Garden Club

Garden Club

The garden club meets every Wednesday at lunch time, where interested students work with Mrs Rosy Eppinger around the school to improve, care for, plant and nurture our gardens. An exciting focus has been the vegetable gardens, and from our produce we like to cook and taste our home grown vegetables.

Some projects our Garden Club have already enjoyed include:

  • planting vegetable gardens
  • planting trees and other plants
  • making cuttings
  • composting
  • weeding, mulching, sweeping
  • watering
  • recycling

By the end of the year every class will have made something savory and something sweet using our garden produce or bush tucker, as well as some lemonade. We even provide some of the salads to accompany our barbeque after the working bees.

What we cook varies depending on what’s available in our garden (and as new ideas come to light), however this is our main menu for this year….

  • Cauliflower and cheese soup
  • Mini spinach quiches
  • Coleslaw
  • Green salad
  • Lillypilly jam
  • Lemon and passion fruit cupcakes
  • Lemonade and Spätzle (as part of the German program)

Our Bush Tucker garden is nearing completion and we hope to make bush food a focus. The lillypilly jam was a huge success and has been a great introduction to bush cooking.

Our chicken coop is finished and we have lots of lovely fresh eggs for our cooking and the chickens enjoy all the vegetable peelings from our kitchen.