Fete Newsletter #11



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We’re taking Carols Night next level this year with the rides we had to cancel on Fete day. So block out Tuesday 10 December from 4.00-8.00PM in your diaries for an evening of festive celebrations.

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  • Fiona Davey and the Twilight Fete Committee for bringing us an amazing 2019 Twilight Fete
  • everyone who volunteered (or volunteered some more), baked and lent us equipment for our 2019 Twilight Fete  – you’re awesome. For a complete list of our signed up volunteers, read on…
  • anyone else who pitched in to help or brought in additional equipment on the day but didn’t sign up – you’re awesome too (but unfortunately we won’t be able to let the world know who you are…)
  • everyone who came along and opened up their wallets and hearts to make the 2019 Twilight Fete such a success
  • all of the generous school families and local businesses who sponsored or made donations to our 2019 Twilight Fete

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The weather odds were stacked against us but how lucky were we? What a day!

Thank you to the fete committee for many months and hundreds of hours of work to put on such a great day. When we had to cancel the rides due to the high winds forecast throughout the day, it was anyone’s guess how things would go but all your planning and hard work paid off. Bravo!

To the stall coordinators, thank you for your efforts in making your stalls great …great enough to keep the masses fed and entertained despite the lack of rides.

GHPS proved what a flexible and resilient bunch we are and ensured a successful day on both sides of the serving counter, regardless of the challenges.

While we don’t yet have final figures, I have been told that our takings were substantially higher than those expected when the rides news hit.

Thank you to Julie Bruce, Amy Tinetti, Eugenia Sassos and Bill Manuel for their efforts counting all the money and to Libby Alessi for all her support of the Fete and Fete Committee.

Thank you to Melinda Oldham for guiding Grade 5O to planning, creating and operating the very popular “Tunnel of Terror” attraction; and to Claire Piscioneri and David Jenkins for overseeing the Grade 6 run Chocolate Trailer.

Thanks also to Kamila Krauze, Eugenia Sassos, Shannan Fox, Jasmine Roth, Ashleigh Casas, David Jenkins and Claire Piscioneri for dealing with the last minute disruption of using their rooms on fete day.

In the aftermath of the fete the good deeds have continued. Thanks Andy Ellis and Tristan Gilbert for coordinating the Sunday clean up team. Thanks also to Stephen Davey, Heidi Powell and Arthur Le for returning borrowed equipment. And a huge thank you to Hayley Clift and Diana Booth for sorting through all the remaining Trash ‘n’ Treasure stock and rehoming everything in the space of a day, A big job, done superbly.

My final thank you is for Julie Bruce, without your efficiency and ready answers for our hundreds (perhaps thousands) of questions, we could not put on a fete – successful or otherwise.

Fiona Davey, 2019 Fete Coordinator



The P&M team and the GHPS community did a fantastic job working hard throughout the year getting out the information about our 2019 Twilight Fete – well done to all involved! Despite the weather we had a wonderful turnout, with the community knowing the Fete was still going ahead rain, hail or shine!

We were able to improve on some key aspects of our Publicity & Marketing campaign this year, and although we didn’t always succeed in every avenue tried we have certainly learned a few things along the way … and we have great ideas for publicising our 2021 Fete!

Thank you to Woodards for sponsoring the real estate boards that we were able to have displayed in key locations around Glen Huntly / Ormond / Caulfield areas. Thanks to Bendigo Bank Ormond, the Dench Family, Glen Eira College, Grange Junction Café and McDonald’s Ormond for allowing us to display our boards at these great locations.

Thank you to Ross Donnan for his amazing artwork that is used from real estate boards to flyers to all the signage we had on display around the Fete!

Thank you to Arthur Le for coordinating the Face Book posts, Instagram, free website advertising and for his involvement in the 2019 Twilight Fete website upkeep!

Thank you to the Fete P&M team Amy Tinetti, Ross Donnan, Arthur Le, Sharbani Dhar and Richa Gupta for their great suggestions, hours of work and wonderful support through it all!

And a huge thank you to all the GHPS families who distributed flyers, liked our FB page and followed us on Instagram – your help in advertising and supporting our Fete so that we can showcase our wonderful school is priceless!

Best Wishes,

Nicole Verginis, 2019 Fete P&M Coordinator

Fiona Davey and Nicole Verginis – 2019 Twilight Fete Heavy Lifters

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Thank you for supporting our Major Raffle, our Home and Garden Raffle and our Cake and Mandala raffles this year – by buying tickets and selling them to your family and friends. With all prizes generously donated and printing costs covered, all money raised from ticket sales go straight to the School.

I would also like to thank Angela Natalier who baked and decorated the two amazing cakes up for grabs in our Cake Raffle, and Bria Price-Robertson who generously donated the gorgeous Mandala painting.

We congratulate the following lucky people who took away the fantastic prizes on offer this year:

2019 Twilight Fete – MAJOR RAFFLE

1st Prize: Voucher for SONOS Wireless Speaker System – Value $1,000 Your choice of SONOS wireless speaker system and accessories to the value of $1000. Generously donated by CTG Audio www.ctgaudio.com.au (the Giouris Family) – Tegan Greenwood

2nd Prize: Crown Metropol Accommodation Package – Value $550 One night’s accommodation in a Luxe Room at Crown Metropol, Melbourne. Package includes breakfast for two at Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar, valet parking for one vehicle and a bottle of sparkling wine. Generously donated by Crown Melbourne – Michelle Muhlnickel

3rd Prize: Australian Sports Camps Voucher – Value $295 A three-day place at an Australian Sports Camp of your choice, valued to $295. Available sports include AFL Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, and more. Generously donated by Australian Sports Camps – Paul Fitzpatrick

4th Prize: Gold Class Experience – Value $159 Two Gold Class admissions, choice of five menu items and two glasses of house wine. Generously donated by the Davey Family – Wendy Geraghty

5th Prize: WISH Gift Card – Value $150 Valid for use at Woolworths, Big W, BWS, Cellarmasters and Dan Murphy’s. Generously donated by Woolworths, Glen Huntly – Annessa Conquest

2019 Twilight Fete – HOME & GARDEN RAFFLE

1st Prize: Green Thumb Garden Design Package – Value $4,700 + GST Landscape design package for a standard residential project. Designs including hardscape, softscapes and lighting. Construction not included. Generously donated by Inge Jabara Landscapes, Caulfield South – Cheryl Sermon

2nd Prize: Hexagon Trellis Wall Art – Value $600 Ideal for building a quick and stylish vertical wall garden. Made in Melbourne from mild steel with a rust finish. Generously donated by Entanglements, Ormond – Lucas Foden

3rd Prize: Reece Plumbing Centres Voucher – Value $200 Generously donated by Reece Plumbing Centre, Caulfield – Audrey Afxentis

4th Prize: Bunnings Gift Card – Value $100 Generously donated by Bunnings, Moorabbin – Caitilin Hawkins

5th Prize: Marguerite Daisy ‘Molimba Red’ – Value $30 Generously donated by Botanical Creations, Glen Huntly – Arnaud Ong


Other Raffles

Mandala Raffle – Caitilin Hawkins

Fudge Raffle – Ross Donnan

Halloween Cake – Wendy, c/o Amy Tinetti

Happy Diwali Cake – Caitilin Hawkins

I am not allowed to buy any more raffle tickets in my name ever again.

Finally, a special shout out to my parents who volunteered all day with me at the Major Raffle Stall – on their wedding anniversary, no less. Here is a photo they had taken at the Photo Booth to remember this special day…

Caitilin Hawkins, Raffle coordinator


I would like to say thank you to all the bakers of the GHPS society. All the baked goods we received were of amazing quality and range. We had an amazing amount of donations and everything sold out by 7pm. I would like to thank all the volunteers who came to help us to sell our sweet creations. A special thank you to Angela Natalier and Hayley Kringas who looked after the cake stall for more than 5hrs and did an amazing job with all the packaging and sales. I had a great day! I hope all our buyers satisfied their sweet cravings and were happy with their purchase.

Martina Gevaux, cake stall coordinator  (she also did an amazing job inviting people to sponsor or donate to your Fete).


The weather played havoc with the entertainment for the fete.

We made the decision to move the stage inside for the Diwali celebrations. But once they were done we then made the decision to move the stage outside for the rest of the program. This saw us fall behind schedule and I made the difficult call to cancel the two kids bands (the Party Hats and Second Chairs). I am very sorry that we couldn’t get them on the stage with the time constraints but I hope both bands get a chance to perform at the carols.

Everything else went pretty smoothly from there. We had both Indian dance programs outside and they looked great and drew a large audience.

The two parent teacher bands both played and I think were enjoyed by everyone who heard them – although unfortunately both bands had to cut their set lists.

I would like to thank all those who danced and especially thank Rohini Kulkarni for helping me co-ordinate the program. Also I would like to thank all who choreographed the groups and put in hours of rehearsal.

Finally I’d like to thank the parent/teacher bands – The Leftovers (Andy, Tristan, Rohan, Ryan and Amanda) and Wild Cherry Road (Dave, Andrew, Doz, Laura, Olivia, Simi) – for the great music and fun times.

Shan Jayaweera, Entertainment coordinator


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for their countless hours of planning and work on the day and in the days after the Fete

Aarti Dave, Abbi Gilbert, Amanda Philpot, Andrew Aitken, Andy Ellis (Set Up & Pack Up), Ben Shields, Caitilin Hawkins (Communications), Cassandra David, Cathy Foden (Rides & Activities), Claire Piscioneri, Fiona Davey, Heidi Powell (Food & Drinks), Helen Matthews, Irene Giannellis, Jacqui Wright, Jill Powell, Jillian Williams, Justine de Bruyn, Kalaiselvi Karthikeyan, Lisa Pinter, Martina Gevaux (Sponsorship), Nicole Bishop, Nicole Verginis (Publicity & Marketing), Pavani Masimukku, Payal Mathur, Rashmi Abjani, Richa Gupta, Rohini Kulkarni, Ross Donnan, Shan Jayaweera (Entertainment), Sharbani Dhar, Shyamali Sinha, Srija Samuel, Stephen Davey, Tharana Surireddy, Tara Vos and Theo Verginis

Ross Donnan and Claire Piscioneri at the Watering Hole


by signing up, you made my job filling those rosters so much easier… by volunteering, you made it happen

Aarti Dave, Abbi Gilbert, Adam McKay, Akiyo Kiriyama, Alka Mahindru, Allison Pinto Correia, Ally Stuart, Amanda Philpot, Amandine Lucas-Lely, Andrew Aitken, Andrew Kringas, Andy Ellis, Angela Maglis, Angela Natalier, Anjali Jain, Anna Shalima, Annessa Conquest, Anu, Anupreet, Anuradha, Ariane Mazis, Arthur Le, Ash Smart, Ashleigh Casas, Aswati TR, Banupriya Sivakumar, Ben Samuel, Ben Shields, Bernadette Grinyer, Briana Price-Robertson, Caitilin Hawkins, Carl Downing, Cassandra David, Cathy Boustead, Cathy Foden, Cecile Dutrieux, Chris Giouris, Christine Viegas, Claire Piscioneri, Colin and Sarah Davis, Craig Matthews, Danielle Chau, David Jenkins, David Travers, Debanjan Dhar, Debbie Field, Deepshikha Joshi, Deepthi, Deepti Neelakandan, Devikumar, Diana Booth, Dianne Mentis, Divang, Dona Chatterjee, Ellessa, Emma Murnane, Eric Zhao, Fiona Davey, Fiona Scholes, Frances Cieslak, Gabriella Voges, Gadi Bloch, Gajalakshmi, Gaurab Mallik, Gopi, Guoopo Kmmaja Busatlija, Hayley Clift, Hayley Kringas, Heidi Powell, Helen Charles, Helen Matthews, Himaja Bathula, Hiten Bahri, Indu Kapoor, Irene Giannellis, Ivana Novakovic, J Kautilya, Jacqui Wright, Janaki Ananth (Janu), Jasmine Roth, Jaydipta Lahiri, Jaydipta Lahiri, Jennifer, Jill Powell, Jillian Williams, Josh, Joy & Ron Davis, Justine de Bruyn, Jyothsna Mvr, Kalaiselvi Karthikeyan, Kate Taylor, Kathryn Dench, Krishnapriya Hari, Kushagra Rastogi, Lance Voges, Leela, Lisa Pinter, Luke, Magda Afxentis, Makiko Noguchi, Mani, Manjunath, Margo White, Marie Kasambalis, Mariko Noda, Mark Cooksey, Martina Gevaux, Mary Ganavas, Mary Howard, Matt Taylor, Max Batyrkin, Meagan, Meenakshi, Melinda Oldham, Mikaela Ristos, Naomi Boushel, Natalia Gorkavtseva, Ncha Kakodia, Nicole Bishop, Nicole Schmidt, Nicole Verginis, Niharika, Noel Duffy, Nola Woo, Olivia, Owen Boushel, Pankaj Mishra, Pavani Masimukku, Payal Mathur, Pranjali Autane, Pratiksha & Kishor Oswal, Projit Mookerjee, Pushpalatha Manavalan, Rachele Jowett, Ramya Nangunoori, Rashmi Abjani, Ravi Kumar, Ravi Rajaram, Rebecca Salter, Richa Gupta, Riita Riitika, Ripalkumar Shah, Rohini Kulkarni, Ros McKay, Rose Agnew, Ross Donnan, Roxanne Conquest, Ruth Smyth-Kinyua, Ryan Howard, Sahithi N, Sakiko Isojima, Sally Parrish, Sandra Zovko, Santo Alessi, Sarah McGregor, Sasha Krstic, Saurabh Joshi, Shali Zhao, Shan Jayaweera, Shannan Fox, Sharath, Sharbani Dhar, Shishir Dongaonkar, Shivani Panwau, Shweta Mookerjee, Shyamali Sinha, Srija Samuel, Stephen Davey, Suneetha Behara, Tharana Surireddy , Svetlana, T Sree Hironmayi, Tara Vos, Tarvinder Singh, Theo Verginis, Trevor Linton, Troy Boustead, Usha, Vallabh, Vathsalya N, Venmani Raghavan, Verikaki Eleni, Yan Zhu, Yao Zhou (Henry), Yasmin Moran, Yuko Ema, Yulie Maria.

The Souvlaki Stall volunteers


for showing once again that we are a school of top bakers

Allison Pinto Correia, Ally Stuart, Angela Maglis, Angela Natalier, Anesti and Olympia Copey, Annessa Conquest, Briana Price-Robertson, Caitilin Hawkins, Cathy Foden, Colin and Sarah Davis, Debbie Field, Diana Booth, Emma Murnane, Guoopo Kmmaja Busatlija, Hayley Clift, Hayley Kringas, Helen Matthews, Janaki Ananth (Janu), Kate Taylor, Margo White, Mary Howard, Nola Woo, Owen Boushel, Rebecca Salter, Rose Agnew, Roxanne Conquest, Sarah McGregor and Srija Samuel.


Andy Ellis, Caitilin Hawkins, Colin and Sarah Davis, Diana Booth, Fiona Davey, Hayley Clift and Theo Verginis.

Caitilin Hawkins, Rosters and Communication

How awesome was Andy Ellis’ slot car set up?

One of our Trash n Treasure volunteers at work setting up the books



Unfortunately our rides were cancelled on Fete Day due to high winds. Thank you to everyone who took the bad news with such good grace.

In exciting news, our rides have been rescheduled to Tuesday 10 December (Carols Night) from 4-8pm. Wristbands pre-purchased for the 2019 Twilight Fete will entitle you to 4 hours of rides on Carols Night, and can be collected on Carols Night.

If you didn’t pre-purchase a wristband before the Fete, single ride tickets will be available for purchase on Fete Day for $5 each, and a 4-hour ride wristband can be purchased for $35.

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Thank you to:

  • Helen and Craig Matthews for coordinating the Lucky Jar Stall for their last school fete as school parents. Helen and Craig (and their family) have been heavily involved in every Fete – and this year was no exception
  • Christine Short for calling in a heap of the donations for our Silent Auction and for all of the baked contributions
  • Nola Woo and family, for organising our Popcorn and keeping the Cafe running when our supply of volunteers ran out 
  • the Reddycharla Family for your donation and sponsorship
  • Aarti Dave for coordinating the Sand Art and Diya painting
  • Jillian Williams for running the ticket booth for the last two Fetes  – it’s only a pity we couldn’t give her more than the camels to manage this year
  • the Sallay Family for your donation and sponsorship
  • the Shields Family for coordinating and working on the Plants stall for the last three fetes as well as providing a great deal of background support
  • Adam McKay and family for helping out for one last fete
  • Rose Agnew for baking for one last Fete – your cakes will always be welcome at any of our bake sales!
  • all our other families who pitched in for their last time this year (including those Grade 5 families who wont be leaving for another year)

We will miss your help next time around – but hope to see you at our next Fete relaxing and soaking up the GHPS vibe as a GHPS alumni…

And while it is not goodbye from me, this is our last Fete newsletter for 2019 and my last newsletter for the GPA. Stay tuned to see who steps up to take on the next GPA newsletter… I look forward to reading someone else’s material for a change.

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Family Thank you for…
Aitken family Sponsoring the Okonomiyaki stall
Batyrkin family Donating Joy n Well yoga bags for the Silent Auction
Bloch family Sponsoring the Major Raffle and Home & Garden Raffle ticket printing
Davis family Donating Scienceworks and Melbourne Museum vouchers, water and soft drinks
Davey family Donating the Gold Class Experience prize for the Major Raffle
Ellis family Providing the Slot Car racing track and support
Fitzpatrick family Donating to the 2019 Twilight Fete
Gevaux family Donating to the 2019 Twilight Fete
Giannellis family Sponsoring the Desserts stall
Giouris family Donating the voucher for SONOS Wireless Speaker System prize for the Major Raffle
Gracey family Donating to the 2019 Twilight Fete
Maglis family Donating Idor Beauty vouchers for the Silent Auction and donating fresh fruit and vegetables for the food stalls.
Matthews family Sponsoring the Lucky Jars stall
Philpot family Sponsoring the Smoothies Stall, together with JBA Physio
Powell family Sponsoring the Fake Tattoo stall
Reddycharla family Sponsoring the Flavours Of India stall
Sallay family Donating Budapest Restaurant & Palinka Bar vouchers for the Silent Auction
Shields family Sponsoring the Plants Stall
Smith family Sponsoring the Café
Telios family Sponsoring the Slot Cars and Lucky Ducks and donating a Mediterranean Greek Tavern voucher for the Silent Auction
Verginis family Sponsoring the Souvlaki Stall, together with Novo Super
Zhu family Sponsoring the Lucky Jars stall