Newsletter #10 July 30, 2021


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Principal’s Report

Exciting times as we welcomed all students and staff back to face-to-face learning on Wednesday 28 July! It was fabulous to see everyone and feel their joy in being able to return after lockdown 5.0. Best wishes for the return to school for all our students in our classes and I heartily endorse DET Deputy Secretary David Howes’ thanks for everyone’s commitment to supporting our students, staff and each other during this time. Great work by everyone.

Prep Enrolments for 2022

We are calling on our current families who have a child who is going to start school next year to bring in their enrolment form as we are starting to plan for Transition which will take place next term.

We would really appreciate 2022 Prep enrolment forms be handed in or emailed to the school with a copy of your child’s immunization and birth certificate or passport if they were born overseas. If you have any questions, please contact us at school.

For new families or neighbors that you know are going to come to GHPS, please let them know that enrolments are open and although we are unable to conduct face to face school tours, prospective families can book a webex tour with Ms Amy Tinetti and I.

*Webex Tours

*Monday 2nd August 5.30pm

*Thursday 5th August 6.30pm

*Tuesday 10th August 11.00am

We hope to be able to return to onsite tours for the the following:

Tuesday 24th August 9:15-10am

Tuesday 7th September 9:15-10am

We invite families to admire the GHPS virtual tour so as to get a real understanding of how proud we are of our school. They may also read and view what parents and students are saying about what it is like to be a being a member of the GHPS Community. All vision and text gives new families a fantastic insight into our wonderful school and this shines through all the information. If you visit the landing page at you’ll see our information.

Capital Works Announcement

As the school community would be aware, Glen Huntly Primary School was allocated $7.12 million in 2020 Victorian State Budget to upgrade and modernise our facilities. Further to the information in previous newsletters including June 18, 2021 we are very excited to let you know that the DET and Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), Paul Borci has notified the school that the Capital Works project Letter of Award has been accepted by Interface Constructions Pty Ltd. Information was tabled at the July School Council Meeting and the Publicity and Marketing Sub Committee to discuss how to provide future communications with the school and wider community, including local residents.

Construction of the build is due to begin soon and there are four stages to the project.

  1. The first stage will be the refurbishment of the existing Administration and Main Office Areas on the East Site.
  2. Stage two will be the relocation of the existing English Language School.
  3. The third stage will be the construction of the new Gym building and Stage four will be the minor refurbishment of the existing Library.

This amazing project will create much-needed space for the current and future local students at GHPS and give us the most wonderful new facilities.

Upcoming works

Preparation works will shortly begin on Stage 1. Builders will commence site mobilisation which includes the installation of hoarding, as well as the establishment of site sheds and amenities. Construction works will begin soon and it is estimated that they will take place over a 14 month period.

The schedule of works is as follows:

The first Stage is scheduled to commence on 9th August 2021. The temporary Main Office will make its home in the Mod 5 (the former Grade 3 classrooms) which is adjacent to the asphalt. This will include making the Office accessible for all including installing a Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant ramp and additional temporary modifications to house the Sickbay, Principal, Assistant Principal, Business Manager and Office Admin. We will keep everyone informed when the move is ready through Compass.

All construction requirements and hours will comply with Glen Eira City Council guidelines, which are 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am- 6pm weekends. In step with keeping all our community safe, there will be certain elements of the works earmarked for the weekends, and holidays with strict guidelines which Interface will adhere to with regards to communicating to the school and in particular, not with students at any time.

To be provided:

Interface will provide a marked-up site plan for temporary fencing, own toilet for contractors and site access following this being reviewed by the Architect and GHPS. Interface will issue weekly Working with Children Certificates to Ms Tinetti of all sub-contractors on site. We will strive to maintain timely communications, smooth operations and minimise potential disruptions throughout the project. Stage 1 Administration Completion is due 15 December, 2021.

The total build is forecast to be complete by Term 4, 2022.

More information

  • As discussed at Publicity & Marketing this week, local residents will be advised as a courtesy through a School Letter Drop with regards to communicating the works commencing using the proforma provided by the VSBA. Together with GPA, volunteers to do the Letter Drop have been organised for Monday next week.
  • All OH& S Plans and safety checks will be regulated through the contractor’s Superintendent and reports will be provided monthly. Interface will liaise with Ms Amy Tinetti as the school contact during constructions works.
  • Under the Capital works Program, all asbestos material present within the construction zone is to be safely removed as part of the project works. Removal of asbestos or termite treatment works will be undertaken outside the school operating hours, when no-one is on the school site (weekends and school holidays only) and the timing of the works will be closely coordinated with GHPS.
  • Staged handovers of spaces will require the provision of partial Occupancy Certificates from the Building Surveyor before we can return to the new Offices

If you have any further questions about the works at Glen Huntly Primary School, you can contact the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) on 9280 0712 or any questions in general, please call or email the school in the usual way.

A little more information can also be found by visiting our school’s website:

We appreciate your continued cooperation and patience during this project and are very grateful to be the recipient of this amazing funding.

School Review Term 3 Update

Further to the update on June 18, 2021, the PLC LS will be meeting with the Senior Education Improvement Leader to focus on outlining the draft Goals and Key Improvement Strategies in the School Strategic Plan 2020- 2024. Staff will be meeting this term to acknowledge the summary of key findings and key directions for the next school strategic plan groups will be set up to work on breaking down the information and consider the big targets for the next four years.

School Council Report 19 July

The school council met on Monday, 19th July. I thank the school council president, Ross Donnan for his report which will be included in the next newsletter. The School Council will next meet on Monday 6 September.

Libby Alessi          Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Shivansh 1E – For settling in so well to Glen Huntly Primary School. You have made new friends and gained so much confidence. We are so lucky to have you in our class!

Anika 1M – for your wonderful, creative and colourful paper dolls. You have been so enthusiastic when learning about our mentor text, keep it up!

Aarna 3O – For her excellent research around her chosen animal, the snow leopard. You worked cooperatively with your partner and wrote the information in your own words. Well done.

Tilly 4R – For your excellent and insightful contributions to class discussions. Keep up the great work!

Evan 5/6J – For completing all remote learning tasks to a high standard and for the enthusiasm he has brought to our classroom. Wonderful work!

Tutor Learning Program

We have welcomed many new faces to join us in the tutor learning space this term. The TLI program involves small group support, extension and focus on specific areas of learning. Students join in the program for 2 sessions per week across Literacy, Numeracy and STEM strands.


The Macquarie Literacy Program (MacqLit) for small group instruction is a systematic and explicit reading program for groups of readers in Year 3 and above. It includes all the key components necessary for effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Ongoing Monitoring

Reading fluency reflects a student’s automaticity in decoding. To read effectively and with understanding, students need to be able to decode words effortlessly so that they are not wasting cognitive capacity that could otherwise be deployed in making sense of what is being read. Reading fluency is a powerful predictor of overall reading progress and ongoing monitoring of reading/decoding ability assists with planning targeted support.

Writing Tasks

Students are supported to create writing seeds and use support materials to assist with developing creative ideas. Prompts, shared writing and high quality worked examples all assist in developing an understanding of the structure of writing.

Choral Counting and Counting Collections

Students use bags of assorted items to revise and promote the hands-on approach to counting collections using varied strategies.

Where is the learning?

Depending on the student, the size of the collection, and how the student approaches counting the collection, all of the following concepts could be developed.

  • one-to-one correspondence
  • cardinality – knowing the last number stated when counting represents the total
  • stable order
  • estimating
  • place value (e.g., teens as ten and some more, 2-digit numbers as groups of tens and ones, etc.)
  • connecting a count to a numeral
  • skip counting
  • multiplicative thinking (e.g., I have five groups of seven and three more)
  • division (and how this is related to multiplication)
  • flexible counting strategies
  • fractions and decimals
  • factors and multiples – which can lead to discussions about prime and composite numbers

Year 2 News

In Term 2, students became environmental scientists and investigated animals, their habitats and features. They went for a nature walk through Lord’s Park Reserve and observed and classified a vast range of local fauna. The students also created dioramas, posters and delivered presentations about Australian Endangered Animals and shared their knowledge about animal protection. 

Through our Mentor Text, called Possum Magic, the students travelled to all the capital cities around Australia and then got to taste some “Aussie Delights”  e.g. vegemite shapes, lamingtons and minties.  

Mahanya’s diorama of the Gouldian Finch in its habitat.  

Harrison’s poster about the Northern Quoll.  


Gordon’s research poster about Wombats.

To conclude the term and begin Reconciliation Week, students learnt about the significance of Sorry Day for Indigenious and non-indigenous Australians. In class, students watched videos about the stolen generation and the importance of Sorry Day. Then, students coloured a template of their hand and added words of reconciliation. These hands were then cut and placed to make the word ‘Sorry’. All of our colourful hands mean sorry in a bigger way.

Sport News

Here is some of our Prep students work done while participating in our Remote Learning Olympic tasks.

Well done Ayansh, Robyn and Zoe.

Please remember to put your name on all uniform/property.

Lost property will be sorted every month and any uniform without a name will be put into the second hand uniform shop.

Other unnamed items will be donated to charity.

If your child attends before or after school care, please check their lost property as well.



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