Glen Huntly Primary School Chess Club

Term 2 – 2020

Chess has been played for thousands of years across diverse regions and cultures. Chess club provides kids with the opportunity to master this timeless art while socialising, having fun and sharpening their minds.

Through this interpersonal challenge it has been shown that kids develop analytical capabilities, foresight, planning, decision making skills, discipline and much more. These skills are helpful in both academic and personal life. While chess inherently involves competition, our club maintains an emphasis on emotional awareness and sportsmanship.

Holidays online tournaments:

I am currently running daily online free chess tournaments to keep kids stimulated in a positive way while at home.

We have consistently had lots of participants each day for timed tournaments where kids can connect with their school friends and others who are usually invited to our interschool tournaments.

I am also participating and giving feedback on the games live.

For those who wish to participate less often and with more participants we are trying to make every Wednesday a bigger tournament with more players.

To join the tournament any day:

1 – Make a account
2 – Check you have joined the club at:
3 – Log in by 9.55 am. Click on ‘play’ and then ‘join’ the tournament.

*Tournament link for Thursday 8 April is:
*Please add any friends from the club who you had a good game with and you can play each other any time.
*For any parents who may not want their kids on a site which has chat functions is another option if playing strangers at other times, with no chatting possible.

For any questions please contact me, Felix Chandler on email or 0451965385.

Also for any players looking to improve their game here is some homework/ study videos on openings they can try in the tournament:

Kings Indian opening:

London opening:

Other common openings :

I will be watching games to see who can use one of these openings!

Additionally, all our chess coaches, now out of work, are available for private or group discounted online tutoring ($25 per hour).
If interested, your child may request their regular/ prefered coach or try a new one (although I may personally seldom be available). I suggest having a couple of online games beforehand which your teacher can then analyze and go over with you.

If interested please feel free to directly message the following regular teachers who are available:

Thommas: 0423629031
Harley: 0422272262
Victor: 0421962245