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Measurement and Geometry

Statistics and Probability

Initiatives used to support the teaching and learning of the Mathematics curriculum at GHPS are:


Numicon is an exciting initiative that we introduced to our junior students in 2015. It is a range of hands on materials that are used in the teaching of Numeracy. Each child works with a set of coloured shapes representing numbers from 1 -10. These shapes are designed to help the students develop a mental imagery of numbers. This will enable them to automatically identify collection of objects without having to count them.



Our Numeracy program aims to personalize learning so that every student is engaged and enjoys a balance approach incorporating mathematical skills and real life authentic tasks.

Throughout the school extensive pre and post testing of the content is undertaken to ensure that the teachers can differentiate the learning of each individual student.

The program aims to engage the students in stimulating, challenging and hands on learning tasks which involve problem solving, risk taking, collaboration, reflection and digital technology.


Grade 6 Perimeter challenge


Grade 4/5s programming a Beebot Robot


Grade 2s comparing the weight of classroom objects


Extensive Pre Assessment of students to identify points of growth and establish individual learning goals / programs

Monster Maths

Maths Olympiad