Newsletter #13 September 2, 2022


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow. 

Celebrate with us at 2022 Cabaret

It’s hard to believe that we have been able to once again hold the GHPS Cabaret!  There has been much preparing and planning the big day’s rehearsal and night performance at Robert Blackwood Hall, where we are thrilled to showcase and celebrate the joy which has been provided through music. It was wonderful to be together to celebrate this Cabaret and feel the energy- it certainly made my heart skip a beat! Music really does give life to everything. From our youngest performers to our Grade 6 students, everyone was excitedly anticipating their turn on the stage! Performing on a wonderful stage like this one at RBH will be a lasting memory for all our performers.

The first Cabaret performed by GHPS students was in 1997 – my grade 3/4 class of students were pretty excited as were all the classes. Nothing has changed in so far as our students still have the same level of excitement for the whole experience. Apart from missing the 2020 Cabaret due to restrictions and filming the 2021Cabaret, the 2022 Cabaret makes this is our 25th Cabaret. A very proud record which demonstrates our commitment to providing all our students with a strong music program.

Thank you to the talented and energised musical team comprising Mr David Jenkins and Kira from STOMP. They both put their heart and soul into teaching the songs, and the choreography. The Choir, the Party Hats and Second Chair Bands performed so well, sounding sensational. The opportunity to practise and improve has been made possible through Mr Jenkins dedication to the bands and the choir. He has been a powerhouse in taking extra practices with the students so that they were confident and Cabaret ready! Kira attended GHPS including makeup sessions where needed and the student’s loved it. The transformation of the first few steps to the final performances that we saw on stage is just a credit to her and the will of our students to keep practising to get it right. There are a large number of people we thanked and who were mentioned in print on the back of the program:

We would like to acknowledge the work and contributions of the following people, who have made it possible for our wonderful students to present their performances tonight:

Kira from the STOMP Dance Company who created, taught, rehearsed and refined all of the dance items for each class. The STOMP dance Company who gave us the music for our choreography.

Lily and Melinda Oldham for their creative and entertaining film work with the Staff dance item.

The sound, lighting and technical crew at Robert Blackwood Hall and the ticket sales department from Monash University.

Justine de Bruyn for song image display projection.

Liz Howard for finance monitoring, communications and Program.

Geoff Costello from Costello Videos for filming the event.

The support crew in the Dressing room for final costume assembly and preparations.

The Party Hats and the Second Chairs who rehearse, practise and work diligently and productively every week to learn and perform their music.

The Senior Choir for learning and refining their song repertoire.

All staff who have devoted class time and generously given support this term, enabling their students to enjoy and learn their dance routines. The staff and students who assembled the students’ costumes and created the song backdrop images.

Finally, ALL of the students who have continuously worked with great enthusiasm and vigour to learn and perfect their dances and benefit from the entire experience.

We very much hope that you enjoyed tonight’s performances and we gratefully thank you for your support along the journey and we thank you for your attendance tonight.

Finally thank you parents, family members and siblings for coming and being a fun appreciative and energised audience.


Pupil Free and Staff Professional Practice Day 2 September

On Friday, the teachers have been working at school as part of their professional practice days for 2022.

Congratulations Henry 3M

Henry is currently participating in an elite soccer development program.

Villarreal CF Spain and their Melbourne academy have invited him to a player development program, held at the Villarreal facilities in Spain during September.

We wish him all the very best and congratulate him on his being successful in his preparation to earn a spot! Have a wonderful time!

Father’s and Special Person’s Day and GPA Stall  

Thank you to GPA for preparing and setting up this year’s fathers / special persons stall for our students to shop at on Wednesday 31 August.

It was very nice to see the students enjoying their visit.

Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who made it al happen😊

We would like to wish everyone a lovely day on Sunday.


There are new artwork displays around the school which really brightens up our spaces.

Many thanks to our students for working so creatively in Art and to Ms de Bruyn for teaching such an inspirational Art program.

Here is a peak at one of displays in the main office, which Ms de Bruyn is currently creating.

The Year 2 weaving looks so beautiful!

Prep Transition and Enrolment 2023

Thank you to have to our current families who have already dropped in or emailed their child’s 2023 enrolment form.

For the students enrolled, Prep Transition sessions will commence on Tuesday 11 October and will be a great start for each child and family to get to know everything about the up and coming start to school. It is always very well attended, and the feedback is very positive about how it assists everyone in the transition from kinder to school.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please check the three locations if you are looking for lost property before the end of week 10:

West Site

  1. In the Activities Centre /TheirCare
  2. West Site corridor

East Site

  1. alcove inside the back door.

All named lost property can be returned to the owner, but if it is not named and not collected before Friday 16 September, it will be washed and go into the second-hand uniform for sale.

Long Service Leave

In the last week of this term starting Monday 12 September and the first week of term 4, I will be taking LSL returning on Monday 11 October.

This is a “lift and shift” holiday from 2020 that I can take now that restrictions have lifted.

Thank you to Mr Cameron White and supporting members of the PLC Leadership team who will be leading the school in my absence.

If you need any assistance or support, please contact the school office if required on 95712933, or email the school:

September School Building Fund, Finance Subcommittee and School Council Meeting

The date for the next meetings will be next Monday 5 September at 6.15pm, 6.30 and 7pm respectively in the East Site Staff Lounge.

District Athletics

We wish our Athletic Squad all the best for the upcoming competition on Thursday, September 8th.

We are extremely proud of your achievements at the House Athletics last month and wish you well for this exciting event.

Thank you Mr Cameron White who will be in attendance.

End of term 3

The final day of term 3 is fast approaching.

On Friday 16 September, it will be Mrs Ivana Attwood’s last day before she starts her Family Leave.

It goes without saying that we will miss her very much, but we are very excited and thrilled for her and Max and we wish them the absolute best and look forward to meeting baby Attwood.

Have a wonderful rest of term in 4A before we will be farewelling you.

As families will be aware form the previous newsletter announcement, Ms Becky Broxham has been appointed to teach Grade 4 A and will attend planning day with Mrs Attwood and Mr Swanson next week. Becky will also be teaching in week 10 as a CRT.

On Friday 16 September, GPA will be putting on a Footy food day. The next whole school newsletter will be out in week 1 of term 4.

The end of term dismissal time will be 2.30pm and there will be no Friday assembly.

Have an enjoyable break and we look forward to all students returning on Monday 3 October at 8.50am.

Libby Alessi          Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Lachlan 0H – for always showing respect to our classroom environment by pushing in chairs, organising caddies and putting rubbish in the bin. Great work Lachlan

Myra 0S – for your fantastic effort in guided reading this week as well as learning

all of your letters and sounds. You’re a superstar!

Reyansh 1D – For persevering and working independently when brainstorming

ideas then writing your narrative about a spaceship that lands on Earth. Well done.

Adam 1B – For your superb effort in your number pattern activities in numeracy.

You worked hard to extend your thinking about growing patterns this week in our

lessons! Amazing!

Shenan 2M – For always being the first person to offer to help others around the

classroom. You are a thoughtful member of 2M!

Harvey 3K – For showing maturity and care of others this week, helping the class

with the timing of their dance steps and for working enthusiastically in Maths

‘Time’ sessions.

Will 3M – For completing all his work this week and showing lots of enthusiasm

during guided reading. Well done!

Ben 4A – For your enthusiasm and cool moves during our STOMP sessions and

helping your row stay in time to the music. Keep up the great work, superstar!

Sonith 4S – For constantly working on your Cabaret dance moves. Your hard work

and determination will pay off next Thursday night. Well done

Krisha 5/6F – For her ability to create interesting and well thought out complex

sentences that also included adventurous vocabulary when using metaphors.

Sanjeev 5/6R – for creating a terrific tessellation both in Numeracy and at home.

You are so creative, well done!


Podcasting News

Please find the latest Podcast in the link below. Please note, these podcasts are only accessible using student accounts linked to DET.

Podcast Week 7, Term 3

This will be our final podcast from our year 6 group. We will be training students across the school to set up podcasting groups.

Special thanks to Nicholas, Luke D, Stephanie, Gowrie, Bilva and Sid R for their contribution to setting up and delivering such informative and interesting podcasts at GHPS.

Art & Science News

Sport News

We have registered our school to participate inactive Schools “GO FOR GOLD” competition.

Essentially, students are encouraged to walk, ride or scoot to school throughout the month of October.

Students will be receiving sheets where they can track their progress. The winning school gets a trophy and there is also a Fitbit Ace up for grabs for the most active student in the school.

Ms Roth

GPA News

Newsletter #4

A big thank you to the school community for supporting the GPA fathers day and special persons stall! It was a delight to see the students so excited purchasing things for their fathers, uncles, grandparents, neighbours or special person. 

Our beautiful servers for the day were Lilian and Abigail (Sophia PH), Yuko (Sara 5/6R & Rina 3M), Janaki (Sanjeev 5/6R & Sana PH), Fiona (Luke 5/6R, Daniel 3K), Rebecca (James PH), Nicole (Ben 4N & Charlie 2S), Briana (Sahara 4N & Uma PS), Michelle (Ruby 1D) Abbi (James 4N, Lewis 2S & Eden 1D), Makiko (Coco 5/6F & Seinosuke 3K) and Hayley (Harvey 3K, Adam 1PB). Set up for the stall was completed by Ruth (Sully 3k), Nicole (Steph 5/6F), Fiona, Hayley & Abbi.

Thank you all for your time and efforts.

A big thank you to the Watters family (Owen and Iris), Kats family (Louisa), Gilbert family (James, Lewis & Eden), Wajnberg family (Ruby and Sophie), Sherwood family (Ruby), Bloch family (Samson), Sullivan family (James), Ananth family (Sanjeev and Sana) and the Boushel family (Ewen and Robin) for the donation of baked goods and/or items for sale at the stall.

As you can see it takes a village to put on a special event such as this and everyone’s help and input is very much appreciated!

We hope that the fathers/grandfathers/special men have a lovely day on Sunday!

Upcoming events 

26 November – State election day bbq – lots of volunteers needed – more details to come.

TheirCare News



Fri 2 – Professional Planning – Student Free Day

Mon 5 – Firemen visiting Prep

Fri 16 – Footy and Pie Day

Fri 16 – End of Term 3 Early Dismissal 2.30pm


Mon 3 – Term 3 Commences


Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.