Specialist Programs

GHPS has a number of Specialist Programs that feature as part of the curriculum.



Glen Huntly Primary School Library is a vibrant, happy place. The Library houses an interesting collection of fiction and non-fictions books and we endeavour to update our collection continuously. Children from Preps to Grade 6 attend a weekly Library session to borrow, listen to stories, and share


For LOTE (Language Other Than English) we learn Indonesian. All grades participate in weekly 1 hour sessions and we are very proud of our progress this year. We are learning to speak the Indonesian language including greetings, counting, colours, and animals. We are also learning about the culture(food, religion, history, etc.) of Indonesia, our closest neighbour.

We enjoy learning using the whiteboard and by singing songs and playing games to reinforce our knowledge of new words.


Health and Physical Education including Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)      

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Glen Huntly Primary School incorporates a bright, new, spacious art room which enables us to work on a wide range of creative activities. During the year we explore painting, drawing, construction, printing, collage, modelling and threads and textiles. The themes are linked to work being undertaken in the classroom units as well as famous artists and the influences from the world around us.


During Education Week we host an annual Art Show to exhibit the students wonderful work, including sculptures and paintings.

Cooking & Gardening

The Cooking program has commenced for 2018 with great success and fervour and much enthusiasm from the students. Fiona Davey has conducted fantastic hands-on cooking sessions with parental involvement, as well as class teachers and teacher aides participating.

After a great deal of home experimenting, Fiona settled on the students making Muffins and Savoury Scrolls.

Each class from Prep to Grade 6 participates in a cooking class once a term.  These cooking classes wouldn’t be the same without the help from our wonderful parent community, classroom teachers and education support staff.


Click below for recipes made in 2018

Apple Scrumble

Cooking – Term 1, 2018 – Corn Fritters Recipe

Cooking – Term 1, 2018 – Granola Recipe

Cooking – Term 1, 2018 – Pancakes Recipe

Cooking – Term 2, 2018 – Apricot Oat Muffin Recipe

Cooking – Term 2, 2018 – Savoury Scroll Recipe

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Basic Olive Oil Pastry recipe SAKG

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Beef Pasties Recipe

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Bolani Katchalu recipe SAKG

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Chicken Pie Recipe

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Mini Quiche Recipe

Cooking – Term 3, 2018 – Rough Puff Pastry Recipe

Cooking – Term 4, 2018 – Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding Recipe



During our Gardening sessions, all classes have planted a variety of herbs after a discussion about the herbs and their use. We have seed planted: Coriander, Dill, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Oregano and Chives. Some of our herb plant boxes have started sprouting already!

Classes have been weeding and beautifying various garden beds, including the Bush Tucker garden on the West site. Years 3 to 6 classes have commenced the construction and establishment of a new vegetable garden on the East site.