Writing is such a vital part of our Literacy program at GHPS. It includes many aspects from handwriting and letter formation to studying and writing various genres like recounts, narratives, reports, explanations and persuasive texts just to name a few.

Below are some writing examples from two of our Prep students.

We follow the ‘Seven Steps to Writing Success’ program. It is a program that engages and excites writers from the very young to the older students, not to mention the teachers!

The Seven Steps to Writing program breaks down writing into seven main skills:
1. Plan for Success
2. Sizzling Starts
3. Tightening Tension
4. Dynamic Dialogue
5. Show don’t tell
6. Ban the boring bits
7. Exciting Endings

These 7 steps are going to form the basis of our Writing program from Grades P-6
Our budding writers have already been inspired to begin their writing with a Sizzling Start. They have written recounts, narratives and even started their persuasive writing with a sizzling starts which hook the reader right in!