Volunteers & GPA (Glen Huntly Parents Association)

Come join the friendly and dynamic team that is the Glen Huntly Parent’s Association (GPA) – we are parents and friends of the Glen Huntly Primary School (GHPS) community.

Our goals are to fundraise for our school to improve the facilities and experiences for our children; organise fun, social events that bring our wonderful school community together; and to build strong links between our school and the wider community.

New members are always welcome!

In 2019 we will be trialling meetings alternating between the second Tuesday morning (9.00am) or Friday (after assembly) for approximately one hour. Even if you are not able to attend meetings we welcome everyone to join our mailing list and volunteer to help with any of the events/drives we coordinate.


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GPA Charter

Next GPA meeting: Friday 23rd Augst (9.30am after assembly, Wendy Wilson Hall, East Site)


GPA organizes the following events:

  • Family Fun Night (Friday 15 March 2019)
  • Cake raffles (every Friday) with delicious goods baked by student families, teachers or GHPS friends
  • Icy-poles with occasional popcorn alternative (Terms 1 – 4) and hot chocolates (Terms 2 & 3) available for all students to purchase (every Friday lunchtime)
  • Easter Raffles (Friday 5 April 2019)
  • Diwali Celebrations
  • Special lunch days
    • Harmony Day Sushi Lunch (Wednesday 27 March 2019)
    • Book Parade Special Lunch
    • Grand Final Pie Day (last day Term 3)
    • Diwali Samosa Lunch
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Raffle hampers
  • Cake stalls
  • Kids Disco
  • Mother’s Day Stall (Thursday 9th May) and Father’s Day (Friday 30th August) stalls
  • Biennial School Fete (Next Fete: Saturday 26th October 2019 2-8pm)
  • Trivia Nights / Social Fun Nights
    • BareFoot Bowling with DJ at McKinnon Bowls Club
    • Rocktober

Are you a super sausage sizzler?  Perhaps a great baker? Or are you able to volunteer some of your time?  You can sign up below to help out with any of any of our events.

GHPS Sign Up Page



GPA will be selling Berri Quelch Fruit Juice Sticks & Hot Chocolates every Friday lunchtime during Term 3 (for students in Prep to Grade 6) from 26 July to 20 September (noting icy-poles only on the last day of term Fri 20 September) . We do need 5 volunteers (in addition to our Lunchtime Snacks Coordinator Heidi Powell) to be able to serve up hot chocolates or we will only be able to provide the frozen fruit juice sticks!

Please sign up via GHPS Sign Up Page if you can help!

If you haven’t pre-purchased you don’t miss out—you can purchase your icy-pole on the day for $1 each!


GPA will be running a Cake Raffle each Friday of Term 3 from 19 July to 20 September.

One family signs up each week to showcase their baking skills with something sweet – such as a cake, a batch of cupcakes, biscuits or slice, etc.

Students can buy tickets for $1 each to be in with a chance to win the coveted prize.

And if it is your week to bake, your child or children get their chance to take to the stage at assembly to show off what’s on offer and invite students to buy a ticket.

There are still spots left for this term – please sign up here:  GHPS Sign Up Page


2019 TWILIGHT FETE (Saturday 26th October, 2-8pm)

Plans are underway for another amazing Twilight Fete with very well attended introductory meetings held on Tuesday 12th February. Some Coordinator roles have been assigned, but there are many roles still available. If you are interested in Coordinating a stall or Activities or Food & Drinks or please email ghpsfete@gmail.com 

Fete Coordinator: Fiona Davey

Communications Coordinator: Caitilin Hawkins

Publicity & Marketing Coordinator: Nicole Verginis

Entertainment/Events Coordinator: Shan Jayaweera

Sponsorship Coordinator: Martina Gevaux

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday 30th July 2019, 7.30-9pm, Wendy Wilson Hall


This website has been wonderful in rostering / preparing for GPA events and we will continue to use this for all upcoming events.

How it works:

1) Click on the GHPS Sign Up Page link, or copy it into your browser to see the roster. The link to the open rosters will also be provided on SkoolBag app.

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up by entering your name, email address and phone number.

It’s That Easy!


  • You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.
  • SignUp does not share your email address with anyone.
  • You will receive an email reminder to let you know what you have volunteered for
  • You can cancel out of shifts or choose other spots if your circumstances change (although please give us enough time to find a replacement).

If you need help, you can contact gpacommunicationsofficer@gmail.com

If you have any queries or suggestions please send the GPA a message: gpacommunicationsofficer@gmail.com


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