Our Staff

Meet our team

We have great great pleasure in welcoming and introducing new staff members to GHPS for 2018:

Yasmin Makssi, Ivana Novakovic, Amy Spilkin & Fiona Davey.

Congratulations to Amy Tinetti who will be Assistant Principal.  She will support Eugenia Sassos to implement the Education Department’s new assessment platform- Insight Assessment.

Principal: Libby Alessi
Assistant Principal: Amy Tinetti
Business Manager: Julie Bruce
Office Admin: Laura James-Clark

East (Senior) site:

6A: Andrew Aitken

6P: Claire Piscioneri

5R: Jasmine Roth

5S: Callum Swanson

4J: John Jacobs

4O: Melinda Oldham

3F: Shannan Fox

3S: Eugenia Sassos

West (Junior) site:

2E: Emma Murnane

2K: Kamila Krauze

2M: Bill Manuel

1J: Jake Mackie

1M: Yasmin Makssi

Prep F: Olivia Fourniotis

Prep N: Ivana Novakovic

Prep R: Mikaela Ristos

Specialist Staff:

Art: Justine De Bruyn

Music P-6, Choir & Gardening: David Jenkins.

Dance and Performance: Laura James-Clark

Band: Andrew Aitken

Physical Education (PE): Marie Kasambalis

Cooking: Fiona Davey

Indonesian/Library: Mandy Zent

Tree House Reading: Juliet Brianton

EAL: Lexie Boomsma

Education Support: Tania Casonata, Jenny Grose, Laura James-Clark, Tanya Mathews, Lisa Oliver, Denise Rimanic, Juliet Brianton, Ruth Smyth Kinyua, Anu Velamakanni, Amy Spilkin & Mary Zweck.

Little Book Worms: Lisa Oliver and Tania Casonata

Uniform Shop: Lisa Oliver

Before & After School Care:

Maintenance: John Tinetti