Newsletter #20 5 December 2019

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Principals Report

Walk to School

Glen Huntly Primary School has been named as Glen Eira Council’s inaugural Active School’s Champion. Congratulations to Ms Marie Kasambalis for motivating our families to support this initiative. It was an added and exciting bonus to read about our success in the Glen Eira News last week and a pleasure to welcome Mayor Esakoff who presented the trophy to us.

Little Book Worms Christmas Breakup

Thursday 5th December was the final session for Little Book Worms this year. The children and parents joined in with Lisa and Tania to celebrate another highly successful year with a Christmas party.


We thank Lisa and Tania for doing such an incredible job taking LBW. We look forward to children returning next year on a Wednesday morning.

Carols Evening, Artwork Auction and Fete Rides Tuesday 10th December 4- 8pm

We will look forward to the school community coming together to enjoy this annual festive event. The Carols evening will be held on the East Site with performances from the Student bands: The Party Hats, The Second Chairs and the Choir students across year levels will be performing songs and carols they have learnt with Mr Andrew Aitken during music classes.

Ms Justine de Bruyn is very excited about the Art Auction of Year Level Collaborative Artworks over which auctioneer and dedicated supporter of the school, Ruth Roberts from Woodards, will preside.

Many thanks to the GPA for coordinating the Christmas Hamper Raffle so please donate your goodies for the hampers in the tubs we have placed on both sites.


Arrangements have been made for “Wood Stack Fire & Food Pizza” and ‘Two Fat Indians” to supply Pizza and Indian Cuisines, Chicken Schnitzels and Chips. If you would like you may choose to bring along your own picnic dinner.

Jude’s Lemonade Icy-poles and drinks at the GHPS Watering Hole will be available too.

Rides (in lieu of Fete Day) will be operating but we will stop these so from 5.25pm – 6.20pm for a short time so as to be attentive to and enjoy the performances on this special evening.

2020 Staffing

We congratulate Ms Kate Rhind who will be joining the Year 1 Team in 2020. Kate has been part of our community throughout 2018-2019 and has been doing CRT work this year. She will be attending Planning Day for Year 1.

If parents are yet to notify the Office that their child will be moving from GHPS in 2019 can they please do so this week.

Parent and Helper’s Morning Tea – Wednesday 18 December

GHPS Staff would like to invite all parents and helpers to a morning tea in the WW Hall on Wednesday 18 December, so please save the date in your busy December diary. This is to say a huge thankyou to everyone for volunteering to help us at GHPS. We would love to see you. A red notice has gone home this week.

2020 Parent Payment Policy

The Parent Payment Policy has been endorsed at the School Council Meeting in October. GHPS Council is requesting payments or contributions be made next year from Wednesday 29th January when the Office will re-open. There are payment arrangements and methods which will be outlined in the information which information has been posted to families. Just a reminder that in 2020, parents will be buying the stationary items outside of school as per the list provided. If you need a copy of any information or assistance with any matters please contact the school on 9571 2931 or email:

School Council Support

Thank you to every member of Council for their shared enthusiasm, drive and passion for GHPS. It has been an absolute privilege to work with everyone and I enjoyed celebrating the year at our breakup last night.

I would very much like to acknowledge Craig Matthews for his contribution to School Council since being elected in 2012. He has served on the Council as President for 6 years and on the Finance subcommittee, always contributing a succinct and fair view point clearly, directly and making highly effective use of everyone’s time. His ideas have always been how to make our school even better, maximising resources taking a realistic approach to what the community can afford.  Always an avid supporter of an efficiently run meeting, he has also attended and supported enthusiastically numerous functions and events held by the school, many a time cooking on a bbq or dressed ready for Rocktober or Music Trivia and enjoying the Family Fun Night.

My second acknowledgement is for Nola Woo for her role on School Council as Treasurer and on Finance Committee since being elected to Council in 2015. With her steady eye reading over the accounts she has provided the Finance Committee with answers to questions about how we are tracking, what the big ticket expenditure items have been or are likely to be and reported at each meeting.

Both members have been avid supporters and we hope you have enjoyed your time on Council as much as we have with you both.

For his last hoorah, I would also like thank Craig Matthews for his report which is included in this newsletter.

Libby Alessi        Principal

School Council Report

School Council met on Monday for the final time in 2019.

Key items covered at the meeting included;

  • Enrolments for 2020 are looking healthy with an anticipated 408 students at this point in time
  • GHPS won the inaugural “Walk to School” trophy for the best performing school in Glen Eira. Congratulations to Marie Kasambalis for getting behind this initiative and motivating students to walk to school.
  • Semester 2 reports are complete and will be coming out soon. One of the highlights of these are the student comments that provide an overwhelming endorsement of the GHPS teachers, events and activities that our children are all so lucky to have.
  • GPA – where to begin. Firstly the fete – what an unbelievable success, both financially (in excess of $27,000 raised for the school) and as a community event. Despite some weather challenges the fete team, led from the front by Fiona Davey, put on what can only be described as an EXTRAVAGANZA. Congratulations and thanks to all who made the 2019 fete possible.
  • Secondly, the overall fundraising achievements of the GPA team for 2019. It can not be overstated just what a significant contribution GPA fundraising makes to the school. With the $45,000 raised this year the school has benefitted, or will soon benefit, as follows;
    • New air-conditioners
    • New interactive TV’s
    • Robot kits
    • Bike sheds
    • New classroom furniture
    • Enhanced curriculum funding – English, Maths and the Library

All of the above just shows how valuable the GPA is to our school community. They are always looking for new members so if you can spare some time please get on board and ensure this wonderful group can continue to thrive.

  • The school will have 30 new Chromebooks come on line for term 1 2020. A welcome addition to the digital learning capacity of the school as our student numbers continue to grow.
  • Planning for anticipated 2020 Capital Works funding is well underway with the school currently determining where the best “bang for our buck” can be achieved in improving the school’s resources.
  • New Mod 5 classrooms undergoing their final touches and will be ready to go for term 1.
  • In case you haven’t heard our new GHPS history book is out now. Copies are available through the office and will also be on sale at the school Carols Night.
  • Speaking of which I look forward to seeing you all at the Carols Night to be held on Tuesday 10th December on the East Site starting from 4pm. The rides (carried over from the fete) will be there, along with food, a bar, school band performances and a special presentation to a much loved member of our school community. It promises to be a fun-filled night for all.

And so it comes to the end of what will be my final School Council report. After 11 years at the school, 8 of which I have been on council, the last 6 of which I have been privileged to serve as School Council President, our family is bidding a fond but sad farewell to GHPS. We have seen many changes to the school in this time, we have been through some challenging times, but these have been vastly outweighed by the good times.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the council members who have served alongside me – you have made our meetings and contributions to the school worthwhile and your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

I would also like to thank all of the teaching and support staff who do such a wonderful job each and every day ensuring our children have the best educational opportunities, all in a fun and safe environment.

And finally I would like to thank Mrs Alessi, whose tireless leadership, knowledge and guidance, has seen the school’s continued upward trajectory in learning and growth set on a firm and sustainable path.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email

Craig Matthews          School Council President

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Sisira 0F – displaying a positive attitude in the classroom and staying on task during our writing session this week.

Kanishk 0F – for being organised and showing independence at the pool this week. Well done.

Will 0N – For taking responsibility of his own things and showing independence during our swimming program. Well done!

Siena 0S – For your fantastic effort at swimming and being super speedy when getting changed. Love your work!

Ruby 1A – For your outstanding focus and effort in class this week! Thank you for staying on task and helping your peers to do the same.

Yoshi 2C – Keeping our classroom so neat! You are so fabulously organised and tidy. Keep it up!

Charvi 2L – For always being a classroom superstar and lending a helping hand to all her classmates.

Carlos 4C – For his ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with all members of Year 4. He is a thoughtful and kind member of our community.

Emma 4R – For applying yourself to all learning tasks and setting a positive example to others. Keep up the great work!

What’s On In Sport?

Special Assembly – Monday the 25th of November

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Margaret Esakoff presents Glen Huntly Primary School with the Active Schools trophy.

Throughout October, Glen Eira Council ran an Active Schools Competition in support of VicHealth’s Walk to School 2019 program.

Glen Huntly Primary School has been named Council’s inaugural Active Schools Champion for 2019 after achieving the highest walking rate of all participating Glen Eira schools. The school reached an average walking rate of 13.6 walks per student throughout the month of October, which is a fantastic achievement.

Physical Education Teacher and Sport Co-ordinator Marie Kasambalis said Glen Huntly Primary School’s Walk to School initiative was a great success.

“Students were excited to submit and receive a walking ticket each week and I believe the ticket itself was a great source of encouragement for our students. The students were enthusiastic and committed to walking, riding or scooting to school every day,” Ms Kasambalis said.

Congratulations to all participating schools for achieving healthier, more active and sustainable school communities during October.

Family Life Evening

Last night a Family Life Evening information session was held for Years 5 and 6 parents in the Wendy Wilson Hall.  There were approximately seventy-five participants in the audience to hear and discuss an excellent presentation from Robyn Heinen, an experienced Family Life Interrelate presenter. Family Life Interrelate has been teaching sexuality and relationship education to young people and their parents for over 90 years and have a reputation for non-discriminatory and open teaching on sensitive issues including sexuality, gender identity, bullying awareness and respectful relationships. Their highly trained and skilled educators deliver a range of programs that assist more than 90,000 children and parents each year to communicate with each other about fundamental emotional and social development issues.

Last night’s session focused on the topic of Preparing for Puberty covering:

  • To provide information on puberty for 10-13 year olds, in relation to the physical changes and emotional changes
    (in particular, helping them feel comfortable about their bodies and its functions; preparing them for the changes during puberty and dispelling the myths and providing accurate, understandable information).
  • To help young people feel comfortable about being different.  Everyone develops at a different rate, especially during puberty.
  • To confirm their individuality and promote self-esteem.
  • To facilitate communication between parents and their children and encourage young people to take their questions, problems and concerns to their parents.

Thank you to those parents and students who supported this initiative by attending a very valuable session.

The History of Glen Huntly Primary School, 2009-2018

Shirley Mirams recently met with ex-student, Guy Grossi, of Florentino’s Restaurant Bar & Grill in the city, to present him with a copy of the new history book.

Guy has wonderful memories of being a student at Glen Huntly Primary School. He moved from a west Melbourne primary school to begin Grade 3 at our school. Not speaking very much English at the time, he had quite a miserable time at the other school, but when he came to GHPS, he found the staff and children very welcoming and inclusive.

He loved school from then on and fondly remembers some of his teachers from his time in the mid-70s. You can read about Guy’s journey after he left GHPS in the new book.

The History of GHPS book is available in the school office. The order form is below.

Uniform Shop 2020

The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday, 9.00am – 10.00am, in 2020.

Put Your Name On It!

We would like to remind everyone to please put your child’s name on their school uniform and other belongings.

All unnamed uniform will be washed and put into the secondhand uniform shop.

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

Have you come across a situation when you feel it’s difficult to continue or complete the task? We all have many such instances. How have you faced tough challenges? Some quit, but some stay ‘til the end and become winners. Whenever I have a difficult task to perform I say to myself “winners never quit and quitters never win” to motivate myself.

This was quoted by a famous American Soccer coach in 1945. Most of the winners in various fields have faced disappointment and failure in their life and career. They never stop believing in the beauty of the dream and never give up. I find this quote motivates me when I have a new task ahead. For example, I recently had a Chess Tournament and I was representing my school for the first time.

Arjun 5O

Congratulations Bill Manuel

Mr Andrew Aitken, AEU representative, presented Bill Manuel with a certificate in recognition of his 42 year AEU membership.


Christmas is a time for families to get together to celebrate the Birth of Christ but, for a variety of reasons, this can sometimes be difficult.

And so a traditional Christmas Day Dinner will be held in St Anthony’s Hall, corner Neerim and Grange Roads, Glen Huntly at midday on Christmas Day. If you would like to come and celebrate with us, we would love to see you there, so please collect a yellow invitation from the GHPS office.

If you would like to help with the Christmas Dinner, please fill out a green form, also available from the office and return it to St. Anthony’s, 74 Grange Road, Glen Huntly 3163.

We invite everyone to please join us in praying for the success of the Dinner. If you would like more information please email us on or phone St Anthony’s Parish House 9401 6336 or our dedicated mobile 0432 087 494.

Notices distributed to parents

25 Nov             All Families                           GHPS Carols Evening

25 Nov              All Families                          GHPS History Book Order Form

26 Nov             All Families                          Christmas Hamper Raffle

28 Nov             Year 3-6 Students               Movie Excursion

2 Dec                All Families                          Artwork Auction

5 Dec                 All Families                          Helpers Morning Tea



Tue 10            Carols and Fete Rides night

Mon 16          Year 6 Graduation

Wed 18         GHPS Helpers Morning Tea

Thur 19         Year 3-6 Movie Excursion

Fri 20            Final Day Term 4 – Early Dismissal 1.30pm

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