Japanese at GHPS

The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Japanese program at Glen Huntly Primary School follows the Victorian Curriculum, which aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:
–  communicate in the language they are learning
–  understand the relationship between language, culture and learning
–  develop Intercultural capabilities
–  understand themselves as communicators.
The Japanese program is structured around the two strands of Communicating and Understanding. Within these two strands, students will socialise and interact to exchange ideas and express themselves.
Students will translate moving between languages to recognise different interpretations.
Students will understand that language is a system with particular conventions and reflect on language’s role in shaping communication and its role in cultural identity.

Students will also learn conversational Japanese.
Cultural and Artistic Studies will be experienced through learning about the different cities of Japan, tea ceremonies,

calligraphy, Japanese music, taiko drumming, origami, Japanese cuisine and Japanese customs and rituals, where there is an emphasis on the four philosophical pillars of:


Respect – Kei

Purity – Sei   

Tranquility – Jaku