GPA Newsletter 17 May 2018

Events & Reminders

Friday Lunchtime Snacks

Friday 27 April — Friday 29 June

Grandparent’s Morning Tea

Friday 25th May

Wonderful news for GHPS

We have high aspirations for Glen Huntly and so when Steve Dimopoulos announced the news on Monday 14 May, 2018 that we are receiving $309,000 in funding for the GHPS oval re-development, we are feeling elated! We are feeling ecstatic! We are so looking forward to a green and lovely oval for our fantastic students to play on, for our chooks to gaze at and for our hardworking and fantastic community to enjoy. We can’t wait to have our super-star kids playing sport, kicking footies and soccer balls and all the games they love! It’s a great vibe here at GHPS and we are very grateful for how this will impact on our students and the fun they will have. So well deserved everyone and thanks to the many parents and staff who helped realised our dream.

Libby Alessi


Mother’s Day Stall – Huge Success

Friday 11th May

A huge thank-you to to Andrea Carveth (William, 6A) for all the hard work she put into co-ordinating the 2018 Mother’s Day Stall. It was a resounding success, with many happy customers (and very happy mothers & grandmothers receiving some wonderful gifts), and a wonderful fundraising effort with over $1,800 raised for GHPS!

Thanks to the team who made this possible – all those who baked delicious home made treats and all those who were there helping set-up, serve and pack up on the day!

With thanks to: Magda Afxetnis, Monica Agrawal, Andrea Carveth, Christine Donnan, Anees Fathima, Caitilin Hawkins, Harisri, Rohini Kulkarni, Archana Mallik, Helen Matthews, Lakshmi Natarajan, Sally Parish, Lisa Pinter, Jilly Powell, Venmani Sasikumar, Maria Simmons, Supriya, Tharana Surieddy, Nicole Verginis, Jillian Williams.


Grandparent’s Morning Tea

Friday 25 May, 10.30am – 11.30am Wendy Wilson Hall

During Education Week we will be hosting a Grandparent’s Morning Tea in the Wendy Wilson Hall.

Grandparents will have an opportunity to tour the school with their grandchildren from approximately 9.30am (after Assembly) and then will be welcomed to relax and enjoy a well earned Morning Tea shared with their grandchildren.

We need your help! We are calling out to the bakers in our school community to help us by preparing savoury and sweet culinary delights that we can serve during the Morning Tea. We are also calling for volunteers to set-up, serve and pack up on the day.

Volunteers for Baking, Set-up and/or Serving: Please sign up using:

Financial Update

Funds from 2018 will be targeted to purchase new and replacement air-conditioning in the Grade 2 and Prep areas (as only heating is provided by the Education Department).

GPA funds are also used for running various specialist programs.

The GPA have raised $3,192.00 for 2018 to date.

Cake Raffle – Fridays – Tickets $1

The GPA co-ordinate a weekly cake raffle every Friday!

One family signs up each week to showcase their baking skills with something sweet – such as a cake, a batch of cupcakes, biscuits or slice, etc.

Students can buy tickets for $1 each to be in with a chance to win the coveted prize.

And if it is your week to bake, your child or children get their chance to take to the stage at assembly to show off what’s on offer and invite students to buy a ticket.

There are still 4 spots available on the Term 2 roster (8th June to 29th June inclusive)! Sign up

Friday Lunchtime Snacks

The Hot Chocolates have been very popular and the Berri Quelch fruit stick ice blocks have also proven to be a winner!

As well as being very much enjoyed by GHPS students, the Friday snacks are a great fundraiser for our school (raising over $5,600 during 2017) – so support us by volunteering to help and also purchasing the snacks!

Let’s support Cassandra David-Shields and Venmani Sasikumar – they have signed up for every Friday this term but they need help from another 2 volunteers each week (Friday 18th May is covered). Please sign up of if you haven’t already! Fridays – 1.15pm-2.15pm (12.15-1.1.5 on the last day of term) – please sign up

Students who haven’t pre-ordered won’t miss out – you can purchase your snack on the day for $1 each.

Remember to bring along your own cup/mug from home and you will receive a free marshmallow!


The very popular POPCORN will be offered as an alternative on Friday 6th June – Note this date in your diaries!


Sunday 20 May, 10am – 5pm. Box Hill Town Hall.

Go along and see Reiko (3F) and Hiro (5S) perform in support of Japan Earthquakes Appeal. Lots of activities including Kimono Cosplay and Karaoke Contest.

Next GPA Meeting: Fri 18th May

9.45am – 11.00 am (after assembly), WW Hall, West Site