Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT)

The Information Technology Centre provides opportunities for all classes to expand their skills and develop communication tools for showcasing their work. The Prep children begin the year with a computer buddy to enable them to gain confidence when learning and navigating the technology.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards are currently in use across the school.

Interactive Whiteboards can be used to

  • Write over the top of programs to highlight and annotate points
  • View and naviagate the Internet from the Whiteboard. Surf and display websites which the entire room will be able to see.
  • Students/audience members can approach the whiteboard and add their contribution to the discussion by writing directly on the whiteboard.
  • Present ideas to large audiences.
  • Display movie files or DVD’s from the PC
  • Work on Word processing documents, spreadsheets, design projectors with peers.