Newsletter #4 March 18, 2022


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Principal’s Report

Year 6 Student Leaders Meetings and Progress of Capital Works

During the last 4 weeks, the Year 6 Student Leaders for 2022 have met to reflect, collaborate, and share what they are most looking forward to with the new Building Works. Using google docs each student leader has had the opportunity to write about their opinions and what they love.

This week we have viewed the artist’s impressions of the internal views of the Gymnasium, including the entrance, the Music room, Kitchen/Canteen, Main Office, and Admin.

The new Science room which has been operational since the start of this year shows Years 4-6 students engaging with Science Specialist teacher Mrs Melinda Oldham.

There are also several pics on display in the Office Area thanks to Liz and Laura. Thank you to the student leaders:

Sid, Steph, Emily, Genevieve, Luke, Brody, Aadhya, Clancy, Harper, Anushka, Lucas, Diya, Siddhanth, JP, Nicholas and Aanya for their input throughout the meetings, both with Mr White and I and specialist and class teachers. Here are some of what our Leaders have commented on:

Steph: The thing that I love most about the new renovations is that the school now will be/is already providing more for students and teachers that we did not get before. An example of this is that now for the teachers, everything is more organised, and the new office area has been upgraded to make life easier for them. The office area also now feels more spacious and inviting than it was before, seeing that everything is more open, but every room in the office is now more accessible as well. One of the best things about the indoor renovations is the new students’ toilets inside, because the old toilets used to be gross but now, they are really clean. The new science room is also another really exciting addition to the school.

Sid: In my opinion, the renovations have basically improved the way our school looks and has made it more appealing to new students and parents. This will make sure that we have new additions to expand our school community and make it more well known! Our teachers have a very important responsibility of planning ways to better our education at GHPS and these new changes such as more meeting rooms and the staff lounge room will make their process easier, more efficient and enjoyable. In our learning streets, we have displays of Glen Huntly Primary School’s past to make sure we remember and appreciate the past allowed to move forward in our education. I personally like the displays as they let us look back into the past of the school that we attend.

Emily: I am most looking forward to the space because it will hold a lot of people, and everyone can have an area to themselves. I am looking forward to the new music room because it looks big, and we don’t have a big music room now.

Luke: I am looking forward to the new gym and the space to play sport during the year and a new PE space.  This is because being me, I like sport, and this is a new space where I will be able to play sport.

Clancy & Aadhya: At student council level, there was a discussion about environmentally sustainable design ideas when planning and designing the new gym. We know that sustainable facilities can reduce the environmental impact and long-term operating costs of running a school. Things like fans, high ceilings, solar panels, automatic lights, and sustainable materials can impact this a lot.

Diya: I am most looking to the gym because sometimes we will get to play games in a bigger space and when it is raining, we can play inside. Also, the music room as we get new vibes, good vibes. This is also a personal space for the choir and band to perform, in the other music room you would be able to hear PE games and bouncing balls now we have the whole room to ourselves.

JP: I am looking forward to the new look and texture of the new hall. In my opinion, we will have something to have fun in the future, and it’ll be worth the wait! What I am especially looking forward to is the new Olympic sized basketball court, since it won’t get wet from the rain and there will be a huge stadium too.

Anushka: I am looking forward to the music room the most as we can practice more often.

Lucas: I’m mainly looking forward to the basketball court because it will be indoor so we can use it whether it is rainy or not. When the building is finished, we will be able to have loads of fun no matter what. Also, I’m excited for the new kitchen because it’s going to be lots bigger, and we will be able to cook amazing food that we can all enjoy eating. We can’t forget the new changing rooms they will let us have loads more space. Also, all of the new rooms for teachers and students to share.

Nicholas: I’m most looking forward to the new exterior design of the new Gymnasium because it will make the East Site look really modern. It will also work really well with the new office and science room, which I would guess was the intention of the design for both the office, science room and gymnasium.

Aanya: I’m looking to the basketball court and the new hall design since it looks really pretty and will have a lot of space and when we have assembly everyone will have enough room.

Tour of Construction Progress Friday 18 March

The Minister’s Office has been planning with GHPS for a visit by the Member for Oakleigh, Steve Dimopoulos MP, to tour the school and see the construction progress of the current capital works.

We have arranged for a representative from School Council: Vice President, Nicole Verginis, to attend, together with the School Captains and Year 6 Student Leaders. There will be an opportunity for these students to chat and offer their opinions about the progress, and a recount may be included in the next newsletter.

Final Call for 2022 School Council Nominations Parent and Staff Categories: Compass Notification Tuesday 15 March

Firstly, thank you to the parents and staff member who have been successful with their nomination to join the 2022 GHPS School Council:

New parent members: Kristen Howard (Eleanora Year 2), Alexis Weekes (Thomas Year 2 & Margaret Prep), Supriya Arikarevula (Aditya Year 5/6 & Kiara Year 1) and Nicole Bishop (Brody year 5/6) who have filled four of the six vacancies.

Thank you to Cameron White – Acting Assistant Principal who has filled one of the two staff vacancies.

Now, I need to notify members of the school community that as of the close of the School Council Election date on Thursday 10 March, there are two parent nominations to be filled and one staff nomination to be filled. The Council still needs both parents and staff to consider standing for election and according to the 2022 Guide for School council elections, when there are insufficient nominations in parent and school employees categories, the principal must call for further nominations.

Both parents and staff provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills and a range of experiences and expertise that can help inform and shape the direction of our wonderful school. There is also an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge and further your interest and desire to work in partnership with other members of our school community.

Given that Friday 11 March was Curriculum Day and Monday 14 March was public holiday nominations can be lodged by Friday 18 March at 4pm.

If there are more nominations than the remaining positions, there will be a ballot conducted for the remaining positions.

The two-year term of office will commence after the date of the declaration of the poll on Monday 21 February 2022 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2024. The first School Council Meeting will be held Monday 28 March.

CLICK HERE to see more information and NOMINATION FORMS

Additional forms are also available:

  • East Site: At the Main Office
  • West Site: TheirCare Before/Afterschool Care in the Activities Centre

Grade 5/6 Lightning Premiership Tuesday 15 March

Congratulations to all the Grade 5/6 competitors who played their best to represent GHPS on Tuesday at the Lightning Premiership in softball, cricket, volley stars and basketball.

After a full day of play, it was super exciting for our basketball team who have progressed through to the Regional Finals at the State basketball Centre on Friday 28 October.

Congratulations to our Future Stars the Glen Huntly Hawks for winning their Grand Final.

Grade 5/6s to The Portsea Camp on the Mornington Peninsula  

The Grades 5/6 students will excitedly head off to Camp on Monday 21 March and return on Wednesday 23 March. Thank you to the staff who will be attending: Mrs Shannan Fox, Ms Becky Broxham, Ms Mikaela Ristos, Ms Juz de Bruyn, Mr David Jenkins, and Cheng Qian. Mr Cameron White will go down on Tuesday to visit.

Thank you to Liz, Laura and the 5/6 team who has been notifying parents/cares via Compass about what to do prior to departing for Camp. Please ensure that all dietary and medical information requirements necessary for your child to board the bus has been completed. There is a packing list which has been distributed as well in Compass on 2 March.

Celebrate Harmony Day Friday 25 March

It’s a really important time for us all to stay connected and celebrate the cultural diversity in our school by wearing something orange or wearing national dress if you have something of this nature.

Otherwise, please wear school uniform as usual.

To mark the day, students can order sushi for lunch, thanks to Glen Huntly Parents Association (GPA). Orders must be received before Tuesday 22 March 3.30pm. It will be a great way to finish off week 8. Thanks Haley and team😊

Advance notification that the end of term 1 is Friday 8 April. Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.

Libby Alessi        Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

James and Daisy 0H – for helping others understand the task at hand by repeating the teachers’ instructions and helping them complete the task step by step. You have demonstrated patience and kindness. Great work!

Louisa 1D – For planning and publishing an amazing three page narrative! I loved reading your story and seeing your creative mind at work 🙂 Well done.

Thomas 2M – For putting so much effort into all of your learning tasks this year. You have had a wonderful start to Grade 2 Thomas, keep up the fantastic work!

Yianni 3K – For completing all his homework tasks every week and for showing kindness to his friends. Well Done!

Dion 3M – For writing an awesome first draft persuasive piece titled ‘why homework should be banned’ with lots of persuasive techniques being implemented. Keep up the awesome work!

Rishikesh 4A – For consistently completing your home learning to a high standard. Keep up the fantastic work!

Tengyi 4S – For being a kind, respectful and diligent student that always aims to achieve his best, no matter the subject. You should be extremely proud of your efforts so far this year, Tengyi!

Evan 5/6B – Everyday continuing to strengthen your resilience and positivity where you are blossoming and maturing into a kind, respectful and self motivated young man and learner. Well done you Evan.

Sanvi 5/6R – For her contributions and work completed during Wellbeing Wednesday. I really enjoyed reading the strengths you admire in others, especially what you wrote about your mum. Well done Sanvi, your kindness towards others shines everyday!

Working Bee

Our first working bee for the year was a highly successful one. It was great to see the Glen Huntly Primary School community come together after such a long absence due to COVID.

We had just over 80 people attend on the day including parents, grandparents, students and staff. The students really enjoyed themselves, using blowers, painting bench seats, picking up branches and helping to load the trailer with mulch and then disperse it in the garden beds.


A huge amount of work and jobs were completed which included weeding, graffiti removal, drains cleaned, revamp of the fairy garden, pruning trees, painting bench seats, mulching garden beds and a general clean-up of the school.

The school is very grateful for the hard work of all those involved, and we thank everyone for their time.

We would like to acknowledge and further congratulate the noteworthy and inspiring achievements and results of the following students during the ICAS 2021 exams:

Digital Technologies:
High Distinction: (the top 1% of participants)
Distinctions: (the next 10% of participants)
Stephanie, Nicholas, Luke, Tilly, Shiva.
Credit: (the next 25% of participants)
Merit: (the next 10% of participants)

High Distinctions:
Dion, Avyaan, Aarush, Siyana, Sriram, Owen.
Visakan, Harvey, Daniel, Radha, Siena, Sai Aditya, Naira, Jon, Jonathan, Javin, Srivaishnav, Sanjeev, Arthava, Vhrinda, Shiva, Tilly, Riddhi, Sahana, Adishree, William, Bilva, Siddhanth, Stephanie, Siddharth, Sullivan, Jashn.
Ruby, Charvi, Nicholas.

High Distinctions:
Tengyi, Sriram.
Visakan, Sai Aditya, Naira, Javin, Siddhanth.
Dion,  Harvey, Daniel, Avyaan, Siena, Ayan, Mithra, Rishitha, Harrison, Aarush, Siyana, Aoi, Sanjeev, Zoya, Vhrinda, Charvi, Yoshi, Harshitha, Yuvan, Riddhi, Sahana, Adishree, Owen, Luke, Bilva, Daiwik, Stephanie, Varshini, Siddharth, Marko, Reiko, Jashn.
Deeksha, Srivaishnav, Bridget, Apolline, Tilly, Sanvi, Lucas.

Jashn, Stephanie, Harshitha.
Varshini, Siddhanth, Zoya, Vhrinda, Shiva, Sahana, William, Siyana, Sonith Siddharth.
Siddharth, Anushka, Evan, Oishika, Charvi, Tilly, Riddhi, Sanvi, Srishti.

David Jenkins

Assessment and Reporting Coordinator

Cyber Safety

Last Monday we had a cyber safety incursion from the Moorabbin cyber safety police department, about staying safe and responsible online. This was a very informative and interesting session which we all enjoyed. We learnt a lot about being safe online. Did you know the average gamer is 36? If you think it is some sort of teenager, you are wrong! We also learnt that simple things you post on social media can give away a lot of personal information.

Do not trust anyone, they might not be who you think they are. We heard a recording of a girl who gave away personal information to someone who said they were a child like her, they met up to find it was a 30-year-old man who had been doing this to other children. Make sure you don’t watch any inappropriate videos without an adult’s permission. If you are concerned in any way, tell a trusted adult, or if you feel you can’t do that, the kids’ helpline is always there for you.

Thank you and STAY SAFE ONLINE!

Rory and Charvi 5/6FJ

Sport News

Lightning Premiership


Hi, my name is Sahana, and I was in the Volleystars team this year for lightning Premiership. It was so much fun!!

We went to Lloyds St Primary School which is a 7-minute journey from GHPS.

This is how to play Volleystars. First you must get into position, 9 people on court and 1 sub. 1 person on each side serves the ball. After 3 serves we rotate, and your old sub goes into serve and we get a new sub.

We competed against 4 schools, CJC, CSPS, CPS & LSS. After we played all these schools, we got second place and we went into the Grand Final!! I’m so proud of my team! To get into the Grand Final is a big opportunity for us! Sadly, we lost the Grand Final, but we tried our best and next year we will do better!! 

Sahana 5/6R


On Tuesday we went to Princess Park for the softball Lightning Premiership.

We went there with Miss Lucas-Lely and Mrs Fox.

Once we got there, we started practising. My team (which we called the Softball Superstars) was with Miss Lucas-Lely.

Here’s how we played Softball: One school bats and one school fields. The batting team has a batter to start off with and the fielding team chooses a bowler. There is a person from the fielding team on every base and there are 4 bases including a home base. The bowler throws the ball (underarm), if the ball goes too high or too low, the bowler gets a ball 1. When the bowler gets a ball 3, the batting team gets a free walk. But if the batter could have hit the ball, the batter gets a strike. When the batter gets 3 strikes, they’re out and another person from their team bats. If that player is the last player and couldn’t hit a ball, that means they couldn’t make it home.

We played against Lloyd Street first, and then Malvern Central. After that we played Malvern Valley and finally, Lloyd Street again.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win but we had fun.

Shresta 5/6R


On the 15th of March the Year 5/6 students participated in our first Lightning Premiership event for the year. All our teams departed to their different locations to play sports against opposing schools. Our teams A-Brody, Lucas, Harper, Aarav, JP, Abraham, Tilly, Coco, and Sid B- Evan, Harper, Sana, Bindu, Rui, Krisha, Sara and Apolline played basketball here’s what happened.

Our A team was already disheartened by the fact that two of our teammates couldn’t play. To add to that, we did not practise at all. We arrived and played 6 victorious games before the semi-finals, in which after hard work, bad sportsmanship (other schools not us) and determination, we managed to make it to the final. Unfortunately, our other team faced a sad ending with no wins.

The final game was split into 8-minute halves, and by the end of the first half we inched closer and closer to victory. By the time the second half started we were in the lead 6-2. With 10 seconds on the clock the opposition got one last hoop. Still, we secured the win with a 2-point lead 8-10.

After congratulating our opponents, we ran through the rain onto the bus, chanting. The euphoria of winning carried us all the way back to school.

Sid and Lucas  5/6FJ

Library News

We have some wonderful new books in our library.

Thank you to Lisa for the fabulous displays.

Final Reminder

We have Teeth on Wheels Visiting our school for dental visits starting the 23/03/2022.

Please click on the link below to complete your child’s consent form.


Complete your form today and the Teeth on Wheels team will be in contact to schedule your child’s appointment and notify you on your eligibility.

Any further questions please contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.

TheirCare News



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Fri 25         Sushi Lunch


Fri 8           End of Term 1 (early dismissal – 2.30pm)


If you have thought about foster care, please get in touch and ask the questions you have always wanted to.

Ring: Key Assets 1800 932 237 or 1800 WE CARE


Web: or

What will happen: Interested families will receive a brochure, information and no pressure!

Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

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