Scientist Sara, experimented with different substances while investigating how an apple oxidises.

  • Science is linked with both English, Mathematics and Art
  • Observations
  • Patterns
  • Predictions about phenomena
  • Describe behaviours
  • Explore change
  • Use senses to gather different types of information
  • Golden Lunchbox and Silver Tree Award
  • Sustainability and Artworks
  • Pledges
  • Certification
  • GHPS has a reputation in the Victorian community of being an environmental leader. For over ten years GHPS has prided itself on immersing students in sustainable initiatives in and outside of the classroom.

Sustainability Captains 2021

Science @ GHPS

Term 1 Earth & Space Sciences
Term 2 Biological Sciences
Term 3 Physical Sciences
Term 4 Chemical Sciences

During Science Week, Sully created a tall 3D apple structure which could balance on its firm base.


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Glen Huntly Primary School Science curriculum aims to ensure that students develop:

  • an interest in Science as a means of expanding their curiosity and willingness to explore, ask questions about and speculate on the changing world in which they live
  • an understanding of the vision that Science provides
  • an understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry and the ability to use a range of scientific inquiry methods
  • an ability to communicate scientific understanding and findings to a range of audiences
  • an ability to solve problems and make informed, evidence-based decisions about current and future applications of Science
  • an understanding of historical and cultural contributions to Science as well as contemporary Science issues and activities and an understanding of the diversity of careers related to Science
  • a solid foundation of knowledge of the biological, chemical, physical, Earth and space Sciences

Content structure

Glen Huntly Primary School’s Science program aligns itself directly with the Victorian Curriculum Science curriculum. It has two interrelated strands: Science Understanding (including Science as a Human Endeavour) and Science Inquiry Skills.

Science Understanding

Science understanding is evident when a person selects and integrates appropriate science knowledge to explain and predict phenomena, and applies that knowledge to new situations.

Science as a Human Endeavour

Through Science, humans seek to improve their understanding and explanations of the natural world. Science involves the construction of explanations based on evidence and scientific knowledge can be changed as new evidence becomes available.

Science Inquiry Skills

Science inquiry involves identifying and posing questions; planning, conducting and reflecting on investigations; processing, analysing and interpreting evidence; and communicating findings. modelling and simulations. The choice of the approach taken will depend on the context and subject of the investigation.

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