Thank you for making Diwali such a great night!

Our 2015 Diwali Festival was every bit as wonderful as we had hoped when we all joined together at school to celebrate! There was a fabulous program of events and many guests attended both from within and beyond our school community. It was an enormous pleasure to share the evening with so many friends and family. As described below by the Diwali and GPA members on the Committees, this event demonstrated that we are not just a school but a place to build strong relationships globally and where we can all live to enjoy our passion for education and enjoy freedom. Thank you everyone for the part you played in making this a festival of celebration such a success and to those who have emailed such thoughtful reflections.

Our Diwali committee (Atul, Lata, Preeti, Priyanka, Kaitha, Rohini, Shruti, Yvonne, Caitilin, David Jenkins and other occasional attendees) hope you all enjoyed celebrating Diwali last Friday with us. The selection of food was amazing, the stalls in the Learning Street were doing a brisk trade and the hall packed out to watch the fantastic entertainment program. Despite the cool conditions and early rain, our school grounds turned into a vibrant Indian fete and became quite transformed again as the sunlight faded and the fairy lights sparkled.

Diwali was always intended to be a social event first and foremost, and an opportunity to showcase our school to the community, rather than a fundraising activity – but we still managed to turn a tidy profit.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for supporting this event and making it such a successful evening. In 2017 our school Diwali celebration will be combined with our bi-annual twilight fete.