Newsletter #12 August 19, 2022


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Science Week

It was an exciting celebration this week in Mrs Oldham’s Science Room where she was teaching the students Chemical Science and all about dry ice.

I was amazed to see the experiments being undertaken and the learning in such a hands-on space.

Practice for Cabaret

Students have been enjoying the dance sessions with Kira from STOMP and are eagerly getting ready for the performance at Robert Blackwood Hall.

As parents would be aware through Compass notification, the webpage is now live, and tickets are on sale.

During the week, the Student Council met and as always it was very interesting to hear the views and ideas from our Councillors.

Thank you to Rhea 4S and Ruby 4A who have provided a report for this newsletter and who will speak at Assembly today.

Book Week

To celebrate this year’s Book Week, students have been invited to dress up on Wednesday 24 August. There will be whole school activities with students, and we look forward to the fun.

Thank you to Liz for the Compass notification about this event.

In the Library, Lisa has been doing an amazing job to showcase the new books and keep everything looking really lovely.

Please enjoy borrowing and don’t forget to return your books.

We ask everyone to help keep the library tidy too!

Ms Piscioneri

We wish Ms Claire Piscioneri and partner Dan all the very best for the upcoming arrival of their baby in October. Today will be Claire’s last day before she starts her Family Leave.

Claire is an amazing staff member and a key driver of our professional Learning Communities Leadership and Area Leaders teams. Her skills, determination, energy, enthusiasm, and passion she has poured into her role as Numeracy Specialist has been incredible and we acknowledge that this has been highly impactful in improving teacher practice and outcomes for our students.

We are very grateful for the commitment she has displayed in driving our school priorities and our pursuit of excellence. She has been instrumental in all that the students, staff and leadership team have been able to strive for and achieve. It goes without saying that we will miss her very much, but we are thrilled for her and Dan to be able to start a family.

We look forward to hearing the exciting news.

Mr Ryan Bowden

As families in Grade 1 will be aware, Mr Bowden will be commencing teaching Grade 1PB on Monday 22 August.

He has been to visit the staff and students of 1PB and to work with Ms Piscioneri on handover of information for the students.

He enjoyed the day getting to know everyone and we look forward to welcoming Mr Bowden to the GHPS community.

School Council

The next meeting for School Council will be held on Monday, 5th September.

Libby Alessi          Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Zoe 0H – for confidently answering questions about all areas of learning.

Hannah 0H – For being a helpful friend and playing with others when they are feeling lonely. You are such a kind and caring member of Prep H!

Jake 0S – for consistently being a fantastic helper around the classroom and brightening up our class with your beautiful smile. You are amazing.

Frans 0S – For doing a fantastic job with your topic writing about a horse. Keep up the fantastic work!

Sofia 1D – for being a kind and caring classmate. You have a great sense of humour and can always make your friends smile and laugh. Thank you for bringing your positive mindset to our class!

Tharan 1D– For the amazing presentation of your holiday journal. You were able to maintain everyone’s attention by speaking loudly, clearly and with lots of enthusiasm. Well done!

Sreshta 1P – for always sharing her enthusiasm for learning in every lesson. Your positive attitude helps everyone in our classroom. Well done!

Iris 1P – For her outstanding sentence starters and vocabulary for her narrative titled, ‘The Alien Invasion’. Great work!

Ellie 2M – For your fabulous efforts and hard work in all of our learning tasks throughout the year. You challenge yourself, complete your work to a high standard and are a role model to others. Keep it up!

Arham 2M – For being a wonderful, creative and caring student in 2M. We will miss you! Best of luck at your new school.

Aarohi 2M – For the wonderful improvement you have shown in your reading and writing. Keep it up, I cannot wait to see what else you achieve this year!

Haru 2M – For being a fantastic helper in the classroom and supporting our new student by translating from English to Japanese. You are a superstar and we are lucky to have you in 2M!

Sriram 2S -His excellent application to all school work. You are a star!

Vedesh 2S – His superb effort in his work and his beautifully presented book work! Impressive!!!

Nial 2s – For his impressive persistence and super effort with all his work. Keep it up Nial!!

Sumreet 2s – Being a wonderful, helpful and hardworking student of 2S. You are a star!!

Sara 3K – For her kindness to others and focus and effort in mathematics sessions while learning about Area and Perimeter! You successfully created many chocolate bars with an area of 24cm2.

Divyansha 3K – For her beautiful manners and continuous determination with all classroom activities. Congratulations on your precise measuring of your chocolate bar in Maths! Well Done!

Henry 3M – For having contagious enthusiasm at House Athletics yesterday, representing Kurwan. You showed lots of team spirit! Well done!

Gordon 3M – For drawing his name, calculating the total area and perimeter of each letter. Your work was neat, colourful and completed to a high standard! Well done!

Ewan 4A – For consistently displaying the school values of Respect and Responsibility through his interactions with peers and teachers, and in the way he diligently completes his classroom job. Keep it up!

Suria 4A – For diligently completing her Home Learning every week. Thank you for demonstrating the GHPS values by showing responsibility and taking pride in your work. Keep it up!

Nistha 4S – For being a consistently helpful, kind and enthusiastic student who is willing to get the best out of their learning every day. Well done, Nistha!

Dhyana 4S – For always striving to achieve her best, no matter the subject. Keep up your efforts, Dhyana!

Aarav 5/6F – For continually displaying positive leadership skills both in and outside the classroom. You are a good role model for your peers and other students at GHPS.

Gabriel 5/6F – For his impressive presentation skills during this week’s BTN transcript session. Well Done!

Aadhya 5/6J –  For a strong work ethic displayed in all areas of the curriculum. You have so much knowledge to share – A wonderful role model for your peers. Congratulations!

Riddhi 5/6J – For her impressive, detailed, and magical fantasy writing piece. This included the four elements of a fantasy – Setting, Character, Quest, and Magic. Congratulations!

William 5/6J – For demonstrating a most excellent effort and attitude towards your Patterns & Algebra maths unit. Not afraid to ask questions, not afraid to solve problems. Brilliant job!

Keshav 5/6R – For using a range of descriptive language during our Fantasy writing unit this week! Well done Keshav!

Srishti 5/6R – For always having a positive attitude towards all learning and completing your work with enthusiasm. Your work ethic is inspiring!


On Monday 01/08/2022 Glen Huntly Primary School held the 5th School Council Meeting for the year.

  • Building Works / Buildings and Grounds.
    • The GaGa Pit installed over the Term 2 holidays is still being thoroughly enjoyed by our students (you will have seen the photos of the students in there in recent newsletters). Thanks again to the Grade5/6 cohort for their successful Lamington Drive, the Student Council’s gold coin donation for casual dress/PJ day and the GPA for contributing the balance required to make this a reality; and thanks to Cameron White for co-ordinating the install.
    • Exciting times ahead – the new gymnasium is still expected to be completed on schedule and available to us in Term 4.
  • Glen Huntly Parents’ Association & Fundraising
    • During Term 3 GPA have been busy co-ordinating/hosting:
      • weekly icy-pole lunches (Wednesdays)
      • weekly cake raffles (Fridays)
      • Father’s Day Stall – Wed 31st August
      • Pie/Pastie Lunch – Fri 16th September
    • During Term 4 GPA are planning some more exciting events including
      • Continuing with weekly icy-pole lunches AND cake raffles
      • Family Fun Night (tentatively scheduled for Fri 21st October)
      • Election Day BBQ (Sat 26th November)
  • Publicity & Marketing.
    • School tours are continuing and going very well indeed! Information and flyers have been distributed to local kindergartens and child care centres promoting GHPS
    • You may have noticed the new GHPS sign out the front of the office on the Senior (East) site
    • A real estate board further promoting enrolments at GHPS is being finalised – keep an eye out for this
    • School Logo Update: We reviewed some more design work and decided to hold an an extra SC meeting last Mon 15/08 to further discuss options presented. We are continuing discussions with Ross Donnan (previous GHPS SC president) who is kindly editing the designs based on feedback being received from SC. We think we are very nearly there and hope to have some designs for the GHPS community to choose from before the end of Term 3!
    • The new uniform designs by PSW are coming along very well. We are really waiting on our completed logo design to be able to move forward with this. Further information including details of a prolonged transitional period (of 1-2years) to be provided as soon as practicable.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • The new set of 30 Chromebooks, trolley and associated robotics equipment has arrived.

If there are any items you would like to raise for discussion with School Council please send through to

Thank you,

Nicole Verginis (School Council President)

Sport News 

In Week 5, the Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS) visited Glen Huntly Primary School.

Run by Little Athletics Victoria, LAPS offer clinics for school-aged children that teach the fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing.

GHPS students had the opportunity to learn and practise the proper techniques for sprinting, jumping high and throwing a shotput. They were encouraged to participate, do their personal best, be safe and have fun.

It was an excellent program in which all students were highly engaged and catered for, and showed significant skill development from the beginning to the end of each session. They were then able to put these skills into practise at our Year 3-6 House Athletics day later that week.

Thank you to Rob from LAPS, and well done, students of GHPS! If your child is interested in Little Athletics, more information can be found by visiting

0409705955    Saturdays 8:30am-11:00am
Jasmine Roth

Science News

Year 2 News

Wildlife Exposure

Anika, Haru and Dhruva 2M

Saambavi and Nagi 2S

On Wednesday 17th of August the Student Councillors had a meeting.

We spoke about many things.

The first was about school pride. To show school pride we need to make sure everyone is wearing their school uniform.

After that we spoke about next year’s school fete.

We ended by speaking about how we got our beloved Ga Ga Ball pit.

A big thank you to the GPA who have been raising money for many events and objects at our school.

Rhea 4S     Ruby 4A

GPA News

Our Father’s Day Stall will be held on Wednesday, 31st August, from 9am to 2pm.

Please keep an eye out for the Compass notification with links to sign up to help serve on the day or sort and wrap on Tuesday, 30th August from 3.30pm.

Icy Poles

Please click on the following link to sigh up and help out with Wednesday’s icy pole distribution.

TheirCare News



Wed 31 – Fathers’ Day Stall


Thu 1 – School Cabaret

Fri 2 – Professional Planning – Student Free Day

Fri 16 – Footy and Pie Day

Fri 16 – End of Term 3 Early Dismissal 2.30pm


Mon 3 – Term 3 Commences

Fri 21 – Family Fun Night


Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.