Newsletter #11 – 18 July 2019

Principal’s Report

Welcome back to everyone and I hope all families enjoyed the school holidays. We are looking forward to an exciting term 3.

We hope Mr John Jacobs enjoys his final week at GHPS. As families may recall reading in the newsletter last term, John will be taking up a position to teach at an International school in Thailand this term and his last day teaching at GHPS will be Friday 19 July.

Mr Jacobs has been teaching at GHPS since 2009 and has contributed a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to his various roles.  Apart from teaching Grades 4, 5 & 6 he has also been involved in Grade 5/6 Sport, Music, Leadership, The Consultative Committee, and mentoring new staff, just to name a few.  Together with Laura, he formed the student band “The Party Hats” and introduced Students to the job of hosting the Friday Assembly and Cabaret.

We wish him a great time in his new school and all the best for his family.

A special welcome to Mrs Ashleigh Casas who has commenced teaching Grade 4CJ with Mr Jacobs as of Thursday 18 July.

Parent/Teacher/Student Three- Way Conversations

On Monday 22nd July we will be holding our Parent, Teacher and Student discussions for Grades Prep, 1 and 2.

For Grades 3F, 3K, 4R, 5O, 5S, 6J and 6P, these will be held on Tuesday 23rd July. Where applicable, students can actively contribute and be involved directly in writing their future learning goals and further strengthen the partnership between the class teacher and your family.

A notice has been sent home this week, which parents need to return to their child’s class teacher.

Please be aware that each meeting will run no longer than 10 minutes.

School Council Parent Member Casual Vacancy

Congratulations and thank you to Kathryn Dench (Xavier 6P, Elke 2M) who will be joining the August meeting of the School Council following the callout last term to fill a parent category vacancy. We hope Kathryn enjoys her time on School Council and really appreciate her volunteering. Kathryn’s term of office will run until March 2021.

100 Days of Prep Learning on Friday, 2nd August

A very exciting milestone will soon be arriving for the students of Prep F, N, R & S. They will mark their 100 days of Prep Learning  with a celebration of all their achievements. Parents of prep students will be invited to the presentation of certificates and to bring and share afternoon tea in the Prep Rooms. Please find more details below and in next week’s Prep Newsletter which will come home with your child.

House Rewards 

Congratulations to the members of Hume House for earning the Term 2 reward by having the highest number of House points. All members of Hume House will be able to enjoy a free BBQ sausage provided by GPA and cooked by the marvellous John Tinetti on Wednesday 1 August. Great work everyone!

School Uniform

A reminder to please ensure your child is dressed in the GHPS correct uniform every day. The school really does pride itself on all students wearing the uniform correctly, and does not want this spoilt by some students continuing to wear non-school colours. Please contact the office if you need any further assistance.

2020 Prep Enrolments

We would like all families who have pre-schoolers starting school next year to please get their enrolment forms into the office as soon as possible as planning is already well underway for transition and the November and December dates which are on the school’s website. Thank you to the families who have done so already.

Dates & Meeting Reminders

The Finance Committee and School Council will be meeting next on Monday 5 August.


Libby Alessi

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Student of the Week award

Amritha 0F – for her excellent participation during our sharing activity in Monster Maths this week.

Lagsheen 0F – For being an excellent leader and classroom helper. Thank you for cleaning up our classroom.

Aadhya 0F – for her ability to work independently during our subtraction lesson this week.

Daniel 0N – For making an awesome effort to improve your handwriting and add more detail in your recount writing.

Param 0S – An outstanding Term 2 reflection writing piece. Your handwriting was magnificent.

Arini 1A – For doing a great job in our ‘Think Outside the Box Thursday’ activity. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with the class!

Arav 1A – For working independently and with focus to complete ‘The Rainbow Fish’ Book Review. Your colouring of The Rainbow Fish was outstanding!

Akshith 2C – Your fantastic expression when reading aloud. You have improved so much.

Jahnavi 2L – For always putting the most amazing detail into every piece of work.

Nehal 2M – a confident and informative presentation.

Abraham 2M – For an excellent and impressive published story called ‘The Savage Flood’

Julia 3S – Excellent application to all areas.

Hasini 4R – For your impressive result on your post assessment for Shape.

Josh 6J – Hosting assembly excellently on very short notice, and for independently and accurately calculating what a family spends on shopping for a year and for twenty years!

Outstanding Achievement in Reading, Writing, Measurement and Geometry, Number or Statistics.

0F – Max

0N – Allen, Daniel, Sully

0R – Harvey, Isla, Abigail, Henry, Ryan, Pragathi, Gordon

0S – Avyaan, Harrison

1A – Anvay, Samson, Ewan, Rhea, Abigail, Ruby

1E – Aashritha, Twisha, Emily, Max, Rishikesh, Bob

1M – Ishaan, James, Sahara, Sriram, Shanaya, Ben, Sudhir


We are very excited to announce that our Preps have successfully attended their first 100 days of school! As a tradition at GHPS, we dedicate a day to celebrate our student’s successes and accomplishments. Parents are also invited to come along and celebrate with us.

This year our 100 Days of Prep celebration will be held on Friday 2nd August at 2:30pm. Prep students are welcome to wear casual clothes and something with the number 100! This might be a t-shirt decorated with 100 buttons, stars or Magic words. Get creative!!

We ask parents to bring a plate of food to celebrate (no nuts). Please arrive 2:15pm. This gives us a chance to set up for our celebration.

We look forward to seeing you there J

Miss Ristos, Miss Novakovic, Miss Fourniotis & Miss Smart

Exciting updates

Glen Huntly Primary School students have read a total of 9,708 books and 152 students have completed the challenge so far.

The following students have read over 100 books: Asher (2C), Charitha (3S), Siddhant (3S), Siddharth (4J), Evan (5S), Daksha (5S), Asher (5O), Aidan (5O), Imogen (6P).

Congratulations to all and don’t forget to keep reading as the challenge ends on the 6th of September!

From Miss Lucas-Lely – librarian

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Notices distributed to parents

June 25                         All students                 Annual School Cabaret information

July 16                          Year 5 Students           Peer Mediation Workshop

July 16                          Prep Students              Living Eggs Inquiry

July 16                          All Students                  3 way interviews

July 16                          All Families                  Ice Blocks / Hot Choc orders

17 July                          Year 3 Students           Science Incursion




Mon 22              Prep – 2 Parent/Teacher/Student interviews

Tue 23               Year 3 – 6 Parent/Teacher/Student interviews