Library & Little Book Worms


The library program fosters a love of reading and books in our students. Our wonderful Library provides a calm, bright and happy space where students attend for a weekly session. During this time, they discover different text types, authors and topics and making connections between the text to themselves, other texts and the world.

The Glen Huntly Primary School Library program allows for students to foster a love of reading by discovering different text types and topics. Students in Prep to Grade 6 attend a weekly Library session to borrow books and listen to stories.


The students have the chance to read books by various authors and discuss and interpret these stories. They also get to investigate science, history and geography ideas and expand upon their comprehension of these topics using the books read in class.

By reading different types of books, from fiction to non-fiction texts, the students are able to develop their literacy skills by making connections from the text to themselves, other texts and the world.

Little Book Worms