NAPLAN 2021 National Assessment Program

If you are the parent of a student in Years 3 or 5, you will receive an individual report in August on your child’s results for the tests they sat in May. These tests in key areas of literacy and numeracy provide parents and educators with a snapshot of how students are progressing- individually, as part of our school community and nationally. The national standards are those that have been agreed upon by all state and territory governments.

At GHPS we will be using the results to celebrate success, inform our planning and address areas requiring improvement by incorporating future goals into student’s Individual Learning Improvement Plans and across the school.

Your child’s teacher or the school principal should be your first point of contact for any concerns you might have about your child’s results. Further information and analysis about whole school achievement will be reported to the community at School Council and in the coming newsletters.

In brief:

  • NAPLAN results are out and the school again outperformed against overall state results. Whilst this already reflects strongly on the school, the aim remains for all staff to continually improve student outcomes in Numeracy and Literacy.

Assessment and Reporting – 2021 NAPLAN results

Parents/carers of students in Years 3 and 5 were sent home their child’s 2021 NAPLAN results in August.  This is in the form of an envelope containing two documents. The A3 size double sided document shows your child’s results in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy, measured against national benchmarks.

The other double sided A4 document explains how your child’s achievements can be interpreted and provides background information to the NAPLAN process and assessments, to further assist you with understanding the whole program.

What is important to note is the following information: “NAPLAN results enable parents/carers to see how students are progressing, not just within their class, but also against national standards that have been agreed upon by all state and territory governments.”

Other aspects covered by the information sent home refer to:

  • How do I read the results?
  • How do I read the achievement scale?
  • How does NAPLAN help my child and my school?
  • What impact will the results have on my child’s future?
  • Where can I go for more information?
  • Who else will see the results?
  • What if the results are not what I expected?

On the fourth side of the A3 Student Report, there is also an information table which details a summary of the skills assessed by the NAPLAN testing program.