GPA Newsletter #4 – 28 March 2019

Events & Reminders

Term 1: Thursday 31 January – Friday 5 April

Friday 29 March: 2nd GPA Meeting (straight after assembly, Wendy Wilson Hall)

Tuesday 2 April: Fete Meeting (7.30pm, Fiona Davey home – contact to RSVP & to be provided with the address)

Wednesday 4 April: Easter Hat Parade (Grade Prep to Grade 2) and Easter Raffle

Term 2: Tuesday 23 April – Friday 28 June

Tuesday 30 April: Proposed GPA meeting (2.15pm, Wendy Wilson Hall)

Friday 3 May: Icy-pole & Hot Chocolate service commences

Thursday 9 May: Mother’s Day Stall (Scheduled class attendance throughout the day, Wendy Wilson Hall)


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Join the GPA today!

Please come along to the next meeting of the Glen Huntly Parent’s Association (GPA) on tomorrowFriday 29 March – directly after assembly in the Wendy Wilson Hall. The GPA is a small but dynamic team of parents and friends of the Glen Huntly Primary School Community which fund raises for our school to improve the facilities and experiences for our children. We also organise fun social events that bring our wonderful school community together and build strong links between our school and the wider community.

The GPA usually meet on the 2nd Friday of every month and everyone is welcome. Even if you are not able to attend meetings, we welcome everyone to join our mailing list and volunteer to help with any of the events/drives we co-ordinate.

If you wish to join the mailing list or have any suggestions please contact: 

The GPA welcomes all of the new families to our school and hope that you will become involved!

We need your help – please sign up – Friday Lunchtime Snacks & Cake Raffle!

Friday Lunchtime Snacks – Icy Poles & Hot Chocolates

The GPA sell Quelch frozen fruit juice sticks every Friday lunchtime out of the kitchen attached to Wendy Wilson Hall on the Senior (East) Site and the Art Room on the Junior (West) Site during Term 1 & Term 4; and we have also sold hot chocolates in addition to the Quelch frozen fruit juice sticks during Term 2 & Term 3.

Over the past year, we have struggled to fill our Friday snack rosters most weeks, and find ourselves leaning on the same generous volunteers every time. Unfortunately, we simply cannot make hot chocolates happen on two sides of the school without 5-6 volunteers.

During Term 2, we will be trialling a new system. We will offer Quelch frozen fruit sticks every week, but will ONLY offer hot chocolate service if we have a full roster (ie 5-6 volunteers serving) by Thursday 12 noon (the day before). Please sign up for Term 1 and Term 2 – WWCC required.

A notice for pre-ordering Term 2 icy-poles / hot chocolates will be distributed shortly – please return your form to the office with your money before Wednesday 1 May 2019 (week 2 of Term 2).

Weekly Cake Raffle

The Cake Raffle Roster for Term 1 has been filled! Our Term 2 – Cake Roster is now open. It would be fantastic to see some new bakers step up! Logo

EASTER RAFFLE (Wednesday 3 April)

The Grade Prep to Grade 2 students will be enjoying parading their wonderful works of art in the Easter Hat Parade on Wednesday 3 April 2019 in the Wendy Wilson Hall. The GPA will be hosting an Easter Raffle with numerous hampers up for grabs. Please support our fundraising by getting your donations in to fill these hampers by 9.00am Tuesday 2 April and by purchasing tickets in the raffle.

We will need 10 volunteers to help wrap Easter Raffle hampers on Tuesday 2 April 2019 (9am – 11am) in the Wendy Wilson Hall. Sign up here.

Support our fundraising

There are many ways families can support the GPA’s fundraising efforts and support the school by:

  • pre-ordering Quelch frozen fruit sticks for your child each term or purchasing them on Friday lunchtimes for $1 each
  • taking home a box of Cadbury Fundraising chocolates to sell – please see Julie in the office if you can help
  • purchasing tickets for $1 each in our weekly cake raffle held each Friday (subject to volunteers)
  • donating items for the Easter Raffle


The GPA would like to thank the many volunteers who so kindly contribute their time to fundraising for GHPS for the benefit of our children.

Thanks to Heidi Powell and Briana Price Robertson for baking for our cake raffle on 15 and 22 March, and to Hayley Kringas and Helen Matthews for baking us out to the end of term.

Thanks to Fiona Davey for arranging the 3 ‘Lil Monsters pizza truck and for selling water and soft drinks on the Family Fun Night. Thanks also to Justine de Bruyn for the delicious Jude’s Lemonade Icy-poles enjoyed on Family Fun Night.

Thanks to Caitlin Hawkins for coordinating the Harmony Day Sushi Lunch, to Heidi Powell for stapling all the orders to bags in the morning, and to the team of volunteers who packaged and served the sushi: Fiona Davey, Trudi Giouris, Caitilin Hawkins, Hayley Kringas, Heidi Powell, Margo White & Kalai Selvi Karthikeyan.

2019 Twilight Fete (Saturday 26 October 2-8pm) Meeting Report

Next Meeting : Tuesday 2 April, 7.30pm (Fiona Davey Home – please contact to RSVP and obtain address)

Planning for the Fete is underway! We are still looking for a Food & Drinks Coordinator as well as coordinators for individual stalls. If you are interested in being a coordinator, have suggestions for stalls or activities, are able to offer any special skills or would just like further information, please email or come along to the next meeting on Tuesday 2 April at 7.30pm (Fiona Davey’s home). Please contact if you plan to attend our meeting.



Working With Children Check (WWCC)

Under the GHPS Volunteer Policy, all volunteers during school hours will need to hold a WWCC (Volunteer Check). This means that you will need to hold a WWCC (or have submitted your application) to volunteer on the icypole stall, or to help with readers, in class rooms, and at many more events held throughout the year.

It is simple, quick and free to apply for a WWCC online and to finalise your application at participating Australia Post Outlets. To secure your WWCC, please follow this link and get cracking:

Next GPA Meeting: Fri 29 March

(Starts immediately after assembly, WW Hall, East Site)

Glen Huntly Parents’ Association Charter

The Glen Huntly Parents’ Association (GPA) consists of the parents and friends of the Glen Huntly Primary School (GHPS) community.


  • To raise funds for the purpose of providing amenities for the students, parents and staff of Glen Huntly Primary School.
  • To promote the attributes of Glen Huntly Primary School
  • To raise funds to improve the facilities and experiences for our children

To co-ordinate social activities and functions that bring the members of our wonderful school community together.



  • Raise funds for specific targeted items
    • Examples of prior purchased items: 3 x Air-Conditioning units (2018); Carpets & furniture for renovated West Site learning spaces (2017 & 2018); Interactive Whiteboards, Shade Sails, Super Chuter
    • Raise funds to be used by GHPS to provide and enhance varied specialist programs offered (including but not limited to Art, Cooking, LOTE-Japanese, Music)
  • Examples of Fundraising events:
    • Biennial fete (major fundraising event)
    • Weekly Cake Raffle
    • Weekly Friday Snacks (icy-poles / hot chocolate)
    • Sausage sizzles (school events, Bunnings)
    • Mother’s & Father’s Day stalls
  • 2018 Fundraising Achievements
    • Over $22,500 raised
  • 2019 Fundraising – Potential Targets:
    • Continuing to provide improved classroom and playground facilities and reading material that are actually not funded by the Department of Education (ie classroom furniture / readers / IT equipment)
    • Continuing to support the enhancement of specialist programs
    • Bike Shed for West Site
    • East Site Staffroom upgrade
    • Musical Instruments (eg electric guitar)
    • Sports Equipment
    • WWH deeper kitchen sink

Additional IT devices / printers

Social Events

  • Co-ordinating or supporting activities that encourage social engagement amongst our students outside of school hours
    • Family Fun Night, annual Kids’ Disco
  • Co-ordinating or supporting activities that encompass the cultural diversity of our school community and that build on the strong links between our school and the wider community
    • Harmony Day, Easter Raffle, Diwali Celebrations, Christmas Carols
  • Co-ordinating social events that enable social engagement of the parents and friends of GHPS community outside of school hours
  • Examples of prior events: Trivia Night, Ladies Night, Rocktober

Operating Guidelines

GPA will:

  • be a sub-committee of Glen Huntly Primary School council
  • be an open membership group taking its membership from the whole school community
  • have a member co-opted to school council.
  • elect office bearers from core membership, including a convenor, secretary and treasurer
  • conduct regular meetings (monthly)
  • Convener chairs the meetings
  • Minutes circulated to all members (Secretary)
  • Action items reviewed
  • Co-ordinators of various events allocated
  • Finances reported (Treasurer)

organise the Prep Parents morning tea on Day 1 of each new school year


The financial activity of the group will be as follows:

(i) Adopt the GHPS Cash Handling Policy and use the cash taking sheet provided by the Office

(ii) Table a budget for costs of all GPA planned events

(iii) Contribute to the financial budget set by School Council

(IV) Fundraising Events Planner

(V) Special Effort $2000 – reviewed annually and recommendations need to be endorsed by School Council