Newsletter #7 May 13, 2022


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Glen Eira College: 2022 Year 7 Share our Success

On Wednesday, Mrs Oldham, Ms Piscioneri, and I attended GEC, having been invited by our former 2021 year 6 GHPS students. It was highly rewarding to be greeted by so many students who told us all about Year 7 and how they were enjoying their new opportunities.

They very proudly took us on a tour of the school and showed us their various classrooms and spaces for learning. The canteen was also very popular in their mind!

We were escorted to the Performing Arts Theatre and we were entertained by former students, one of whom was the MC, one who made a speech about being on the Student Council and another who played the keyboard.

It was highly rewarding and very satisfying to see how well our former students are doing in Year 7.

Year 7 Transition Forms

Parents of students in year 6 have received the Year 6 to Year 7 Placement Information pack 2022-2023.

As their child is now in their final year of primary school, it is time to decide where they will begin secondary school.

The Department’s Find my School website allows parents to find their designated neighbourhood school.

The form which was included in the pack needs to be returned today at GHPS. Thank you to Ms Shannan Fox, Liz, and Laura for providing parents with the information.

GHPS Podcasting Station

During this week’s Staff meeting, staff were highly appreciative of Mrs Melinda Oldham’s interesting presentation on the new GHPS Podcasting Station now assembled in the Inquiry Room.

I am very grateful in being able to feature Melinda’s initiative in this newsletter. Please see Melinda’s report as follows and we look forward to sharing more about this in future newsletters.

We are very fortunate to purchase a RodeCaster Pro Podcasting Station through our High Ability Program.

Students will take part in a masterclass relating to the use of podcasting to support critical and creative thinking, deciding on creative podcast ideas, sourcing information, interviewing techniques and clear, effective communication styles.

These students will support classes with the development and creation of podcasts across the school to support our Inquiry program.

The students have started developing ideas for podcasts with all manner of engaging interest topics!

Why Podcasting works in the classroom

◦ Listening Improves Reading

◦ Podcasts are Current

◦ Podcasts help meet Vic Curriculum Achievement Standards

◦ Listening Supports Multi-Lingual Learning

◦ Listening Shapes our Brain

◦ Podcasting Shows Understanding

Mrs Melinda Oldham

Staff Professional Practice Day (PPD)

There will be a great Program operating by Their Care and bookings are open. Contact hem on 1300072410 or go to

Finance and School Council Meeting

The next Finance and School Council Meeting will take place at 6.30pm and 7pm respectively on Monday 23 May, 2022.

Libby Alessi        Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Grace 0S – For always completing her work with care and at an exceptional standard. You are showing amazing growth so far in your learning. Keep up the great work!

Rishan 0S – for being such a great helper to our new friend in our classroom. You are so encouraging and helpful. Keep up the great work!

Riya 0H – For always trying her hardest even when she finds a task challenging. Great Work, Riya!

Sana 0H – for always coming to school with a smile on your face. Your happy disposition is infectious and welcoming in our classroom.

Pavneet 1D – For always coming to class with a positive attitude and using our strategies in reading groups to sound out unknown words. Keep it up!

Eden 1D – For creating interesting and accurate growing patterns using coloured shapes in Numeracy. Your patterns could repeat, grow and they followed a rule. Well done!

David 1PB – For including commas in his holiday recount writing to show a list. Well done, superstar!

Kira 1PB – For using different length sentences and punctuation to describe the writing prompt, ‘Haunted House’. Well done, Kira!

Yasmin 2M – For beginning your narrative titled “By the Light of the Lanterns” with a sizzling start. I am so proud of you Yasmin!

Luluo 2M – for your excellent listening this term. I am so proud of how much your listening has improved! Well done!

Audrey 2M – for believing in yourself when showing the time on analogue clocks. Continue to be confident and believe in yourself and you will achieve amazing things!

Layla 2S – For your thoughtful contributions and keen participation in all class discussions. You are a star!

Kanishk 2S – For his excellent use of adjectives in his narrative writing. I am impressed!

Akhilesh 3M – For settling in so well for your first term back at GHPS! You are an awesome addition to our 3M team!

Will 3M – For starting each task, staying on each task and finishing each task set up this week! Great work superstar, keep it up!

Radha 3K – For experimenting with sizzling starts and character descriptions in her recent narrative writing pieces. Well done!

Albert 3K – For being a standout this week in his class. His fantastic behaviour, awesome effort working with clay and helping to clean up the art room.

All of 3K – for all trying your hardest in your first NAPLAN. I am proud of you!

Jai 4A – For consistently demonstrating good organisation skills by being prepared to begin his work on time and staying on task. Keep it up, Jai!

Alexa 4A – For consistently demonstrating respect, kindness and inclusiveness towards others. Thank you for your positive attitude towards all you do!

Samson 4S – For having an enthusiastic approach towards our class novel every day. Your attitude brightens up the room, Samson!

Vihaan 4S – For dramatically improving his Data Representation and Interpretation knowledge by achieving 94% on his post test. Well done!

Amelia 5/6B – for being such a welcoming member of ⅚ B and making Shenuki feel so warm and welcome into her new class. Keep being a great friend!

Gowri 5/6B – for always being an encouraging, empathetic and honest member of 5/6B. We are so grateful to have you in our class!

Levi 5/6F – For beginning Term II with being on-task consistently, being more productive, working more efficiently and being very helpful.

Owen 5/6F – For his persistence and positive attitude for establishing and utilising new strategies for calculating percentages. You are now an expert, well done!

Clancy 5/6F – for displaying exceptional kindness, patience and enthusiasm while working with his Year 1 buddy this week. Thank you for being such a positive role model.

Tilly 5/6R – For using new strategies in Numeracy sessions to calculate the percentage of a whole number. Well done, it was a delight to see your face light up when you solved the problem!

Luke 5/6R – for actively contributing during class discussions and for always having a positive attitude towards his learning, in particular during maths conversations. Well done Luke!

Congratulations to our winners for World Maths Day, held on April 1st

Daiwik – 5/6R

Manasvi – 5/6F

Ewan – 4A

Thomas – 2M

Ms Claire Piscioneri   

Numeracy Learning Specialist and Classroom Teacher

Sport News

We’re skipping through the term!

Jump Rope for Heart is well underway and it’s great to see so many children out in the playground skipping with smiles on their faces. The lunch time skipping ropes have been a big hit, and it is clear that students are quickly improving their skills.

It’s not long until our Jump Off Day on Wednesday 25th May, so keep on practicing those tricks!

Check out this video from Jump Rope for Heart for this week’s skipping challenge:

Glen Huntly Primary School has already raised $346 towards the Heart Foundation. Don’t forget to share your online fundraising page with friends and family to raise money for a great cause!

Still need to sign up online? It’s easy – just follow this link and enter your details. 

Ms Roth

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Mon 13Queen’s Birthday Holiday

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Fri 24 – Term 2 Ends (Early Dismissal, 2.30pm)

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