Music at GHPS

The Music program at Glen Huntly Primary School is performance based and performance driven. Students are offered opportunities to explore ways of experiencing and manipulating the elements of music and develop ideas, using a range of instruments and through learning to sing an extensive repertoire of songs, with and without instrument accompaniments. Students will learn, rehearse and constantly strive to improve their musical refinement of concert presentation items for events such as the bi-annual school Cabaret concert, held at the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University.

Students will be asked to respond, reflect, analyse, interpret and evaluate as listeners, composers and performers; discriminating, identifying and describing the qualities of sound and the features of music. Musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch, solfa, melody, harmony, timbre, mood, movement and music notation will be song based and learnt through and related back to a repertoire of songs which allow these features to be taught, explored and understood.

Through an audition process, students from Year 3 and above have the opportunity to be a member of the Senior Choir, comprising approximately fifty students who present performances at various times throughout the year, such as at school assemblies and the annual school Cabaret concert.

Students in Years 5 and 6 also are invited to become and maintain a positive position in one of the school’s two performing bands; the Second Chairs (Year 5) and the Party Hats (Year 6).

Students must apply in writing to be considered, followed by an interview process for shortlisted applicants, conducted by the school’s Music Captains.

Music Captains 2023 – Charvi and Owen