Glen Huntly Primary School Chess Club

Term 4 – 2018

Chess has been played for thousands of years across diverse regions and cultures. Chess club
provides kids with the opportunity to master this timeless art while socialising, having fun and sharpening their minds.

Through this interpersonal challenge it has been shown that kids develop analytical capabilities, foresight, planning, decision making skills, discipline and much more. These skills are helpful in both academic and personal life. While chess inherently involves competition, our club maintains an emphasis on emotional awareness and sportsmanship.

Throughout the term, classes will involve learning strategy and tactics, exercises, games and a term-long tournament.

Time and Day:

Juniors (5-8 years old) Wednesday 3.30 – 4.30pm 

Seniors (9+) Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm 


Wednesdays 17 October 2018 – Thursday 13 December 2018


$120 (or $110 if paid within the first week of chess club)


Felix Chandler: