser to see the roster.

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up by entering your name, email address and phone number.

It’s That Easy!


  • You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.
  • SignUp does not share your email address with anyone.
  • You will receive an email reminder to let you know what you have volunteered for
  • You can cancel out of shifts or choose other spots if your circumstances change (although please give us enough time to find a replacement).

If you need help, you can contact

If you have any queries or suggestions please send the GPA a message: