Fete Newsletter 9

Fete Meetings:

Every Friday morning at 9.30am –  Wendy Wilson Hall after assembly.



If you want to get involved with our Fete, simply come along to our next meeting or contact ghpsfete@gmail.com

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For the 2019 Twilight Fete –  complete with rides, entertainment, stalls and Diwali celebrations.

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  • volunteering to fill our 2019 Twilight Fete Rostershelp us fill 200+ unfilled spots
  • sign up on our baking roster – our Cake Stall needs your baked goods!
  • lending us equipment to use on Fete day – including marquees, trestle tables, power cords, fairy lights, and more: https://signup.com/go/JJjRKgQ
  • buying and selling raffle tickets in our Major Raffle and Home & Garden Raffle – every ticket sold supports the school and may even snag you a fantastic prize
  • liking us on Facebook  – and invite your friends and families to LIKE us too!

You will find all of our 2019 Twilight Fete Rosters HERE or by copying this link into your browser: https://signup.com/go/vCgGcsz.

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Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to volunteer on our 2019 Twilight Fete rosters. You’re awesome! You will be entered into the draw to win 4 tickets to the Melbourne Museum (valid until 30 June 2020) – generously donated by the Davis Family.  Two runners-up will also win three icy-poles each that can be claimed any Friday lunchtime this term after icy-pole service commences this week.

Sign up on any of our 2019 Twilight Fete Rosters before 4.00PM Thursday 17 October and you will be entered in the draw to win these great prizes – drawn on Friday 18 October at assembly. 

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Don’t forget to support our fundraising by purchasing tickets in our Major Raffle and Home & Garden Raffle and by selling these to your friends, family and work colleagues.

All money raised from these tickets benefit the school – so please, dig deep.

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Help us make the most out of this storage by donating:

  • Books in respectable condition – No torn pages or covers
  • Clothes: Party / Fancy / Traditional wear / dress up costumes, Scarves / Ribbons etc (No pyjamas / socks/ undergarments or other intimate items please)
  • Curios / vintage / antique or decorative items in good condition
  • Toys in good condition
  • Small furniture like footstools etc
  • Jewellery in good condition
  • Glass/ Ceramic/ Porcelain/China / Metal ornaments, small utensils and crockery in good condition (No chips or cracks please!)
  • Unused Stationery and craft items

All donations must be in good and working order, with no missing pieces.

DROP-OFF your donations between these times or contact Sharbani on 0406 038 331 to arrange another time:

Monday 3.45-4.15pm

Tuesday 5.30-6.00pm

Wednesday 3.45- 4.15pm

Saturday 10.30-11.00am

PLEASE NOTE: The last scheduled drop of day is Wednesday 23rd October.

If you would like to help sponsor the Trash ‘n’ Treasure we are seeking contributions towards our storage costs.

 “Where is all the Trash ‘n’ Treasure?

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We understand:

  • people have busy lives – which is why we only ask that each family sign up for 2 hours
  • plans changes – which is why we use SignUp that allows you to cancel out of spots and sign up for another spot if you need to
  • some people are simply not able to volunteer on the day – but that’s OK… you can always sign up for spots on Sunday or help in other ways
  • technology can be confusing – which is why we are happy to sign you up. Simply speak to the office or send us an email. Please include your name, email address, mobile number and times you can volunteer and we will do the rest.

In bad news – we have had to kill the Toilet Roll Throw stall due to lack of volunteers. There are a few stalls looking particularly nervous right now…

In good news, we have reduced the vacant spots down to 209 spots… Thank you to those who heeded the call to arms.  But 209 unfilled spots just over one week out from the Fete makes me feel like this:

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – sign up on one of these rosters

Roster SignUp link No. unfilled spots
Balloon Artist stall https://signup.com/go/biFqCho 3
Bar – (RSA) certificate required https://signup.com/go/DYThFYk 2
BBQ and Soft Drinks https://signup.com/go/TBeOHcZ 9
Café https://signup.com/go/WGtYctN 2
Cake Stall https://signup.com/go/KzZPYJo 1
Chocolate Trailer https://signup.com/go/QkYOrkE 2
CLEAN UP CREW (Sunday) https://signup.com/go/SMQfJKL 15
Crazy Hair https://signup.com/go/ajqAFSx 6
Desserts Stall https://signup.com/go/hfJpcob 5
Diwali Sand Art (includes Diya Painting) https://signup.com/go/bZrcEFL 3
Face Painting https://signup.com/go/PJpxqbx 7
Fake Tattoos https://signup.com/go/AqSccME 4
Flavours of India https://signup.com/go/JaAUXHT 10
Free Kids Area https://signup.com/go/UQDSJXU 5
Handball competition https://signup.com/go/gWkCobv 5
Handmade Stall https://signup.com/go/LMbqaTJ 2
Henna Tattoos https://signup.com/go/QvetvZR 5
Indian Street Food Stall https://signup.com/go/pOokOMv 12
Japanese Food Stall https://signup.com/go/vwunKtV 11
Kids Mega Stall https://signup.com/go/PzTtAnK 7
Lucky Ducks https://signup.com/go/oQczOLL 5
MAINTENANCE CREW https://signup.com/go/whsRScg 7
Major Raffle https://signup.com/go/tEbpCSs 3
Mini-golf https://signup.com/go/syOWQif 2
PACK UP CREW https://signup.com/go/HpirZpc 15
Plants Stall https://signup.com/go/pLwxQzt 5
SET UP CREW https://signup.com/go/NjdmERe 5
Silent Auction https://signup.com/go/FAnMKeL 9
Slot Car Racing https://signup.com/go/uRLSDUn 6
Souvlaki Stall https://signup.com/go/iqzZpbt 5
Ticket Booth https://signup.com/go/WZyuzSe 3
Trash n Treasure https://signup.com/go/Fqgszzp 9

Don’t forget you can find all the 2019 Twilight Fete Rosters HERE or by copying this link into your browser: https://signup.com/go/vCgGcsz.

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How to use SignUp

If you click on the name of the roster, the embedded link will take you to the relevant SignUp page – simply sign in using your own email address, and enter your name and mobile number.



Don’t forget to buy your all day ride passes before Wednesday 23 October during our presale period (save $10 or more per wristband) to enjoy the following exciting rides at our 2019 Twilight Fete all day:
• Jumping Castle (Looney Tunes)
• Zorb Ball Track
• Chair-O-Plane
• iRush Obstacle Course (two racers)
• Minions Slide

(ends 4 pm Wed 23rd October)
Single Ride Tickets
Individual ticket available for purchase from ticket booth only.
Can be used on any of the 5 rides
All Day Ride Pass (Wristband)
Access all 5 rides all day
$ 25 $ 35
Family & Friends All Day Ride Pass (Wristband)
Each school family can purchase 5 or more wristbands in the one transaction at a reduced price for their own children from GHPS, and for family and friends not attending GHPS.
NOTE: There should only be one school family to each “Family & Friends” pass.Access all 5 rides all day
$20 per wristband


(Minimum 5 wristbands per transaction)


Important ticket and ride pass information:
• All wristbands (including presales) are to be collected from the ticket booth on Fete Day.
• Wristbands are not transferable and cannot be shared between children – children must wear the wristband at all times.
• Camel rides are not included in the wristband or single ride ticket. Camel rides tickets can be purchased separately for $8 through the camel ride operator on the day.


If you would like to find out how to sponsor the Fete by providing a donation towards Fete costs, please speak to the Office or contact us.

For the amounts below, you can help us cover our stall costs (including raw ingredients, supplies and prizes). This means that everything raised at a sponsored stall is pure profit:

  • $100 per stall – Free Kids Activities Area, Cake Stall
  • $150 per stall – Crazy Hair, Face painting, Henna
  • $200 per stall – Silent Auction, Ticket Booth
  • $300 per stall – Indian Street Food Stall, Chai and Samosa Stall, Café, Japanese Food Stall, Kids Mega Stall, Handmade, Trash ‘n’ Treasure (storage), Diwali Sand Art
  • $500 per stall – BBQ, Bar

Every donation – big or small – makes a huge difference and we are grateful for any support that our school community can offer. Listed below are the ways the school will recognise any support offered (including donations of goods and services).

How your support will be recognised All contributions – any value $$ Minor Sponsor $150+ (cash) Major Sponsor $500+ (cash)
On GHPS website See the source image See the source image See the source image
In our fortnightly GHPS Newsletters See the source image See the source image See the source image
In our GHPS Twilight Fete Newsletters See the source image See the source image See the source image
On a Certificate of Appreciation for display at your premises See the source image See the source image See the source image
In our acknowledgements of all donations on the GHPS Facebook Page See the source image See the source image See the source image
In an exclusive acknowledgement on the GHPS Facebook page See the source image
On “real estate” advertising boards for Twilight Fete  (on board before 16 August 2019) See the source image
On flyers distributed in the lead up to the event (on board before 16 August 2019) See the source image
On the post-event advertising board See the source image See the source image

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Family Thank you for…
Batyrkin family Donating Joy n Well yoga bags for the Silent Auction
Bloch family Sponsoring the Major Raffle and Home & Garden Raffle ticket printing
Davis family Donating Scienceworks and Melbourne Museum vouchers, water and soft drinks
Davey family Donating the Gold Class Experience prize for the Major Raffle
Ellis family Providing the Slot Car racing track and support
Gevaux family Donating to the 2019 Twilight Fete
Giannellis family Sponsoring the Desserts stall
Giouris family Donating the voucher for SONOS Wireless Speaker System prize for the Major Raffle
Gracey family Donating to the 2019 Twilight Fete
Maglis family Donating Idor Beauty vouchers for the Silent Auction
Matthews family Sponsoring the Lucky Jars stall
Powell family Sponsoring the Fake Tattoo stall
Reddycharla family Sponsoring the ‘Flavours of India’ stall
Sallay family Donating 4 x $50 Budapest Restaurant & Palinka Bar vouchers for the Silent Auction
Shields family Sponsoring the Plant Stall
Smith family Sponsoring the Café
Telios family Sponsoring the Slot Cars and Lucky Ducks and donating MGT
Verginis family Sponsoring the Souvlaki Stall, together with Novo Super
Zhu family Sponsoring the Lucky Jars stall

If we have overlooked you, please let us know.