Newsletter #10 July 22, 2022


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow. 

It was great to see all the students arriving back at school this term so happy and enthusiastic.

Term 3 promises to be a busy and exciting term with the School Cabaret Concert, a range of incursions and excursions across the school, Science Week, Book Week dress up parade, House Athletics, a Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Expo, Footy Pie Day, and the 100 days of Prep Celebration.

Cabaret practice has begun with students learning their dance either Monday or Thursday.

The construction of the new gym and music centre is on track to be completed by the start of Term 4.

Recently, the teachers were taken for a walk through of the site by the builders and were excited and impressed with the layout of the new gym.

During the Term 3 holidays, new carpet was laid down in the library and the three prep classrooms. In addition, these areas have been painted and the whole area looks very inviting and fresh.

Some new wall mounted TVs and white boards are also being installed.

3 way parent teacher conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held next week from Tuesday, 26 July, between 3.45 pm and 7 pm. There will also be a number of other time or date options available.

The conference is designed to answer any questions you have regarding your child’s report or progress.

The conferences are 3 way so will involve your child who will proudly present some of their work.

Please follow the link on Compass to book a time with your child’s teacher.


Outside whole school assemblies are being held once again at school.

For this term, assemblies will be held on the Junior Campus every Friday at 2.45pm outside the library.

If it is forecast to rain assembly maybe cancelled or switched online.

Library and Book fair

The book fair raised over $1200 last term and with those funds we have purchased two hundred new books for the library.

There are over five hundred overdue books from the library, and we are asking if all families can please check to see if there are any schoolbooks at home.

Gourmet Kids Cooking Classes

Cooking classes for Term 3 start up again next week.

Susan, the Chef from Gourmet Kids, will be coming in each Tuesday and Wednesday for the next six weeks teaching the students the art of cooking and food preparation.

I believe soup is on the menu this term!

After school sports program

The school is running a free after school soccer program this term.

Grade 3 to Grade 6 – Tuesday 3.45pm to 4.45pm

Prep to Grade 2 – Wednesday 3.45pm to 4.45pm

Numbers are limited to 25 students per session, so groups will be made up of the first 25 responses received via Compass from each age group.

Students who have been successful in making the list will be notified.

Ga Ga Pit

Over the holiday break the new Ga Ga Pit was installed at the south end of the oval.

A Ga Ga Pit is an octagon enclosure with a sand floor where the students play a version of the game Poison Ball.

The new Ga Ga Pit has proved very popular, and we have a roster in place at recess and lunchtime to ensure that all year levels from Grade 2 to Grade 6 have access to the pit.

The Ga Ga Pit was an initiative by the Student Council and the 5/6 Students who helped pay for the cost of its construction through last term’s Lamination Drive.

The Parents Association Election Day BBQ and Cake Store was also a major contributor in helping to pay for the construction.


The school is following the Education and Health Department guidelines by encouraging staff and students to wear masks while indoors, ensuring air purifiers are on in classrooms, air ventilation is occurring, hand sanitizer is available, social distancing is occurring where possible and encouraging that Rapid Antigen Tests are taken when students display symptoms.

Rapid Antigen Tests will be distributed to all student’s and staff today.

Cameron White          Assistant Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Abhiram 0H – For independently creating an AB pattern using colours and for working in a positive and productive manner when creating patterns using body movements. Great Work, Abhiram!

Shivanya 0H – for always being polite and using her manners. Great work, Shivanya!

Lia 0S – for always being a kind and considerate class member. Your smile lights up the room. Keep up the great work!

Charlotte 0S – for making great improvements in your reading and writing! Keep up the great work!

Aarav 1D – For your focus and effort during numeracy this week. You were able to count popsicle sticks, share them into groups and write division number sentences to match. Well done!

Ruby 1D – For using counting strategies to solve worded problems in division. You are building your confidence in numeracy and should be very proud of your efforts!

Ayansh 1PB – For his focus and effort in all learning areas this week, particularly in Reading Groups. Keep up the great work!

Kenisha 1PB – For immaculate, perfect, accurate, attractive and precise Japanese writing work; with the days of the week, numbers from one to ten and the months of the year in Japanese kanji, Japanese English (Romanised Japanese) and in English.

Lola 2M – For settling in so well to our class and Glen Huntly Primary School! We have enjoyed having you join our class this term.

Emma 2M – For your positive attitude and trying your best all of the time. You are a superstar!

Winston 2S– His excellent knowledge and understanding about money and giving change. You are a champion!

Sienna 2S – For independently completing her work in Numeracy this week. A fantastic effort Sienna, you should be very proud of yourself!

Vanshika 3K – For continuously trying her best in all tasks, listening carefully to feedback and striving to challenge herself! Well Done!

Sully 3K – showing enthusiasm in mathematics number pattern lessons and referring to the classroom anchor chart. Well done!

Siena 3M – For taking her teacher assistant role very seriously and demonstrating the GHPS school values this week. Keep it up Siena!

Yamn 3M – being a fantastic classroom helper by keeping our room neat and tidy. Proud of you!

Ruby 4A – For your enthusiastic participation during our first STOMP session. Keep up that energy!

Vandita 4A – For making a fantastic start at GHPS this week. Your confidence and positive attitude is a wonderful addition to 4A. We look forward to getting to know you well this year!

Aarush 4S – For consistently using his manners and appreciation towards his teachers and fellow classmates. You’ve set a high standard, Aarush.

Ayush 4S – For making a terrific start to your GHPS journey. I look forward to seeing what you will achieve at our school!

Daniel 5/6F – For being a kind and thoughtful classmate and always displaying a positive attitude towards all his learning.

Max 5/6J – For general helping out and clear communication skills.

Amelia 5/6J – Outstanding teamwork and reasoning in math worded problem activities this week. Super job!

Abraham 5/6R – For being a supportive and caring friend this week to all! Thank you for setting an example for others and starting off the term on a positive note, well done!

Sameeksha 5/6R – For being helpful towards our new student this week and making her feel welcome. Well done!

Science News

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. ‘Glass: More than meets the eye’ is the school theme for National Science Week in 2022 to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Glass.  National Science Week offers teachers and students an opportunity to explore the properties of glass and how it is used in the world around us. This newsletter is reaching you through glass. It was written on computers with glass screens, and transported across the internet by glass optical fibres. Perhaps you are reading it through eyeglasses, or on a mobile phone with a glass touchscreen. And that’s just the start!

Students may explore the following concepts throughout the week:

Making glass – Glass can be heated to soften and shape it to create containers, beakers and flasks.

Bending light – Discover a wide range of hands-on activities using mirrors, lenses and the concepts of reflection and refraction. Glass allows people to see the world differently through telescopes, magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes and optical fibres.

Window to the world – Many technologies around us use glass, from phone screens to solar panels. Students can learn about the role of glass in everyday life and use design thinking to create their own innovative ideas.

Key concepts

  • Glass is an amorphous solid – all its particles (molecules, atoms and ions) are jumbled up at random
  • When glass is heated, it softens and starts to flow
  • Hot glass is like honey because its viscosity (thickness and stickiness) changes with temperature. It is thicker when cold and runnier when hot.
  • People have been making and using glass for thousands of years

Additional Resource – Watch how glass bottles and jars are made at Visy Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions –

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Melinda Oldham

Podcasting Station 2022

Our year 6 VHAP students have been trialling the use of the Podcaster Pro. During the school year there may be occasions and events where students and staff might record themselves participating in school podcasts.

We do this for many reasons including to showcase particular learning programs, document a student’s learning journey/camps/excursions/sporting events, communicate with our parents and school community in newsletters and on classroom pages.

The VHAP group have researched, prepared and trialled our first Podcast including updates on the building works, Sports, school news and interviews.

We look forward to seeing the skills of the students develop in producing and editing these short, informative presentations.

Please enjoy our trial Podcast located below (accessible with student account)

Term 3 Week 1 Podcast

Melinda Oldham

TheirCare News



Fri 22 – GPA Meeting


Tue 2 – 100 Days of Prep

Thu 11 – House Athletics

Mon 15 – Science Week

Wed 17 – Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Expo

Wed 31 – Fathers’ Day Stall


Thu 1 – School Cabaret

Fri 2 – Professional Planning – Student Free Day

Fri 16 – Footy and Pie Day

Fri 16 – End of Term 3 Early Dismissal 2.30pm



Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.