Newsletter #16 10 October 2019

Principals Report

I hope you all had a fun and restful break! Term 4 is always a busy and exciting term with so many fantastic school events. We have our Twilight Fete coming up in 16 days!! Our Fete Committee have been working around the clock to get everything ready for what will be an amazing day where we will showcase to the community how awesome GHPS is!

We still need parent volunteers for our fete! We have 250 vacant spots that need to be filled, so please go to our sign up page and book your spot TODAY. If you have any questions about volunteering please come into the office and we can help you.

Oval Redevelopment

As the students arrived at school today they were all excited to see that the fence was being taken down and at Snack time today all Prep – Year 6 students got their first run on our beautiful and green oval. The cricket pitch is still not completed and the grass is still growing on the West Site, we are hoping that over the coming weeks both of these jobs will be completed.


I would like to thank all of the children, teachers and parents for your patience over the last 3 terms while our oval works were being completed, I cannot wait for our fete and future school events where we can sit and enjoy our lovely new oval!

Buildings and Grounds

You all may have noticed that over the school holidays we got a new Mod 5 building on the East Site. It will be a short while before we will be able to access our new classrooms as the builders are still working on our paths and the also the interior of the classrooms. Staff and students are very excited about our new learning space and how great it will be to be able to learn while enjoying our new oval!

In order for our new Mod 5 to fit we had to dismantle our Bike Shad and Garden Sheds. Our Building and Grounds Committee will be working on new ideas for these areas. Our Bike Shed will now be between our Year 5 classroom and our Cleaning Shed on the East Site.

GHPS 2020

If any families are leaving the school next year, but haven’t as yet let us know, can you please notify the office straight away so that we can factor this into workforce planning and student organisation. Libby and I are working on our Workforce Plan and grades for 2020, it is vital for successful planning that parents let us know if they will not be at GHPS in 2020.


Congratulations to Asher, 2C, on being selected as a recipient of the ‘NAIDOC Medal of Excellence’ (one of 20 awarded across the state) as part of this year’s colouring competition.

A quote to give you inspiration to sign up and volunteer for our fete:

“You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.”

Amy Tinetti

Assistant Principal


Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Mithun 0N – For his awesome recount about our farm excursion.

Rishitha 0N – For being a wonderful friend and always coming to school with a big smile on your face. You fill all of our buckets!

Mathu 0S – For always being a positive influence in the classroom and constantly trying your best in every lesson.

Adhit 0S – For your fantastic Cabaret recount this week. Your writing has improved so much this term.

Samson 1A – For working exceptionally hard this term to improve your handwriting skills. Thank you for showing such focus and effort to achieve your writing goal. You should be very proud.

Veeksha 1A – lovely writing in your letter to our Pen Pals.

Jaini 1E – for working hard to improve her reading and writing.

Javin 1E – for using spectacular vocabulary in his story about an ice queen.

Arnav 1M – settling into our class and the Glen Huntly Primary School community so well. It has been a pleasure to have you join our class!

Dhyana 1M – your excellent dancing at cabaret and being a fantastic audience member!

Kasish 2C – Always getting on to task straight away and putting in your best effort!

Eswar 2L – For showing great improvement in your writing and producing superb stories about natural disasters.

Siri 2L – For always being a kind and hard working member of the class, we will miss you so much!

Smruthi 3F – Her impressive oral presentation about female explorer Octavie Coudreau.

Stella 3F – Her positive attitude, kind and caring nature and always striving to achieve her best.

Rishabh 3F – The attention to detail he applies to all tasks and his willingness to contribute great ideas.

Sahana 3F – Working hard to improve her handwriting.

Hanshal 3F – His impressive and detailed money robot task.

Aadi 3F – For making a conscious effort to improve his focus and concentration in the classroom.

Reiko 4C – For your outstanding problem solving and collaboration during our lesson on equivalent number sentences.

Nefeli 4C – For your well planned and detailed Biography on Roseanne Park.

Hari 4R – For your enthusiastic approach to your learning this week.

Vishnu 4R – For your excellent questions and engagement during our Scienceworks excursion.

Harshitha 5S – For her outstanding work with structuring and writing her persuasive writing arguments.

Our Fete is only a few weeks away and we need all of our families to help out in some way.

Please, give us a few hours of your time and sign up to help on the day. The Fete does not run itself, we rely on our wonderful volunteers to make it a success, so please give us a hand.

Read our Fete Newsletter for sign up details and competition information.

Fete Raffle Tickets

Major Raffle tickets – $5 each

Home and Garden tickets – $10 each

Now available to purchase in the office – single tickets or books of 5

Fete Ride Pass

If you buy your Pre Sale Ride Pass before 23rd October you will only pay $25

Zorb Trac, Chair o Plane, Jumping Castle, Big Slide, Irish Twin Race

After the 23rd, Ride Passes will cost $35

Get In Early!

Don’t Forget Your Mangos!

Mango orders due by Monday 14th October

Hi Everyone,

Exciting news! Teeth on Wheels will be returning to our school for the children’s 6 monthly dental visits.

To make filling out the consent form easier you can now complete your Child’s consent form online by following the link below.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete and by reducing the amount of paper being used, we will be helping the team out by being more environmentally friendly.

The date of the children’s dental visit will be starting on Monday the 11th of November 2019, so please ensure if you didn’t complete a form at the start of the year to have this completed ASAP!

If you have any questions regarding the consent form or your child’s dental appointment please don’t hesitate to contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.

What’s On In Sport?

Well done to Hugo, Suheyla and Lucas 5O and Jaikiah 6J, who represented GHPS at the Division Athletics yesterday, 9 October.

Jaikiah Honner’s results from the Divisional Athletics competition

I was really nervous when I arrived at Duncan Mckinnon Reserve for the Divisional Athletics competition in the 12/13 100metres and the 200metres events.  I did a big warm up for my approaching events. 

They called me over for marshalling for the 100metres. I waited five minutes for my race and they lined me up in my lane. I came first in my 100 metre event, with a time of 13.64 seconds. I then
sat and waited for the next event and did some muscle rolls. I did not have to wait long before I was called for the 200 metre race. Again I was anxious about this event. I succeeded in being first across the line again, with a time of 28.10 seconds.

I feel very happy about these results. 

The next level of competition for me are the Regional finals, again competing in the 100metres and 200metres.
My ambition is to win my way to the State finals and be successful there as well.

Jaikiah Honner, 6J 

To view full terms and conditions, visit

Miss Kasambalis 

Chocolate Trailer Donations

The Year 6 Students will be having a Chocolate Trailer at this years Twilight Fete.

If you can donate a block or two, it would be very much appreciated. Please leave your contribution at the office.

Thank you!

Claire Piscioneri

Uniform News

Double Knee Gabardine Long Pants

Perfect for Spring and Summer. Available now to order from the Uniform Shop.

Notices distributed to parents

16 Sept                     All Families                                     Fete Raffle Information

16 Sept                     All Families                                     Mango Order Form

7 Oct                         Prep – 2 Students                          Swimming Program Information

9 Oct                        All Families                                     Ice-Block Orders

10 Oct                      Year 5 Students                               Somers Camp

10 Oct                     Year 5/6 Students                          Summer Sport



Mon 7                  Term 4 commences

Sat 26                  Twilight Fete 2pm – 8pm


Fri 1                 2020 Prep Transition

Tue 5              Melbourne Cup Holiday

Wed 6             2020 Prep Transition

Mon 11           Teeth On Wheels

Tue 12            Teeth On Wheels

Thur 14          2020 Prep Transition

Tue 19            2020 Prep Transition

Tue 19            2020 Prep Parent Information Night

Tue 19           Prep – 2 Swimming Program Commences

Wed 20           Year 3/4 Camp


Mon 2            Year 3 – 6 Swimming Program Commences

Mon 16          Year 6 Graduation