Newsletter #11 July 23 2020

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.

Principal’s Report

We are all feeling very encouraged and confident that everyone has felt very welcomed “back to school”, albeit through remote learning. The teachers have very much enjoyed re-connecting with their classes and parents would have enjoyed reading the comprehensive class letters about how your child and family can attend online to truly get the best out of their learning.

From checking in with all staff it is apparent that we have most students on track and setup for their learning and we look forward to having 100% of our students engaged and accounted for as soon as possible. If families require any assistance, or may have any issues with any area of remote learning please contact the class teacher or Ms Tinetti. We very much appreciate that if students can learn from home that they continue to do so but acknowledge the staff who have assisted on site where required. Although we are missing seeing every student, it is very comforting to know that everyone is doing their share to help in whichever way we can.

Thank you as well for the positive feedback regarding the Compass notifications with which Ms Tinetti and I will continue each Friday as a wrap-up for the week or when there are any DET updates.

2021 Prep Enrolments

Although we are unable to conduct face to face school tours, prospective families can admire the new GHPS virtual tour so as to get a real understanding of how proud we are of our school. They are also able to read and view what parents and students are saying about what it is like to be a being a member of the GHPS Community. All vision and text gives new families a fantastic insight into our wonderful school and this shines through in all the information. If you visit the landing page at you’ll see our new refreshed information which was fortunately created before the most recent lockdown. Scroll down and checkout all the links. It’s great!

With 2021 Enrolments open for any families who have a child who is eligible to start school next year, there is also an invitation for new families to book into a Webex meeting with Ms Tinetti and I at the following times:

  • Wednesday 29 July – 2.00pm
  • Monday 3 August – 5.00pm
  • Thursday 13 August – 10.00am
  • Monday 17 August – 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 26 August – 12.00pm
  • Wednesday 2 September – 10.00am
  • Monday 7 September – 11.30am

As there is a maximum of 6 parents per session, families need to book via Phone 9571 2933 or email

For our current families, please download the form on our website and contact the office for when it can be dropped in to us. Thank you to everyone who has helped launch our new and exciting information. We are very grateful.

Three Way Conversations with Parent Teacher and Students

Teachers are planning for how they will meet with parents this term to discuss the Student Semester 1 Report. With the change in the start date of this term due to remote learning, teachers will be hosting these meetings online. They will be contacting you via each class’ preferred mode of communication with the view to these commencing during the week of 10 August. Communications will be sent out directly to families from each class teacher. Please look out for these.

Last Term Free dress day

We hope all students enjoyed supporting this day at the end of term 2. Thank you to everyone who brought their gold coin donation which has gone towards purchasing the set of library books from The Freak Street series. Through your support we raised $378.60. Ms Lucas- Lely is very happy.


Members of the GPA Subcommittee will meet online tomorrow (Friday 24 July), and we look forward to “seeing” everyone again.

School Council July Meeting

Members of the Finance Subcommittee will meet online on Monday 27 July, followed by the School Council.

YarraMe Schools – Free Online ADHD and Austism Parent Help Desk

In response to schools in the Melbourne metropolitan and Mitchell Shire reverting to remote learning, Yarra Me School is re-establishing the Parent Help Desk for parents and carers to assist in supporting children with complex needs who are learning from home. The purpose of this service is to provide parents and carers with the opportunity to discuss your child’s behaviours, which may be impeding their ability to learn at home.

YarraMe’s Help Desk can assist with:

  • understanding a child’s behaviour
  • providing personalised one to one telephone consultation with a special education teacher
  • discussion of a pathway for the family to seek formal diagnosis of learning disabilities
  • discussion about behavioural support strategies
  • advice on setting up learning environments
  • providing targeted resources
  • referral to external services.

Free online short courses are also available on ADHD for Parents and Carers
This short course is aimed at parents and educators and looks at the definitions and characteristics of ADHD, casual and contributing factors, its impact in the classroom, assessment tasks and adjustments. Developed in collaboration with Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia.

Austism for Parents and Carers
This self-paced learning contains 9 modules providing information and strategies to better understand and assist children with autism.

Click here to register:

Stay safe everyone and remember to keep up the great hygiene habits and encourage adults in your family to keep practicing their social distancing and wearing masks when required.

Libby Alessi     Principal

A message from your Assistant Principal

I thought I would share with you all again some helpful websites that will support you with our return to Home Learning and I also have some new ones for you as well.

We have had a strong partnership with The Resilience Project for many years and they are have just announced that they will be launching GEM TV. Here is more information from the team at The Resilience Project:

What is GEM TV? It is a new learning program for home and the classroom: GEM TV! 
Hosted by Martin Heppell at 11am each week-day, GEM TV will live-stream wellbeing activities from The Resilience Project – focusing on Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness, Emotional Literacy and Connection.

Following conversations with parents and teachers about some of the recent challenges we have all experienced, we wanted to expand TRP@HOME and our wellbeing resources to further support our Partnership schools.

GEM TV will launch at 11am next Monday the 27th of July.

  • GEM TV will see Martin run daily engaging activities for students
  • GEM TV will commence at 11am every day and run for 20 minutes
  • Season 1 of GEM TV will run until the 19th of August
  • Tune in via TRP@HOME – we’ll send a link on Monday morning at 9am

Watch Martin here for a sneak peak and to learn more:

Student and Parent Wellbeing

During these times it is important that we try to maintain a healthy wellbeing, not only for the children but for ourselves as well. Here is a list of different resources and ideas you may what to use to help you support your child’s wellbeing and your own:

Student Wellbeing:

If you have concerns over your child’s mental health please do not hesitate to contact me on 9571 2933 and I can put you in touch with different agencies in our community. Here is some useful information on improving mental health:

  • Monitoring the child for 1 week. If no improvement, consider a GP mental health plan.
  • Organising a safe way to keep in touch with friends and family e.g., by phone, whatsapp.
  • Reaching out to your parent/friendship support network.
  • Kids helpline 1800 55 1800.

Parent Wellbeing:

Your health and wellbeing is just as important to look after as your child’s. All of our parents at GHPS are doing a fantastic job, with many of you juggling Remote Learning and working from home yourself. Some days are going to be harder than others, remember to be kind to yourselves! It does not matter if on some days not all learning tasks are completed, it is ok to put the laptop away and go outside for a walk.

Here are some resources and links which may help:

Remember I am here to help you as parents as well and I am just a phone call away if you need any assistance or if you just need to have a chat. Please call me on 9571 2933.

“The struggle you’re in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

Stay safe and stay at home.

Amy Tinetti          Assistance Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Praneedh 1A – Fantastic work on your amazing reading skills and reading over 100 books for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Well done and keep up the great work!

Madison 1R – for starting the new term and remote learning in a very organised and positive way! Keep it up Madison!

Mia 2S – Her excellent story plan about ‘The Picnic’.

Samson 2S – His impressive ability to calculate money amounts and giving change during our Money and Financial Matters unit.

Sanvi 3O – For getting 100% in her spelling test. Well done!

Diya 4R – For working diligently on all your learning tasks with enthusiasm and a smile. Keep up the awesome work!

Takuto 6J – For the optimism he consistently displays when learning. You are such a delight to have in our classroom!

Library News

Below are some sweet pictures about the book ‘All the Colours of the Earth’ by Sheila Hamanaka.

Saanvi 0R

Vidhaan 0S

Ameya 0S

Rhea 2C

Arnav 2L

Thank you to all the students who came and borrowed books from the GHPS library at the end of last week. It is great that everyone is reading and discovering new texts to read during home learning in Term 3. For students who have run out of books to read at home, I will be posting links with their Library lessons this week to online resources that students can use to find new books to read or listen to as eBooks.

As well as this, I would like to congratulate students who have been participating in the Premier Reading Challenge as GHPS have now read a total of 2,802 books and 36 students have completed it. Well done to the Grade 1 students for reading the most amount of books, with Praneedh A (1A) having read over 100 books! Fantastic work to all those who have been reading at home and keep up the amazing reading as there are only 58 days left of the PRC with it ending on September 19th.

Thank you and keep up the great reading everybody!

Miss Lucas-Lely

Sport News

Grade 1/2s are completing an Indigenous games unit, using household items.

Ben 2C

Javin 2C

Rashmi 2S

Preps are participating in a dance/movement unit.

Shenan PR

In Term 2 the following students received the P.E and Sport award for their active participation and engagement throughout online learning. Well done!


Prep N Elsie
Prep S Shenan
Prep R Vidhaan
1A Uchit
1E Ivy
1M Jonah
1R Radha
2C Rey
2S Mia
2L Arnav
3O Adishree
3F Micaela
3K Akshith
4C Amelia
4R Raghav
4J Stephanie
5O Alexander
5S Arthur
6P Evan
6J Alex V

Well done everyone.

Miss Kasambalis

ART News



Mon 13             Term 3 Commences for Staff

Mon 20            Students Commence Remote Learning


Tue 4                   Student Free Day