What’s new in Sustainability at GHPS

Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative Victoria (AuSSI Vic)

As part of our Sustainability Program, we are part of the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSi). This is a nationally inspired program administered by DET Victoria and CERES in Victoria, aimed at dramatically reducing water use, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste output. Staff and students work together with Ms Kirsty Costa from CERES Environment as part of our whole school planning and implementation.

Our focus includes land, habitat, renewable energy, water conservation and management, sustainable building design, plants and animals, applied gardening, waste management and cultural diversity.

The school’s many sustainability achievements include being accredited as a Water Wise School, installing 6 water tanks to harvest rainwater, creating vegetable gardens and Bronze Accreditation from Water Learn it Live it.

We have also installed a 3.15kW PV solar array system which is located on the West Site roof to improve our energy efficiency.

Federal Government’s Community Water Grants

Glen Huntly Primary was successful with our application for the Round 3 Community Water Grant.

Grants were available for projects related to water savings and efficiency and recycling water for use.

Works carried out by Storm Water Preservation Australia include:

  • Two complete rainwater harvesting systems to harvest water from the roof of the Hall on the East Site and the Junior school building on the West Site to use in flushing the school’s toilets and for watering the grounds. The total rainwater capacity is 26,400 litres and the approximate roof catchment area is approximately 700m2.
  • A rainwater tank system which includes three 8,800 litre tanks.
  • A commercial grade pump system including filtration and backflow prevention.
  • A multistage automatic, toilet pump with mains water backup controller.
  • A multistage automatic, irrigation pump and controller.
  • The necessary pipes, drainage, earthworks, electrical works, and water metres.

As part of our waste management focus, we are continuing to promote Waste Free Lunches and improving our recycling facilities by including the introduction of a chicken coop.

  • Science is linked with both English, Mathematics and Art
  • Observations
  • Patterns
  • Predictions about phenomena
  • Describe behaviours
  • Explore change
  • Use senses to gather different types of information
  • Golden Lunchbox and Silver Tree Award
  • Sustainability and Artworks
  • Pledges
  • Certification
  • GHPS has a reputation in the Victorian community of being an environmental leader. For over ten years GHPS has prided itself on immersing students in sustainable initiatives in and outside of the classroom.


Glen Huntly Sustainability Event presentation