Newsletter #7 10 May 2018

Principals Report

2019 Prep Parent Information

On Tuesday, the school provided prospective 2019 Prep Parents with a highly informative and engaging presentation about GHPS. The programs and the educational opportunities described the clear pathways and steps we take for implementing the school’s vision and how these are linked with the whole school approach and in particular, the school’s values.

The information was provided by staff, current parents and the School Captains Qi Qi and Metteya. The school captains provided testimonials about the best things about being a student and School Leader at GHPS and what the Preps can look forward to at GHPS. Their testimonials are as follows:

What are the best things about being a Student and School Leader at GHPS?

Some of the best things about being a student and school leader at GHPS is not only the amazing and fabulous teachers who are always there for you and take care of you, or the strong bonds you can make with other students. It’s also the feelings/qualities your child will develop because of multicultural activities we participate in at this school.

Being able to help those who helped you before and stand up for your school, and to work with student council to talk about ideas for GHPS. The most important thing is to be able to communicate with others more and being able to understand the school better.

Why are you better off for being a student at GHPS?

Your child will be better off at this school because of all the technology, the many activities we have to offer, camps to hang out with your friends and learn life lessons, various cultural programs to be involved in and buddy classes to get to know older, friendly students to help you in specific areas of learning.

I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to show leadership to other students in the school. Because of this I feel I am always trying to be not only a better student but also a better person.

What can the Preps look forward to at GHPS?

I hope that the Preps are looking forward to lots of fun at school, lots of learning, lots of sport to exercise and have fun at the same time and meeting new friends. Don’t worry parents, your child is perfectly safe at this school and nothing will happen to them, I give my word.

GHPS has students that are welcoming and understanding. Preps will be given all the opportunities that I have been lucky enough to have. I am a very proud member of the GHPS community. 

Qi Qi and Metteya

We heard from parents, Nicole (Alex 4J and Steph 2M), Lara (Emma 2M) and Shan (Alice 4O and Emily 2M) who described their experience and journey with their family since starting at GHPS. I felt very proud to hear everyone’s personal and very heartfelt stories and thank them very much for providing such helpful insights and highlights about our amazing school.

Thank you to the teaching staff for not only sharing your knowledge but for your dedication, commitment and support to the 2019 Prep Transition Program: Mikaela Ristos and Ivana Novakovic (Liv Fourniotis was sick), Amy Tinetti, David Jenkins, Bill Manuel, Eugenia Sassos and Melinda Oldham.

Current families who also have a child who is eligible to start school next year are encouraged to submit their child’s enrolment form now.

House Rewards- Hume

Once again, thank you to Mr John Tinetti and GPA for providing the Term 1 House Rewards BBQ. This time it was the members of Hume House who were the recipients fortunate to receive a free bbq lunch for their efforts in class. Good luck to the rest of the Houses this term who will be trying to win the term 2 treat.


Appreciation for our Volunteers: Give Happy, Live Happy

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of all those who volunteer at GHPS. It is officially National Volunteer Week (NVW) from 9-15th May 2018 and this is a fitting time to recognise the valuable contribution made by all our school’s dedicated volunteers, who give up their time and use their expertise to provide our students with the very best learning and development opportunities through their generosity and enormous goodwill. We join Australia is recognising the 29th National Volunteer Week and I know we have the most amazing volunteers here at GHPS. Thank you to everyone who helps us in so many ways! We couldn’t do all we do for our students without you and we feel very lucky to have you. GHPS Staff always recognises the wonderful help we have throughout the year with our annual thank you morning tea in December.

National Walk to School Day Friday 18th May

This is one way you can teach your child the healthy habit of walking more and Ms Marie Kasambalis has some tips in this newsletter. Remember also regular exercise like walking with your child not only helps them (and you!) prevent chronic problems like obesity, heart disease, behavioural and mental health issues and diabetes, it also gives you a great opportunity to teach your child how to behave safely around traffic.


Education Week

A notice will be distributed to families about what’s on in Education Week, but here is a snap shot!

On Monday, 21st May between 5.00 – 6.00pm we will be showcasing the Art work and the talents and creativity of our students in which Ms Justine de Bruyn engages the students. This year the art is being artistically displayed in an array of areas around the school including your child’s classroom and is looking amazing! So come along and visit your child’s class and take a look at all that is displayed. Then at 6.00pm – 6.30pm everyone is invited to move to the Wendy Wilson Hall where the Party Hats and Choir will be performing. All welcome!

On Wednesday, 23rd May from 8.00am – 8.45am staff will be serving our traditional Community Breakfast on the West Site outside the Art room on the veranda and returning by popular demand, staff will be serving egg and bacon plus cereal, milk toast, yoghurt and fruit. A coffee van ‘Moovin’ Coffee’ will be on site where you can purchase a regular sized coffee or hot chocolate for $4.00 each.

We encourage families to bring their own bowls, plates and mugs on the day if you intend to join in our breakfast. Following on from the breakfast our classrooms will be open for families from 9.00 – 10.00am.

On Friday 25th May Grandparents are invited to attend assembly at 9.00am then visit the classrooms from 9.30am- 10.30am.Thanks to the marvellous GPA, our Grandparents will be served morning tea at 10.30 – 11.30am in the Wendy Wilson Hall on the East Site. As always, we look forward to an exciting Education Week!

Mother’s Day and Stall at GHPS

Once again, a big thank you to Andrea Carveth (William 6A), GPA and everyone who will support the Mothers’ Day Stall  Friday 11th May. To all our Mothers and Grandmothers in the school community, I wish you a wonderful day on Sunday 13 May and maybe you will be able to have a sleep- in!

Libby Alessi

Up and coming events, dates & meetings:

  • Monday 14 May: 6.30pm Finance Committee followed by School Council at 7pm in the East Site Staff Room
  • Friday 18 May : 9.45 am after Assembly: GPA in the WW Hall


Well done Mahathi (5S) on her wonderful achievement of being a finalist in this years Higgins ANZAC Poetry School Competition.

We are very proud of you.

A message from your Assistant Principal Amy Tinetti

Working Bee

What a fantastic turn out we had at our Term 2 Working Bee! Thank you to the following families and teachers that came to lend a hand: Miss deBruyn, Blair Family, Weiss Family, Mentis Family, Thompson Family, McKay Family, Budiman Family, Pinter-Campbell Family, Tuzcan Family, Panwar Family, Wilson Family, Gardiner Family, Jayaweera Family, Sioukas Family, Cairns Family, Chen Family, Dongaonkar Family and the Venmani Family. (Please forgive me if I have left you off the list) Well done to the Weiss Family who won the raffle prize.

A HUGE thank you to Heidi Powell who has very kindly offered to be the BBQ chef for our working bees. Heidi did an amazing job for her first working bee and we look forward to her yummy food next term.

All of our jobs on the list were achieved and our school is looking fantastic! I would like to make a special mention to Kon Mentis who came in over the school holidays to install the Super Chuter on the West site. The students absolutely love it!

Also, thank you to Domonique Jackson for painting our basketball courts and backboards. The students are all appreciative and enjoying their basketball immensely.

Our next Building and Grounds meeting will be on: Monday 4th June at 6:30pm in the East Site Staffroom, all parents are welcome to attend. The Buildings and Grounds team will be discussing what works need to be carried out at the next Working Bee which will be on Sunday 5th August.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Nyra 0F – using her manners when asking for assistance in the classroom.
Bob 0F – empathy and kindness towards his teacher and peers.
Sonith 0N – communicating confidently with his teachers.
Sahara 0N – always being a kind and caring friend and showing her teachers respect.
Rudra 0N – always coming to school with a big smile and an enthusiastic attitude.
Keya 0N – making an effort to complete her work neatly and remain on track in class time.
Suria 0R – trying her hardest during Monster Maths groups.
Aadhitya 0R – improved attitude towards school.
Jessop 1J – knowledge and input during our ANZAC class discussion.
Gautham 1J – actively contributing to class discussions.
Aniket 1J – working hard during our Monster Maths session this week, learning about time.
Ayush 1J – reading with terrific fluency during Book Club.
Priyanshi 1M – settling into our school community effortlessly.
Rui 1M – confidence and enthusiasm when presenting in front of the class.
Oishika 1M – working hard to find vowel clusters in our reading in Book Club.
Kasish 1M – excellent team work skills in inquiry this week when making our decomposition timelines.
Eva 2E – expanding her vocabulary by using the word “foe” in her character description.
Ridhaan 2E – working hard to improve his listening in class.
Ahana 2K – showing initiative in the classroom caring for her friends.
Brody 2M – a positive attitude and impressive work during our Sustainability Inquiry sssions.
Raghav 2M – amazing skipping skills.
Leon 2M – always displaying lovely manners in the classroom.
Nabil 2M – always being a happy and positive student.
Thomas 3F – improved focus during writing to produce an impressive persuasive piece.
Vedha 3F – a beautiful, creative flair that shines through in her bright and colourful drawings.
Rital 3F – for always asking questions when she needs to and always doing her best.
Misha 3F – for her impressive achievements during our Literacy Groups.
Aarushi 3S – her consistent and diligent effort in all areas of her work.
Amber 3S – an excellent effort in designing a persuasive advertisement.
Hasini 3S – designing a terrific persuasive advertisement.
Vayun 3S – excellent application to all areas of his school work.
Varshini 3S – developing an interesting tension scene in writing.
Jinia 3S – a positive attitude to all learning tasks.
Yashvi 5S – For being a consistently helpful member of the classroom and always completing her work to a high standard
Naishadh 6A – curiosity, engagement and reflective thinking during reading groups.
Rakhi 6A – a tremendous work ethic from the get go after a break.
Raphi 6P – trusting himself during Maths to achieve excellent results.
Eden 6P – showing leadership and positive behaviour for her class mates and the rest of our school.

Jump Off Day – Thursday 17th May, 11.30am to 1.30pm

Hi Kids! How are your skipping tricks going?

Can you do double-unders and criss-cross yet? It’s not long until your Jump Off day, so keep practising.

Have you got any sponsors yet? Why not get Mum and Dad to help you use the computer to get online sponsors.

It’s easy and it’s fun!! Log on to: and follow the directions!


Notices distributed to parents

26 April         All Students       Mother’s Day Stall

3 May            All Students            Head Lice


450-452 Kooyong Road, Caulfield South

Occasional Care 15 mths—3 yrs
Kindergarten Program 3-5 years
9.30am—2.30pm (5 hour session)
The Walker Learning Children’s Program Exploration based play sessions including Sports, Music & Yoga!

For all enquiries and further details: Ph: 9596 8643 Email: Website:

Children’s YOGA

Thursday from 4.15pm (with Lillian)

Yoga for children is a class FULL OF FUN!

Going on Yoga adventures and journeys. Develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance for the body, while at the same time we exercise the mind through mindfulness, breathing techniques and positive thinking

$13.00 per class / $11.00 concession

Full Term payment discounts

For all enquiries and further details: Ph: 9596 8643
Email: Website:
450-452 Kooyong Road, Caulfield South



Fri 11th   Mother’s Day Stall W W Hall
Mon 14th Sporting Schools After School Athletics
Tue 15th Sporting Schools After School Football
Thu 17th Sporting Schools After School Golf
Mon 21st Sporting Schools After School Athletics
Tue 22nd Sporting Schools After School Football
Thu 24th Sporting Schools After School Golf
Mon 28th Sporting Schools After School Athletics
Tue 29th Sporting Schools After School Football
Thu 31st Sporting Schools After School Golf