Newsletter #3 March 4, 2022


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.                                                             

Principal’s Report

Student Councillors Meeting Wednesday 2 March and Progress of Capital Works

For the first time since being elected as representatives of their classes for 2022, the School Captains and the Grades 3-6 Student Councillors met this week. I was most impressed by the way the group collaborated.

The Student Council contributed their opinions on what they had noticed about the new building works and what they liked best. The standout favourite was that there will be a full-sized indoor basket-ball court(gymnasium)and new canteen facility which this Stage 2 project is scheduled for completion at the end of term 3.

The opportunity now to have a science room was greatly appreciated. Along with new student toilets upstairs and the new office spaces downstairs. We are all very much looking forward to improved clean and well-maintained facilities and grounds.

Within the scope of works we will soon be able to also see the design of the new playground equipment while the pics above shows the overall artist’s impression of the gymnasium and some surrounding play areas.

Thank you to Year 5/6B Representatives Elka and Max who have provided a report for this newsletter and at the Friday Student Assembly (See below)

Congratulations to all the newly elected 2022 Student Council and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone throughout the year.

School Captains – Stephanie and Sid

Krisha and Gabriel 5/6F. Elka and Max 5/6B. Bilva and Adishree 5/6R.

Ruby and Ben 4A.  Tengyi and Rhea 4S. Dion and Ruby 3M. Isla and Harvey 3K.

DET Revised Operational Advice

The Department of Education has notified schools of the revised operational advice for government schools from 28 February. With the extended time to try to reduce transmission of COVID, rapid antigen tests have been supplied to each student on Monday this week (28) to take them home in their school bag.

Visitors to schools are no longer required to use the QR code check-in but will need to use the recently upgraded routine school visitor record keeping arrangement being either of the two digital kiosks which are connected to Compass.

In Victorian government schools, parents, carers, and other adult visitors who enter our school buildings must be able to show evidence of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine or have a valid medical exception.

The following limited exceptions also apply:

  • When attending to administer medical treatment to their own child when the treatment cannot be administered by the school
  • When attending to collect their child who is unwell and cannot leave the school building unaccompanied by their parent/carer
  • When attending for a momentary period that does not involve any sustained contact with staff or students, for example, to collect a completed art project, collecting a packet of rapid antigen test or similar.

Proof of vaccination can be checked by a COVID-19 digital certificate (Service Victoria app or smartphone wallet) or printed copy of a digital certificate or immunisation history statement.

Vital COVID Safety Steps: Delay Family Fun Night

Although schools can run extra-curricular and other out-of-classroom activities including camps, excursions, sport, and tours, in planning for all non-classroom-based activities, we will limit the activity to the smallest possible cohort size, delay or reschedule the event.

With this guidance, we regret that the planned Family Fun Night scheduled to be held by GPA and staff on Friday 18 March will be delayed until later in the year.

Together with GPA, staff will consider the best date and let you know.

Student Attendance

All students are expected to attend onsite and Students who are required to isolate or quarantine should be supported in the same way as students with an extended absence due to illness or injury, with learning materials provided to support their continued learning. Schools are not expected to provide a full remote learning program in these circumstances.

The Department has prepared online learning activities that may be useful in instances where families or schools are seeking additional activities and support for individual students’ learning while isolating. (Parent preference is not an approved reason for students to be absent due to COVID-19.)

Building Family and Student Routines for organising how to start and complete homework

At each Year level Presentation session in week 2, teachers provided an opportunity for parents/carers to understand what the homework expectations would be for the year. Please refer to the link on the website if you need a refresher. To build your routine at home for helping you child to manage homework we have the following suggestions which may assist:

  1. Timing: If homework is given out on Monday, plan to start on 5 -10 mins the first night and get organised for what tasks may be best spread over the week.
  2. In the door: Have a break of 20 -30 or so minutes to have a drink, something to eat and re-charge a bit
  3. Start time: Choose the best time around your family and may not when the favourite show is on tv or other. Decide how long to work for- see our homework policy for suggested times.
  4. Location: Talk to your child about the quietest place in your dwelling that could be where your child works. Ensure it is well lit, not too cold or hot and the chair is comfortable to sit on. If you have a table available this may be the best place start time for when the homework book or work gets opened and started.
  5. Assist and supervise: If your child needs prompts or help make the time to encourage their efforts and help with any questions.
  6. Remember to: Start the job. Stay on the job.
  7. Pack away the work so it stays safe and chat about how much there maybe to try to do the next night-depending on the age of your child
  8. Read to your child as a nice way of finishing up

Curriculum Day Friday 11 March

A final reminder to all families, that next Friday 11 March is a Curriculum Day. Staff will be working on Annual Implementation Priorities:

Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing

Grade 5/6 Lightning Premiership Tuesday 15 March

All the very best to the Grades 5/6 students who will be proudly representing GHPS on Friday at the Lightning Premiership in:

  • Softball, – Mrs Fox, and Ms Lucas Lely
  • Cricket-Ms Meagan Atkins
  • Volley stars- Ms Ristos and
  • Basketball- Ms Broxham.

Thank you to the staff and Gr 5/6 students who will be attending.

2022 School Council Elections

As parents would be aware from the previous newsletter, nominations for GHPS School Council are open until 4pm on Thursday 10 March- see the information below. It would be fabulous if the school could receive three more parent nomination forms before next Thursday 10 March. Thank you to the three we have received to date.

Nomination forms need to be received and lodged by:

4.00 pm on Thursday 10 March 2022

The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows –

Membership category Term of office Name of nominees required

Parent member 2-year vacancy from the day after the date of the declaration of the poll on Monday 21 February 2022 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2024 6

DET employee member 2-year vacancy from the day after the date of the declaration of the poll on Monday 21 February 2022 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2024 2

Nomination Forms are included via the link below, Main Office on the East Site and in the TheirCare Before/Afterschool Care in the Activities Centre on the West Site but please contact the office if you require any assistance.


The newly formed school council meeting will meet firstly for the 2021 Annual Reporting Meeting (ARM) on Monday 28 March, 7pm in the East Site Staff Lounge. Following the ARM which will conclude around 8pm, there will be the March SC meeting.

All parents can attend the Annual Reporting Meeting. At the ARM, the Annual report 2021 will be presented that will provide commentary/data relating to:

  • The profile of GHPS
  • School context
  • Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO)
  • Achievement
  • Engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Financial

The ARM is a formal DET requirement.

District Swimming

Congratulations and all the very best to the swimming squad who has competed today at GESAC.

We are very proud of your achievement in earning a place on the team and know that you will all be wonderful representatives of GHPS.

Thank you to Miss Kasambalis for organising this event.

Libby Alessi – Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Maddie 0S – For always doing the right thing in the classroom and in the playground. Thank you for always being ready to learn and involved in class discussions. You are a star!

Rida 0H – For always trying her hardest even when she finds a task challenging. Keep up the great work, Rida!

Zoe 0H – For being such a kind and caring friend who always includes others in her games. Great Work, Zoe!

Kiara 1D – For overcoming some challenging emotions during her transition back to school, and demonstrating resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude in the classroom. Well done Kiara!

Eden 1D – For her beautiful and neat Piet Mondrian abstract artwork.

Jaden 1D – For being an enthusiastic learner and approaching all activities with a positive mindset.

Nakshatra 1PB – For being a very hard worker in all areas in the classroom. Well done!

Armaan 1PB – For his outstanding narrative writing piece that included a beginning, middle and end and a main character. Well done!

Tejas 2M – For being a marvellous mathematician! You made me so proud with how hard you worked in maths this week, focussing on reading and writing 4 digit numbers and using the ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ symbol to compare numbers.

Dhruva 2M – For editing your writing and adding in adjectives to describe the characters in your narrative. You are a fantastic writer!

Wyatt 2S – For putting in so much effort into your writing about your baby brother this week. Well done Wyatt, keep up your wonderful efforts!

Saanvi 2S – For her excellent reflections in her daily Reading Diary. I am impressed. Keep up the super work!

Dishen 3K – For filling in his Reading Log every night after reading with parents and for his leadership and helpfulness with others. Well Done!

Harrison 3K – For planning an interesting persuasive piece about ‘Banning Homework’ and for always enthusiastically helping others! Well Done!

Mahanya 3M – For being the greatest teacher helper ever! You show initiative and maturity, all with a big smile on your face. Well done!

Vidit 3M – For settling in so well into 3M and completing every task to a high standard. You put a lot of effort into your work and should feel proud!

Johan 4A – For making a fantastic start at GHPS this week. Your kindness and friendship is really appreciated.

Mia 4A – For enthusiastically helping to pack up and wash dishes at cooking this week. Thank you for always assisting your peers and teachers with a smile!

Samarth 4S – For being a respectful and diligent student. Samarth, you are starting Year 4 off with a mature and considerate attitude that is very impressive. Keep up the great work!

Rhea 4S – For constantly achieving her best during Numeracy lessons by using prior knowledge to understand new concepts and by also helping others out when required. Keep up the hard work, Rhea!

Mahia 5/6B – for always being a supportive and compassionate friend to every member of the class. You are always there to make our day brighter with your contagious smile and positive energy.

Shiva 5/6B – for always being prompt and punctual with every activity and lesson. Well done Shiva.

Charvi 5/6FJ – for her insightful and enthusiastic approach to all learning tasks and her eagerness to participate in all class discussions.

Ganeeth 5/6FJ – For being highly productive and working efficiently during a Literacy Group Writing session, and assembling and revealing the beginnings of an interesting and engaging first draft narrative text.

Brody 5/6R – For his exceptional team work and resilience shown during a class game of poison ball. Thank you for showing your classmates the importance of having fun at school, well done!

Diya 5/6R – For smashing her Mental Maths and fractions activities this week. Well done Diya, you should be very proud of your efforts during numeracy sessions this week!

Science Room Fun

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent, but is also used in fog machines at theatres for dramatic effects. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue (other than incidental frost from moisture in the atmosphere).

What is a change in state or a phase change?

  • A change of state is changing a substance from one physical form to another
  • Phase Change – A reversible physical change that occurs when a substance changes from one state to another
  • Dry ice is solid. It sublimates or changes states from a solid to a gas at temperatures of -78 degrees Celsius under normal atmospheric pressure. It forms because the dry ice is cold enough to make water from the air condense.
  • Sublimation is the conversion between the solid and the gaseous phases of matter, with no intermediate liquid stage. Dry ice is actually solid, frozen carbon dioxide, which happens to sublimate, or turn to gas, at a chilly -78.5 °C.
  • The opposite of sublimation is “deposition”, where water vapour changes directly into ice—such a snowflakes and frost

Meet our newest phasmid friends – our stick insects!

We also have some yabby friends!

Melinda Oldham

The test score results from last year’s International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, (ICAS) are back and Glen Huntly has achieved some excellent results.

Students in over twenty countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the United States participate in ICAS each year.

We are very pleased to announce that our results from the participating students in Years 2 to 6 for 2021 were as follows:

Science: 1 High Distinction (the top 1% of participants), 6 Distinctions (the next 10% of participants), 26 Credits (the next 25% of participants), 3 Merits (the next 10% of participants) and 45 Participation certificates (for all remaining of participants)  

Mathematics: 2 High Distinctions, 5 Distinctions, 32 Credits, 8 Merits and 41 Participations       

Writing: 3 Distinctions, 9 Credits, 9 Merits and 34 Participations 

Digital Technologies:   1 High Distinction, 5 Distinctions, 1 Credit, 1 Merit and 2 Participations   

These are extremely encouraging results, of which we are all very proud. The recipients of High Distinctions and Distinctions in each of the curriculum areas will be acknowledged at this week’s school assembly online.  The names of these students along with those who were awarded Credit and Merit certificates, will be published in our next school newsletter.

David Jenkins

Assessment and Reporting Coordinator

Final Reminder

We have Teeth on Wheels Visiting our school for dental visits starting the 23/03/2022.

Please click on the link below to complete your child’s consent form.


Complete your form today and the Teeth on Wheels team will be in contact to schedule your child’s appointment and notify you on your eligibility.

Any further questions please contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.

There will be a FREE CLASS during lunch time on the East Site Tuesday, 8th March. All students are welcome.

If you would like to join the GHPS Chess Club PLEASE CLICK HERE for information and enrolment form.

On Wednesday we had our first student council meeting for 2022. There, we got to meet the other student council members.

We discussed what we are excited about this year, and we were also introduced to each other. We also talked about what we like about this school.

It’s so exciting to be a student counsellor this year and meet other students as well!

We can’t wait to see what the new hall looks like!

Elka and Max 5/6B

TheirCare News



Fri 4           Working Bee

Fri 11         Curriculum Day

Wed 16      School Photos

Mon 21      Year 5/6 Camp


Fri 8           End of Term 1 (early dismissal – 2.30pm)

Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.