Bully Proofing Your Child – Real Schools Parent Information Session

Australian Parents are very concerned about bullying and what the implications are for their children.  It’s likely that you are too. For most Parents, it’s the absence of any knowledge of the plan to prevent and respond to bullying that causes the most worry and stress. We can do something about that and we want you to be involved.

What you can expect from our Parent Information Session:

  • >What constitutes bullying and what is NOT bullying?
  • >Strategies that the school is using to prevent bullying from impacting your child’s learning
  • >Ways that Parents can support a child who is bullied … and also how they can help a child who does the bullying
  • >Learn ho to proactively build resilience in your children and how to positively and affirmatively respond when bullying is perceived to have occurred.
  • >Deep knowledge of how we are using restorative approaches at teh school to respond when bullying rears its ugly head.
  • >A sound understanding of how the home environment plays a critical role in bullying prevention.


Please confirm your attendance by filling out this form and returning it to school by 27th May.