Newsletter #12 2 August 2018

Principals Report

Professional Development opportunities for the staff at GHPS is a high priority. Over the past week our new staff members, Melinda Oldham, Mikaela Ristos, Ivana Novakovic, Yasmin Makssi, Emma Murnane, Callum Swanson and Marie Kasambalis spent the day with Adam Voigt from Real Schools learning all about Restorative Practices and the GHPS whole school approach. Our focus is to continue transforming and enhancing our school’s culture through a focus on what really counts. Adam Voigt took to his Facebook page on Friday reflecting on his day spent at GHPS.

“Spent an invigorating Friday in the company of the new staff of Glen Huntly PS. This is a cleverly led school which has a bias for supporting all new staff about the underpinnings of their culture – in this case, it’s Restorative Practices.”

On Tuesday members form our Leadership team, myself, Libby Alessi, Jake Mackie, Olivia Fourniotis, Claire Piscioneri and David Jenkins spent the morning at McKinnon PS together with leaders from Ormond PS and Hughesdale PS  learning from Brendan Spillane. Brendan is an engaging speaker and presenter, Brendan uses a powerful blend of story, metaphor and humour to create the conditions for a more authentic and insightful learning experience. We spent the morning learning and discussing what GHPS story is and what our inspired shared vision is. We are all looking forward to presenting workshops to staff throughout Term 3 on developing what our story will be in 2019.

Dates and Meeting Reminders:

Monday 6th August- About You Survey Year 5 students

Tuesday 7th August- Publicity and Marketing Meeting @ 6:30pm in the East Site Staffroom

Monday 13th August- Finance Meeting @ 6:30pm in the East Site Staffroom

      – School Council Meeting @ 7pm in the East Site Staffroom

Tuesday 14th August- ICAS Mathematics Assessment

Friday 17th August- House Athletics Day


Libby Alessi 

A message from your Assistant Principal Amy Tinetti

Working Bee Recap!

Thank you to all of the families who braved the cold on Sunday and helped at the Term 3 Working Bee! Those families were: Joshi family, Weiss Family, Blair Family, Davidson and Williams Family, Harikrishna Family, Oswal Family, Desuyo Family, Piprade Family, Kringas Family, Arvind and Powell Family.

A very BIG shout out to two of our newest families the Rydquist Family and the Coronel Family who attended the Working Bee after being part of the GHPS community for only two weeks!! What great community spirit.

We got through all of the jobs on our list. We are very excited that we have started to set the space for a bike shed on the West site (Junior Site) and we are hoping to raise lots of money at our Bike-a-thon (details to come) so that at the Term 4 bee we can start to install it. Thanks again to Heidi for her yummy cooking, we had soup and delicious pulled beef rolls to reward ourselves with after working so hard.

Our Buildings and Grounds meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th August at 6:30pm in the East Site Staffroom. Everyone is welcome to attend and discuss ideas on how we can improve the grounds of our school.

The Term 4 Working Bee is on Sunday 21st October.

Student Wellbeing:

GHPS has been selected by the Department of Education for our Year 5 students to take part in the About You survey. This survey plays a very important role in supporting all children in health and wellbeing. Here is more information:

What is ‘About You’?

‘About You’ is a survey of Victoria’s young people, sponsored by the Department of Education and Training. The survey will collect information in Terms 3 2018, about health and social issues which impact on the development of young people in Victoria.

Findings from the study will help improve understanding of Victorian young people’s health and wellbeing. They will be used for planning policies and programs to help young people in our schools.

Who will participate?

Classes of Year 5 students will be selected from our school to participate in the study.

If your child’s class is selected, it is up to you whether you wish for them to participate. The school will send an information letter explaining the background and content of the survey, along with a refusal-of-consent form home with your child, and to your email address. If you do not want your child to be included in the study, you should return the refusal-of-consent form to the school, or opt out via the email address that will be supplied. All responses are voluntary and students can opt out at any time.

For further information, please contact Gillian Davenport at the Department of Education and Training via email




The Childrens Book Council theme for this year is “Find your Treasure”
At GHPS we will be dressing up as our favourite pirate.
WHO?    All students in Grades Prep to 4.
WHEN?      Tuesday 21st August.
WHERE?     Wendy Wilson Hall. East Side
WHAT TIME?      12.00 – 1.15 p.m.
WHAT TO WEAR?   Use your imagination and come up with a fun pirate outfit.


Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Sophie 0F – For her excellent contribution during our guided reading session this week.  Well done!

Asher 0F – for fitting in well to his new school and making some new friends

Rudra D 0N– For reading every night and making fantastic progress with his reading leve.  Keep it up!

Dheekshith 0N  – Settling well into Glen Huntly Primary and making lots of new friends

Ashley 0R – For settling into Prep R and making new friends.  Well done!

Aishani 0R – For using kind words towards her teacher and peers this week!  You have made my bucket so full!

Vrish 1M – for sounding out your words in book club.  Well done!

Dharmi  1M – For always being an enthusiastic member of 1M and coming to school with a smile everyday!

Prathiksha 1M – For settling so well into 1M and brightening up our classroom with your lovely smile

Srishti 1J – For vocabulary that she has used this week in Monster Maths

Raghav V 2M – For an excellent information report about Penguins!

Nelly 2M – For settling into the Glen Huntly Primary School routine so well and doing her best all week!

Byron 2M – For settling into his new school in a new country so well!

Kadiss 2E – For working hard to improve his spelling.  Keep up the great effort!

Hari 3F – For his enthusiastic approach to all learning tasks.  Keep up the great work.

Adwaith 3F – for settling in well at GHPS and the routine of the Grade 3 classroom

Ayaan S 3S – For working brilliantly in all areas of his school work

Tasha 3S – For displaying initiative and thoughtfulness when helping others

Karolin 5R – For consistently being focused, working diligently, showing excellent initiative and for being very helpful with all learning tasks.

Emma 5S – For having a clear understanding of the song “Imagine” and its impact on society.  Well done!

Alex 5S – For improving his reading fluency and understanding of texts during ‘Teacher Conference’ sessions.

Shoma 5S – For reaching level 8 for his Geometric Reasoning booklet in Essential Assessment.

Tina 6A – For her hard work and conscientiousness during writing to summarise an information text

Jun 6A – For doing an amazing job as a Library monitor

Soham 6A – For excellent recall of previously learnt vocabulary

Aarushi 6P– For her focussed and dedicated attitude to her work all week.  Great start to the term!

Alyssa 6P – For being an amazing guitarist and also showing substantially detailed, specific and interesting work

Swara 6P – For her thoughtful, well organised and original website for her Digital Learning project.  Well done1

Pranitha 6P – For her innovative, creative and well researched Google Site.  What an impressive presentation!

Notices distributed to parents

18th July           All Students            Parent/Teacher/Student Three- Way Conversations

19th July           All Students            Icy-poles / Hot Chocolate orders



Fri 17                 House Athletics

Tue 21               Book Parade