Newsletter #13 August 20 2020

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.

Principal’s Report

Exciting News from The Hon James Merlino MP

The school has recently received advice by way of a second official letter from The Hon James Merlino MP confirming that the committed $7.12 million to GHPS can be used to prioritise the building of a competition-grade gymnasium, and refurbishment of the existing administration on the East Site and the Library on the West Site.

Together with School Council President, Ross Donnan, we are working with the Victorian School Building Authority, Regional Personnel, AOA Architects to realize this amazing Infrastructure project.

The Artist’s Impression of what the gymnasium will look, which has been included together with additional information below in the School Council Report, is very impressive. Thank you Ross Donnan.

2021 Enrolments

We are already looking forward to all our 2020 kinder kids starting school next year so if you have a preschooler who is eligible for school in 2021, please get onto completing and submitting your child’s enrolment form into the school.

This can be done by downloading the form, filling it in and emailing through with a copy of their immunization form and birth certificate or passport (if your child was born overseas). If it is easier, you can arrange a time to drop it into the school office. This will really help with planning for next year.

Ms Tinetti and I have enjoyed meeting with new families online and look forward to having them join our community next year.

If you have any friends or neighbours who are thinking of GHPS, then let them know to go to our website and book in or call us at the office.

Ms Ristos is doing a great job also making contact with our local kinders and preschools and our new flyer is just about ready to be distributed. She has had great conversations with the directors and they have very much welcomed her with a chat. She is very enthusiastically championing our school as the Number One School Candidate and school of choice! Thank you very much Ms Ristos for taking the time to do this in your very busy remote learning life!

Also if there are families who are planning to leave the school during or by the end of the year, please notify us as well.

TriNature Fundraiser

Once again a big thank you to everyone who has ordered their TriNature for our fundraiser this term. I am very pleased to say that I have been able to collect mine and my sister’s already and look forward to having an even better time staying clean!

Please get your order organised and see if any family members would like something as well. Every order raises funds for GHPS. Thank you in anticipation

Stay safe everyone and remember we are thinking of you all.

Libby Alessi     Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal:

Staying Healthy:

With the most recent COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions, we have certainly had to make big changes to our lifestyles. Although these changes are temporary – they are significant!

Whilst the school staff is investing a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure that students continue to maximise their potential during this period of flexible and remote learning, we understand that the challenge goes beyond academic excellence. The health and wellbeing of the students and their families are paramount.

With life changing and adults and older children wearing masks, the lack of contact with family and friends, the need to physically distance ourselves from others, the increased police presence in our community and the news headlines everyday with alarming numbers all the time, all contribute to elevating anxiety levels in some individuals. Children will be noticing all these things and wondering why this is happening. Open conversations and reassurance are important during this time. As a community, it is our duty to be kind and look after each other.

The Department of Education and Training Victoria has developed a resources webpage for parents and carers to support children’s continuity of learning from home.

Please click here to access the resource.

Please try to remember to take some good from times like this – although little – it is there. Children learn in multiple ways not just academically. Be thankful that this virus has allowed us to spend more time with our children and to reconnect to a slower pace of life. Take time to teach them life skills not taught within the school environment.

Remember to be kind to yourself and try and stay positive with the belief that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. It is not forever.

Communicating with your child:

We encourage you to start and finish each day with a simple check-in. These check-ins can be a regular part of each day.

Morning check-ins:

In the morning, ask:

  • What are you learning today?
  • What are your learning targets or goals?
  • How will you be spending your time?
  • What resources do you need?
  • What support do you need?

Afternoon check-ins:

In the afternoon, ask:

  • What did you learn today?
  • What was challenging? You could come up with a way to deal with the same problem if it comes up again.
  • Consider three things that went well today. Why were they good?
  • Are you ok? Do you need to ask your teacher for something? Do you need help with something to make tomorrow more successful?

These questions allow your child to:

  • process the instructions they get from their teachers
  • help them organise themselves and set priorities.

Remember I am here to help you I any way I can and I am just a phone call away if you need any assistance or if you just need to have a chat. Please call me on 9571 2931.

“You’re allowed to scream,

You’re allowed to cry,

But do not give up!

Amy Tinetti              Assistance Principal

Hello all,

I hope you are all staying safe and well during this difficult time. The time before Term 2 School Holidays feels like a life time ago. School Council are still working behind the scenes and I’ve provided a few updates below including a very exciting one!

Professional Development

It is very pleasing to see the teaching staff and the leadership team always open to new learnings. School Council meetings are full of the different learnings that the teachers are undertaking. Claire Piscioneri has been successful into admission into a Bastow Online Course. We are looking forward to hearing the updates Claire!

Cooking Book on its way!

Fiona Davey and Justine de Bruyn are working very hard on producing a cooking book with submitted recipes from families that showcase our diverse community. If the fantastic recipes that Fiona has been sending out via compass are anything to go by, I’m looking forward to receiving my copy! I’m sure it will be a wonderful positive contribution to the school in a difficult year.

Impact of COVID-19

A few notes on the impact of COVID.

  • Year 5/6 Camp has been cancelled due to the current climate.
  • Most of our GPA fundraisers this year have been postponed. We are so looking forward to restrictions being eased so we can spend some time together as a community. The fundraising activities are crucial for the School to provide materials and programs for the students.
  • Extra hand santisers have been purchased for classrooms before Stage 4 commenced.
  • As working bees are on hold the School Council approved a gardener to assist in cleaning up the grounds of the School. It is important to maintain our School Grounds as they are a reflection of our School in the community.

Capital Works update

We’ve been working very hard with AOA Architects, VSBA, project team and the Education Department to assist in delivering an upgrade to our Wendy Wilson Hall and Administration spaces (reception).

The current stage is the Design and Development Phase. I am absolutely thrilled to share the sneak peek of our Capital Works and new competition size basketball stadium.

It will feature a new music/stage space, a full size basketball court, new toilets and a new canteen. It is so exciting and a really positive contribution in a difficult year.

I look forward to sharing more updates with you as development progresses.

The next School Council meeting will be on Monday 7 September 2020.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email or myself directly

Stay safe and well.

Ross Donnan         School Council President

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Anika 0N – For your enthusiasm and fantastic participation during our video calls. Your big smile always brightens my day! Thank you!

Winston 0R – For contributing confidently during Webex guided reading sessions this week! Well done Winston, it is great to hear you speaking more!

Vidyut 1E – For consistently producing work of an exceptional quality! I am so proud of the effort you put into your work! Thank you for being a bright and enthusiastic member of our class Vidyut!

Sully 1M – You have tried your best with all of your learning tasks this week Sully. I have been particularly impressed with your writing throughout the week. Keep up the wonderful efforts!

Arnav 1R – Thank you for always being so organised and positive this Term. You always come to our Webex conferences prepared and eager to learn! Keep it up!

Raksshitha 1R – Thank you for approaching all learning tasks with enthusiasm and giving it your best shot! I love how proud you are of your learning in every photo you send – you are doing an amazing job at home! Keep up the fantastic work!

Aashritha 2C – For your punctuality and enthusiasm on every Webex call. Thank you for being ready to learn every single day. You are a star!

Tharini 2C – For consistently being a keen learner who listens all instructions very carefully. You are a fantastic role model for your peers! Keep up the fabulous work.

Rudra K 2L –  For his tremendous improvement in writing!

Hiya 2L – For always paying attention during online book club and trying her best to answer questions.

Ishaan 2S – For his beautifully written descriptive writing passage.

Sayuri 4C – For your determination to produce a thought provoking and descriptive narrative entitled ‘The Hidden Prophecy’. The language used to ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ was astonishing and well thought out. I am excited to see how you will edit your work to draw in your audience even more. Keep up the phenomenal writing.

Sahana 4C – For your responsible and eager attitude towards your learning. You apply the feedback you receive and always seek for opportunities to improve in all areas of learning, even when it’s a challenge. Your hard work is paying off and can be seen in the work you submit week after week. Congratulations on a terrific job!

Bilva 4R – For your continued diligence towards your learning this term. You have been working hard to complete all learning tasks, and your positive attitude is obvious at our morning roll calls! Keep up the fantastic effort, Bilva!

Rosy 4R – For showing huge improvements in your motivation and work completion this term! You have been putting in your best efforts to finish all learning tasks, and you should feel proud. Keep up the awesome work, Rosy!

Lakshmi 6J – For consistently striving for excellence by communicating often and seeking feedback.

Sethumdi 6P – For her outstanding Fractured Fairy Tale which included a moral, careful editing and great use of commas. Keep it up!

Ari 6P – For his contributions to online Literature Circles and his understanding of themes in texts. You are a superstar!

Essential Question:

How are boats and submersibles engineered and designed with systems to explore, collect, and retrieve items from the ocean?

Use these ideas as a springboard to help you consider ways they can design and produce your own boat with an attached unmanned submersible that can be used to help explore and collect samples found at a depth of 30cms in the ocean.

Emma and Alexander 5O

Below is a boat that is used for the ocean by a Scientist.
It has a cage that can be dropped deep in the ocean to film and take samples to study.
The cage is lit up by light (glow stick) to see in the dark deep water.

Darcy 5O

Samarth, 2S, successfully conducted a water density Science experiment!

Hello Glen Huntly Primary School. On Monday, the Year 6 students took part in an incursion run by Quantum Victoria on Tinkercad.

Tinkercad is a digital learning platform that you use to make designs for 3D printing.

We enjoyed using Tinkercad because there is nothing stopping you, unless you are trying to make a full sized F1 car which is what happened to me.

Lucas 6J (Esmart Captain)

Tinkercad was fun because we learnt how to 3D print on a laptop and an iPad, and I learnt how to make objects that I didn’t know how to before.

During the design process, we learnt how to make hollow objects and how to group and stack 3D shapes virtually.

The person who ran the programs’ name was Anthony Simcox and his helper was Scott who was very helpful by answering any questions that we had.

Alice 6P (Esmart Captain)

Prep News

Here are some photos of the preps taken during the last couple of weeks!

Some from our 100 Days of School celebration, some craft and some from a hands-on capacity task they loved.



Year 2 News

The Grade 2’s designed and built their own cubby houses on Friday afternoon.


Year 3 News

The Year 3 Students have been very busy learning about and writing Persuasive texts.

They have produced some impressive persuasive posters for a school fete, explored a new Mentor Text – Carla’s Sandwich by Debbie Herman and created and designed a Persuasive Advertising poster promoting their disgusting sandwich.

We have shared a few of their masterpieces with you below.

Vhrinda 3O

Connor 3O

Srishti 3K

Max 3F

Hudson 3F

Sahana 3K

Zoya 3F

Sport News


At Home Boccia

To play Boccia you need to have good hand and eye coordination. I learnt that bowling the ball underarm was the most effective technique because it helped me to control the ball’s direction and speed better. Then I was able to get closer to the target without going too far.

Playing in a team makes a person feel good because they have teammates they can  help and team mates that can help them. Sometimes people with disabilities get treated differently because they have a type of disability and it doesn’t make the person feel good inside.

When people join together and play a team sport everyone just wants to play the game and have fun and so everyone gets treated the same.

Boccia is inclusive because everyone can play the sport. It includes everyone equally.



What technique is most effective in getting closer to the jack/target? 

Throwing with my favoured hand (left) while leaning forward gives me much more control and better aim than kicking with my left foot.

Why might participation in a team sport be beneficial for someone with a disability?

It is beneficial to participate in a team sport when you have a disability because you don’t have to be excellent to score and your teammates will help you.

Team sports allow people to make friends and give and receive encouragement.

How is Boccia inclusive? 

Boccia is inclusive because there are four classes. Each class fits a different degree of disability so that anyone can play the game.


Harper 4C

JP and Stephanie 4J


“lf you wanna do something just believe in yourself and that’s all you need to do it.” Rishi, 3

“The message of the commercial is that everyone can do something that they want to do and they put their mind and body into. And the video made me feel better because even though the government says we need to be isolated, we only need to make a little tweak with how we live our lives.” Rui, 3O

“Watching the video made me realise that people with disabilities can do the same stuff as us. Even if they’re in a wheelchair, they still are athletes.” Elka, 3F

“I felt inspired and motivated by the Nike video. It is a very inclusive video taking about all kinds of sports and how to overcome our difficulties.” Krisha, 4R

“Amazing video! It will always inspire me! The world of sport coming together, which is lovely.” Alyx, 4C

“….It lifted my spirits! After watching the video, I felt confident and very inspired.” Amelia, 4C

“I feel thrilled after watching the video. The main idea of this video is determination.” Divyanshu, 4J

“The video was nice and the message behind the video was keep on trying and stand for what you believe. How I felt after the video was, this was a nice video and it made me feel nice!” Ishani, 4J

“If we change a sport, it is for the greater good. We are able to make a sport different, we are capable of that, also, if we change a sport, it is more often than not for the people who are disabled and can’t play the ‘normal’ sport because of their disabilities. And the Nike advertisement is saying “we may look/sound different but we’re no different to you. We have the rights to modify a sport to make it fit us, hence the name ‘You Can’t Stop Us’.” Michael D, 6P

“If we change a sport then it should be inclusive to everyone. No one should be left out no matter the differences because sport is to have fun, not to let people down. If we do the opposite it will hurt people and that is not good. We are all people so we shouldn’t discriminate. Does nature discriminate? Do Animals discriminate? NO! So why do humans?” Madhav, 6J

“Basically I think “If we don’t fit the sport, we will change the sport” means if you weren’t playing the sport, then it wouldn’t be there. You are the sport and therefore the sport changes along with you!”  Hugo, 6J

Art News


By Arnaud, 5O

Library News

Well done again to the students who have been participating in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge as GHPS students have now read a total of 3,890 books with 50 students completing it.

Make sure that when you are adding books to click ‘Finished’ on each book you add so that the website knows you have finished reading that book.

Congratulations to the Grade 1s for having read the most amount of books, and to Aradhya (5O), Praneedh (1A) and Yuvan (3K) who have read over 100 books each!

Fantastic work to all those who have been reading at home and keep up the amazing reading as there is less than a month left of the PRC with it ending on September 19th.

Thank you and keep up the great reading everybody!

Miss Lucas-Lely



Mon 31                Final Orders for Tri Nature


Fri 18                   End of Term 3  (early dismissal 2.30pm)

Colouring Competition

May Gibbs was a well-known and much-loved author and illustrator. Her drawings captured the sentiment of events occurring in Australia.

Bring to life her lovely caricature of a kookaburra and gum nut baby “doing the right thing” drawn during the Spanish Flu.

CLICK HERE to download Picture

To enter the competition please

  • Colour in the drawing
  • Fill out your information. Students can include a message about how they feel about wearing a mask during this covid pandemic.
  • Send it back my office.
    • You can scan or take a picture and send to
    • OR post it to Katie Allen MP 1/1343 Malvern Rd, Malvern 3144

There will be book voucher prizes for the winners.

*For primary school aged children who either live in the electorate of Higgins or attend a school in the electorate of Higgins.*

Entries close Friday 4 September 2020 at 5pm. Winners announced the following week.