Newsletter #11 August 5, 2022


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow. 

Celebrating Preps 100 Days

Congratulations to all our Prep students, families, Ms Smart and Mrs Marini! We are very, very proud of you all!

A fun 100 Days of Prep celebration took place on Tuesday this week and it was delightful to visit the Prep rooms and see everyone dressed up to celebrate 100.

Although Mrs Marini was unable to be at school due to illness, it was still a special occasion led by Ms Smart for our Preps in marking their first 100 days of school.

Twilight Fete 2023

Spread the word! The school is planning to hold a Fete in 2023, which is very exciting for our students and school community.

It is fabulous to be able to optimistically plan for this event. It’s going to be masses of fun and we look forward to the contribution that each of us can make to ensure it is a success.

Keep your eye out for when we are scheduling the second fete meeting and many thanks to the volunteers who have put up their hand already to make this the best one ever.

We greatly appreciate Cathy (Lucas Yr 4) for volunteering to coordinate this event and hope we all get behind the committee and join up! Please email the office on if you would like any details.

Thank you in anticipation.

Prep Enrolments for 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are in August and that we are already preparing and planning for 2023 Prep transition.

Thank you to have to our current families who have already dropped in or emailed their child’s 2023 enrolment form.

As we are starting to plan for Transition which will take place next term, we ask that you enrol your child in the coming week.


During the last week of term 2, the panel conducted interviews for the teaching positions that will be needed to replace Ms Piscioneri and Ms Attwood.

We are delighted to announce that Mr Ryan Bowden has been appointed to Grade 1PB. Ryan is currently teaching Prep at Malvern Central School and will attend handover with Ms Piscioneri prior to commencing on Monday August 22.

Ms Becky Broxham has been appointed to teach Grade 4 A and will attend handover with Mrs Attwood this term.

There were interviews conducted for the role of the Acting Numeracy Learning Specialist position which will be available after Ms Piscioneri takes leave, and we are also delighted that Mrs Melinda Oldham has been selected. Mrs Oldham who currently teaches Science, extension, High Ability Program has much experience with curriculum and is a member of the Professional Learning Communities Leadership team (PLC LS).

Mr John Jacobs has returned to GHPS at the commencement of term 3 in Grade 5/6B and replaced Ms Becky Broxham who has continued to work as a Casual Replacement Teacher (CRT) during this term.

Continued focus on high student expectations

Staff have continued to speak to their students regarding the following areas:

· Students understanding the school values

· Being punctual to class in the morning, after recess and the end of lunchtime

· Showing respect, empathy and being inclusive to all members of the class

· Ensuring a high standard/neatest in their bookwork

· Commitment to completing homework

It is very pleasing to note that the tone of the school continues to reflect these expectations.


Aligned with high expectations above, we would like to add can all parents please send their child to school in ONLY the school uniform (unless it is a special dress day).

At School Council, the policy on school uniform was reviewed. Please see the link on the school’s website and please have all students wearing it correctly.

We ask that all parents check on uniform this week.

Progress with 2022 Annual Implementation Plan

Mid-Year Monitoring. The Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Leadership team has submitted the evaluation of progress and uploaded evidence for each of the three goals and key improvement strategies.

The meeting with Stuart Andrews -Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL) has been scheduled for week 6 and Stuart has submitted his commentary.

The following is short excerpt:

Overall, at mid-semester, it is particularly pleasing to note that you are well on track to progress towards achieving your goals and KIS, despite the challenges of illness and absence experienced over recent months.

Based on this, it is reasonable to expect that further evidence will be available to demonstrate success at the end of the annual cycle, by the end of this year.

I am also confident that you have allocated your resources to support targeted strategies that are likely to improve student outcomes.

I commend you and your staff for your efforts in progressing your school improvement agenda, despite the circumstances experienced by all schools and thank you for your continued management of the school level COVID pandemic response, in such a highly effective manner.


Mrs Melinda Oldham, is teaching Science to Prep to Grade 3 this semester. There is a report from her in this newsletter. What an inspiring Science program!

The school will also be celebrating Science Week 13-21 August with the students and will invite parents and families to an expo in term 4, which will be very exciting- more about this will be forthcoming.

Libby Alessi          Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Aryaveer 0H – for being a bucket filler and saying kind things to your classmates. Great work Aryaveer!

Myra 0S – for consistently trying your best in all tasks with a great big infectious smile on your face. You are a superstar.

Sophie 1D – For your amazing work while making your ‘Word Family Flower Garden’. You were able to hear and write down so many different rhyming words. Well done!

All of 1D – For listening carefully, asking interesting questions and demonstrating respect and care for our surroundings on our excursion to Rippon Lea Estate. I am so proud of all of you. Well done everyone!!

Kenisha 1P – for her excellent four line rhyming poems about animals. Well done!

Advaith 1P – for his focus, attention and hard work in all lessons in the classroom. I am very proud of the work you are doing!

Makayla 2M – For trying your very best during maths this week. You have shown that you can use multiple strategies to solve multiplication problems. Well done!

Seinosuke 3K – For settling back into the classroom easily after his travels, learning the entire Cabaret dance in one session and trying hard with structuring his recipe in writing. Well Done!

Max 3M – For continually challenging himself in our Numeracy lessons this week, Congratulations superstar!

Ruby 3M – for writing an awesome recount with lots of detail about her excursion to the Melbourne Museum this week! Keep it up!

Sahasra 4A – For being a fantastic helper and friend to our new student. Thank you for helping make people feel welcome in 4A!

Aarna, Vritti & Twisha 4S – For your tireless efforts selling donated toys for Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction fundraising at your stalls during the week. We are all very proud of you!

Hudson 5/6F – for his dedication and hardwork during numeracy this week. Keep up the great work!

Elka 5/6J– Fabulous contributions to class discussions and excellent teamwork demonstrated!
Shreya 5/6R – For her outstanding efforts in all areas of her learning over the past 2 weeks at GHPS, especially during Stomp classes! Excellent work!

Daiwik 5/6R – For successfully sticking to home routines and handing in homework on time. Excellent work here Daiwik, you should be very proud of yourself!

Prep News

Chesterfield Farm and 100 Days of Prep

This past fortnight the preps have been super busy! We have been on our first excursion for the year to Chesterfield farm and celebrated our 100 days of Prep.

We had so much fun at the farm learning about lots of different farm animals.

We got to see a show all about the process of milking cows, a show about the dogs on the farm and how they protect all the animals at night and lots lots more!

Our 100 days celebration was fantastic!

We all dressed up as 100 year old people and did lots of activities around the number 100.

It was a fabulous day and well done to all the prep students and families for getting so involved in the day and the costumes!

Year 1 News

Ripponlea Estate

As part of our Inquiry unit exploring Families, our Year 1 students attended the education program at Ripponlea Estate.

Students learned about how different families and people lived in the area 150 years ago through hands on activities and guided tours of the mansion.

It was a fantastic day full of fun and learning!

Year 3/4 News

Melbourne Museum

On the 2nd of August 2022, our class went on the best excursion ever! The Melbourne Museum.

First we got off our luxurious, huge bus after an hour-long journey. Then we saw the “Bugs Alive!” section.

There was a humongous panda snail that was the size of my hand! There was also a dome that someone could get into to see a colony of ants.

Next, we went up the escalator and to the Mini Model Museum. There was a huge glass case full of machines we used tremendous pressure to start. We started everything. 

Then we went to the Melbourne Story. We found a lot about a town called Little Lon. They lived like Victorians in England in the 19th century.

Finally we went to the dinosaur area. There were skeletons and other cool features.

After a long day we finally had lunch and returned to school on the same bus.

By Vidit, 3M

 My excursion was awesome! I saw dinosaur bones. There was a cinema too! There was a train and a world map.

It was humongous! And we saw a real windmill and a generator with buttons!

By Monil, 3M

Year 5/6 News

Disability Awareness

Last week on Thursday 28th of July, we had 3 members from Glen Eira Council come in and speak to us about their lives and disabilities. Their names were Mark, Tamara and Anat.

Mark had a stroke and needed to do rehabilitation activities. He has also been in a wheelchair. It has been 9 years since his stroke. He explained to us that how people treat people with disabilities and gave us tips on how to help them. We noticed that he could stand without his walking stick but finds it hard to walk.

Tamara had short term memory less and has had 5 brain surgeries to help. She still needs lots of reminders to complete her tasks during the day. We found how difficult it was for her when we played I went to the market game. She was born this way.

Anat, when she was younger, got into a bad car accident and since then it has been 20 years. She was in a coma for 3-4 months and she uses a special bicycle to now help her in the park. She has very low volume and she forgets what she has done in the mornings, like what she ate, and needs reminding.

We enjoyed listening to their experiences and understanding how difficult it is for them.

Science News 

   Prep to Year 3 Chemical Science


It has been wonderful to welcome our Prep to Year 3 students to the Science Room to explore all manner of chemical change.

Students have explored new vocabulary, reflecting on learning using our Predict, Observe, Explain (POE) model and collaborating with their peers to discover new and exciting discoveries.



Slime/Testing Variables


Mrs Oldham…..and Sammy the Scientist!

Podcast News

Week 3 Term 3 Podcast

CLICK HERE  to tune in and hear our latest news from around the grounds of GHPS!

TheirCare News

What a smooth start to the term.

Children have been excited to practice their Cabaret dances for the school concert, with many children showing amazing moves and growing their confidence with performing in front of their peers.

Highlights this fortnight have included a new fuseball set, making felt animals, decorating clay urns, and playing group games of soccer on the courts outside.

We have also been enjoying the new dolls house.

We are looking forward to our Mystery Flight Pupil Free day happening on Friday 2nd of September.

Can you guess where we are going?

Key dates this term!

Friday 2nd September: Pupil Free Day

Weekly Themes

25th July – 29th July : Mental Health Week

1st August – 5th August: Cooking Week

8th August – 12th August: Wildlife Week

Opening Hours:

BSC: 7am – 8.45am

ASC: 3.30pm – 6.30pm

E-mail us:   Call us:  +61 499 010 758

Service Coordinator: Liana Skrzypczak    2IC: Kate Fletcher



Thu 11 – House Athletics

Mon 15 – Science Week

Wed 17 – Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Expo

Wed 31 – Fathers’ Day Stall


Thu 1 – School Cabaret

Fri 2 – Professional Planning – Student Free Day

Fri 16 – Footy and Pie Day

Fri 16 – End of Term 3 Early Dismissal 2.30pm



Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.