Newsletter Issue 14 – 19th May, 2016

Principal’s Report

Education Week

This week, I enjoyed welcoming students and families to celebrate Education Week at GHPS including the technology focus: Create your future. In each class the students were able to show their family what they have been learning and also the learning tasks that linked with the mini STEM challenges. I hope all students felt proud of what they have achieved through their efforts and endeavours. Each class teacher and education support staff had done a wonderful job of preparing all the areas in the school in readiness for showcasing.

The wonderful art works created in Art by the students with Mrs Leonie Sonnberger were displayed in each classroom this year due to the OHSC being in the Hall. We hope everyone moved around the school to discover what the rest of the school is learning.

This morning the school was open for parents, grandparents and visitors wishing to view learning areas and classrooms. At the conclusion we invited Grandparents and parents to the wonderful morning tea in the Library put on by the GPA.

I encourage everyone to participate in the Walk to School Day tomorrow on Friday 20, stay for Whole School Assembly and then join us afterwards with a lap or two around Lord’s Park in the annual Walkathon. It will be great for improving everyone’s fitness and also raising some money for the student’s benefit at school. Feel free to sponsor by the lap or make a donation.

Garden Avenue- Parking Conditions

I have been advised by the Glen Eira Council that there has been a review of existing drop off/pick up area in Garden Avenue. The parking signs will be converted to conform to current standards. To ensure the appropriate signage is provided for drop off/pickup, Council will change over the following:

  • the existing No Stopping (8-9am, 3-4pm School Days, vehicles actually setting down or taking up children excepted) parking restrictions located on the southern side of Garden Avenue


  • No Parking (8-9.30am, 2.30-4pm School Days)

The new parking restrictions are also shown on the aerial photo which is displayed on the West Site near BOTH pedestrian gates.

In addition, the Council will install “Kiss and Go” information signs above the regulatory “No Parking” signs. This is designed to ensure parents clearly understand the “No Parking” restrictions, in accordance with Road Safety Road Rules 2009. An example is shown below, which states:

Newsletter 001 Newsletter 002

This will give parents time to watch their child enter the school grounds and head to the assembly area. Please see the orange lines for the new parking restrictions.

It is highly important that parent’s drop-off/pickup in the SAFEST way possible. Please remember to NOT do hook or U turns across the School crossing or areas outside the school as this is highly dangerous. Please NEVER park on or across the Crossing as this puts children and adults at risk.

Farmer’s Market

A huge thank you to the students and parents who were rostered on at the entry gates at last Saturday’s Farmer’s Market.  The takings were $842.10 which includes taking on the BBQ.

Awesome help from the following SUPERSTAR students:

William 1M, Dakota 3S, Harper Prep B, Fred 3T, Eric 1B, Freya 4/5P, Imogen 3S Xavier 3S, Hugo 2M, Ruby 4/5K Siddhant Prep B, Alleira 6J, Michael 2M and Asher 2.


Preps Special Celebration Friday May 20th

On Friday at 2.30pm the Prep students and staff will be dressing in their favourite onesie to mark the birthday of the special book character Marla from Marla’s Birthday Surprise.

I hope everyone enjoys this fun tribute to a favourite character! It’s so fabulous to hear our Preps are doing so well with their reading!

Congratulations to every Prep and the teachers: Ms Fourniotis, Ms Piscioneri and Ms de Bruyne. We look forward to a photo in next week’s newsletter.


Social Night

It’s arguably the best parent social night on the school calendar and it’s fast approaching!

On Saturday 4th June, we will have the much anticipated, best trivia night in all of the Glen Huntly local area in the WW Hall. Based on previous nights in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, we are set for another funny night!

There will sure to be lots of raw talent on display, fun songs and some out of this world dancing that seems to get better as the night goes on! I am really looking forward to joining with everyone and hope you have got or are getting your table of friends together!

Tickets are on sale in the office.


Up and coming events, dates & meetings:

Publicity & marketing Committee Meeting Tuesday 24th May 7pm

Pupil Free Curriculum Day- Friday 27th May

GPA Trivia Night Saturday 4th June


Libby Alessi    Principal

Newsletter 003

Our students have been enjoying the new play equipment purchased for our sandpits.

002Working Bee

Science Inquiry @ GHPS

In Term 1 GHPS Science Inquiry focused on Earth and Space Sciences. The P-2 students were dazzled by a stimulating incursion provided by Supreme Incursions. Silly Science saw students divided into smaller groups and sent on a rotation of exciting hands on science activities. Students were encouraged to create their own scientific hypothesis before the presenters explained the science behind the silly!


Year 3 – 6 culminated their unit of enquiry with a trip to Scienceworks to explore what the planetarium had to offer. Students were also given ample time to explore all the interactive displays that makes Scienceworks so fascinating.

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