Newsletter #9 June 24, 2022


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.                                                             

This term has been very busy with exciting events and some of which we have been waiting a while to be able to have once again!

It has been highly rewarding to celebrate and be thankful for being able to come together as a community:

  • Open Night, Community Breakfast & Open Morning
  • Election day BBQ and Cake Stall
  • Group tours for prospective Prep families in 2023
  • Student Council and GPA collaboration: Casual dress or PJ and Pizza lunch

GHPS Values Artwork in the Main Office

Throughout this term, Ms de Bruyn has been layering an eye-catching collage using the artwork of all students which promote the Values of GHPS:

  • Pride
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

It has been wonderful to view the transformation of this new space. This artistic piece now takes centre stage in our main foyer, make a real statement, and come together to make this space much more dynamic and interesting.

What an amazing impact!


Thank you to Ms Becky Broxham

Please join us in thanking Ms Broxham who has been a highly valued member of our staff and has enjoyed teaching the 5/6 students this semester.

We wish her the very best in her future teaching appointments and can look forward to Becky returning to work as a CRT in term 3 and to teach in Grade 4A.

Families in 4A have been advised today and the students are very happy.

Mr John Jacobs

Mr Jacobs is returning to GHPS after a period of teaching overseas for three years.

He may be known to many of the students and families as prior to him taking Leave, John had been a member of the teaching staff at GHPS for 10 years.

We are delighted to announce that Mr John Jacobs will be returning as the teacher in 5/6B from term 3.

Mr Jacobs will be working with the 5/6 team and Ms Broxham to plan for handover

Pizza and PJ Day

Thank you to the Student Council, in conjunction with The Parents Association, who are hosting a Pizza and PJ Day at school to celebrate a great term 2 and to help raise funds for the school’s Gaga Pit construction and a donation to the State Schools Relief. Students have been encouraged to wear PJ,s and dressing gowns or casual dress to school to be part of the day. Teddy bears have been welcomed too! Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation for the privilege.

Progress with 2022 Annual Implementation Plan

Mid-Year Monitoring. The Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Leadership team has been evaluating progress and uploading evidence for each of the three goals and key improvement strategies.

The meeting with Stuart Andrews -Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL) has been pushed back and Stuart will notify us when he is available.

The information can be presented to the School Council at the next meeting and then reported on in the newsletter.

Term 2 Curriculum Day

On Tuesday 14 June staff collaborated to work on key improvement strategies within the AIP.

I shared my reflection from the Principal’s Conference and how the workshops and addresses of the keynote speakers aligned with the GHPS AIP.

The theme for the Conference was:

Leading Yourself to Lead Others. Stronger together, every student, every school.

GHPS staff reviewed the following elements within the AIP:

  • Wellbeing
  • Culture of a High Performing School
  • Literacy: Writing and Six plus One traits of teaching writing
  • Numeracy
  • Inquiry Scope and Sequence has been audited

Notably at the Conference, DET has expressed concerns over high levels of illness within DET, schools and teachers plus the lower numbers of teachers across the board.

James Merlino, the Minister for Education was in attendance and spoke about being thankful for everything that schools have been doing even during very challenging times.

Jump Off Day

On Wednesday Ms Roth organized a highly successful jump-off day for all the students to showcase their newly acquired skipping skills, which they have been practicing in PE.

Well done to every skipper!

Capital Works

Stage 2, which is the full-sized gymnasium/basketball, music room, canteen, toilets and change facilities is on track and due for completion early term 4.

The preliminary plans for the playground landscaping have been presented at the onsite meeting.

It has been exciting to see progress with the Stage 3: Building A refurbishment on the West Site which will impact the Prep classrooms, corridor, and Library.


I will be taking LSL in the first week of Term 3 and travelling to Hawaii for a belated (during lockdown) family birthday – my youngest daughter:)

Thank you to Cameron White who will be once again the Acting Principal.

End of term 2

There will be the usual early dismissal at 2.30pm today. Please remember to collect your child early. Their Care will be running for families who need this excellent service. We wish all our fabulous staff and families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to Students returning on Monday 11 July.

Libby Alessi     Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Aaradhya 0H – For her fantastic efforts during recount writing. You are using your letter and sound knowledge to stretch out the sounds in words. Great work, Aaradhya!

Jyotsna 0H – For thinking really hard about what she has already learnt about subtraction and confidently discussing her knowledge with her partner during ‘Turn and Talk’. Great Work, Jyotsna!

Aarya 0S – For settling into our class so well. You are a lovely addition to Prep S!

Henry 0S – for thinking of some fantastic adjectives to describe your picture of a fish and sounding out those words all by yourself. I am so proud of you! Well done Henry!

Pranav 1D – For your fantastic efforts during guided reading. You are using your sounding out strategies to read more challenging words and have begun to ask interesting questions to find out more about the story. Well done!

Tasha 1D – For working collaboratively with your partner while writing an information text about the rain. You were able to research information using the iPads and share the role of author and illustrator. Well done!

Archit 1PB – for using his amazing sounding out skills during guided reading. You’re a superstar!

Adam 1PB – For being an outstanding leader and role model in our classroom each and everyday. You are such a kind and inclusive friend to everyone. Well done! (and PS, Happy Birthday!)

Mahati 2M – For always displaying a positive attitude towards your school work and giving every learning task your best effort. Well done Mahati!

All of 2M – For attending your first excursion to Science Works. You listened well and showed respect to others. I can’t wait for our next excursion together!

Hamdaan 2M – For being a wonderful and helpful member of 2M this year. We will miss you when you move schools!

All of 2S For your excellent behaviour and participation on your first school excursion. I am so proud of each and every one of you. You are all Superstars!

Charlie 2S- His terrific application and focus to discussion during Literature circles. Keep up the awesome work Charlie!

Saambavi 2S– For always applying herself 100% to all learning and for being a  kind and helpful member of 2S!

Daniel Davey 3K – For his impressive full solar system model and well researched presentation about the planet Uranus!

Aarya 3M – For being a great role model on our excursion to Scienceworks. Well done!

Jonah 3M – For working hard on his information report about the red panda, keep it up Jonah!

James 4A – For your enthusiasm towards our coding unit this term. Thank you for your positive attitude and for always being ready to help your peers out!

Jaini 4A – For always showing enthusiasm towards her chicken coop duty, reminding others when their names are on the roster and helping out when needed. Thank you for looking after our wonderful chooks!

Vritti 4S – For being a dependable, kind-hearted and focused member of 4S. You are continuing to impress your peers and teachers alike. Keep it up, Vritti!

All students of 4S – for being a resilient, caring and compassionate class who always strive to support their fellow classmates. Well done, 4S!

Year 5/6 News

Last week on Thursday 10th June, the Year 5/6s went on an excursion to the Queen Victoria Market to learn more about money. Unlike usual, we went on a train.

In the morning, we were paired up with a buddy. Our buddy was our friend which was great. We walked to Glen Huntly Station and took a train to Flinders Street Station. We were so excited as we hopped on.

The journey was smooth with fascinating views. We got to see Marvel stadium and the MCG. As soon as we arrived at Flinders Station we changed trains to Flagstaff Station. It wasn’t that long.

As we stepped out of the train, we all knew our adventure was about to begin!

We got off at Flagstaff station and walked to Flagstaff gardens to have our snack. After that, it was about a 5 minute walk to the market.

Once we were there, we split into our class groups and went to different parts of the market. The teachers had made a treasure hunt for us to do. The treasure hunt was about the different stores in the different sections of the market. We went to the meat and poultry, fresh produce and the deli section.

We spent about an hour doing that. After we finished the teachers got us hot jam donuts from a stall nearby.  

The jam donuts were warm, spongy and filled with delicious jam. After enjoying our yummy treat we went to do our shopping. We all crowded around the candy shop. Some of us also bought chips, burgers, drinks and fruit. We also went to the clothing section to see if anything suited our liking. Then we had to go back to Flagstaff gardens to eat our lunch and candy. 

After lunch we headed to Flagstaff Station to go back to school. We changed trains at Richmond. We staggered back to school. At school we had some time to relax as we got back early.

This excursion was a fun and yummy adventure. We hope we can go again. Thank you Miss Ristos, Ms Fox and Miss Broxham for organising this excursion.  

By Bilva and Zoya 

Year 2/3 News

The Year 2 & 3 Students and Staff enjoyed a fantastic day at Scienceworks.

They are looking forward to starting their new Inquiry Unit in Term 3.

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Science News

Sport News

Jump Off Day!

Thank you to all those who have given generously to the Heart Foundation’s important work.

Our school-wide Jump Off Day took place on Wednesday on the East Site oval and gave all students the chance to come together and showcase the impressive skipping skills they have learnt this term.

Not only have our students been participating in a range of individual, partner and team challenges, they have been doing so for a great cause.

The total figure raised across the school is $1137. 

Ms Roth

TheirCare News



Fri 24 – Pizza Lunch / PJ Day

Fri 24 – Term 2 Ends (early dismissal 2.30pm)


Mon 11 – Term 3 Commences

Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

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Thank you.