Glen Huntly Primary’s music program helps build learning skills and well-rounded intelligence as well as developing lifelong interest in music and skills such as:

  • Learning tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments
  • Experiences in rhythm and beat, pitch, form, expression, style and harmony.

Every class has a weekly half-hour lesson for music. During this time classes participate actively in a sequential program which includes movement, singing, games and development of listening skills.

The aim in the first three years of school is to develop basic musicianship and the beginnings of an understanding of how music is notated.

The music room is situated in the Wendy Wilson Hall on the East Site adjacent to the basketball court.

The school’s music program also contributes to its highly popular Cabaret evening which showcases the school’s choir, band, and music program.

Instrument tuition

The school offers guitar and keyboard lessons by external teachers. Please contact the school office for more information on availability.

Helping your child

Parents can help children improve their musical abilities in many ways. The most obvious of these are to expose them to a wide variety of musical experiences, from pop to orchestral music. Creating and making music as well as listening to it is also a way to encourage musical knowledge to grow.

Year 3 – Year 6 Choir

Prep to Year 2 students experience Year level choir once a week.

Band and Choir (Year 5-6 students)

At Year Five and Six these experiences are developed into more creative work, whether it be using traditional percussion instruments or voice.

There are also opportunities to sing in the Senior Choir as well as be involved in the School Bands, The Party Hats or The Second Chairs.


The Cabaret is our annual whole of school music event.  This year’s event details can be seen here.