Newsletter #12 25 August 2023


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.

Celebrate Reading 

It was an exciting event on Thursday 24 August to celebrate this year’s Book Week when students and staff dressed up and participated in the parade on the East Site.

Ms Becky Broxham coordinated this year’s highly acclaimed Book Week parade and activities.

There was loads of fun to be had and we greatly appreciate everyone who turned up as a character from a book they love. There were so many fabulous stories represented and this year, and Ms Broxham collaborated with classroom teachers to award “Best dressed”.

Well done to our MC’s Ms Broxham and Mr Bowden and to the 5/6 teams and students for setting up the Gymnasium and to everyone who helped to make it such a successful day, including the wonderful parents/carers who came to watch.


Retiring at the end of the year

I am very excited to announce that I will be happily retiring at the end of 2023.

With a semi milestone birthday this October, three gorgeous grandchildren to see more often, some travel plans, plus a sense of many personal career highlights; many at GHPS in particular, it’s a wonderful time to retire.

Thank you for the support of all GHPS Leadership team, Staff, the President School Council Supriya Arikarevelu and members of the Council. The Council is meeting with the Department of Education Senior Improvement Leader, Stuart Andrews to plan for the next Principal of our amazing school.

There will be more reflections and information to come in the future months, but for now, I’ll say that I have always loved my role as Principal in leading GHPS and look forward to sharing time with everyone until we finish on Wednesday 20 December 2023.

Term 2 House Winner Pike 

Congratulations to House Captain, Bridget (5/6K) and all members of Pike House on being the winner of the Term 2 House Points Competition.

The HOUSE BBQ for winner’s Pike House took place this week. It is greatly appreciated that GPA has purchased the food and Mr John Jacobs, Mr Cameron White, Lily (5/6J) cooked, and served the students.

I enjoyed seeing the excited faces when they lined up and Bridget did a great job marking everyone off 🙂

Ms Jasmine Roth

As families in Grade 3RK will be aware, Ms Roth will be commencing maternity leave in week 3 of term 4.

The panel is delighted to appoint Ms Sarah Price to teach Grade 3RK as of Week 1 in Term 4, which will enable Ms Roth and Ms Price to have handover.

Ms Price will be attending Planning Week with Grade 3 in Week 9 of term 3. We look forward to her enjoying the day getting to know the students and welcoming Ms Price to the GHPS community.

Official Launch Monday 14 August

As families will be aware from the #11 August Newsletter, we welcomed special guests to officially open the recently finished Capital Works Project.

We are very proud of how our Year 6 student leaders spoke at the assembly. They represented our community and provided reflections on what our life at GHPS has been like since having the upgrade and the huge difference it has made to be learning and playing in improved and beautiful spaces.

Thank you to Ms Mikaela Ristos and the 5/6 team for preparing the students to speak and to the families who were able to attend on such short notice.

Character Strengths in Prep

We take great pride in teaching our students about Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR).

For the RRRR lessons in Prep over the last few weeks, they have been looking at character strengths and qualities that characters have in stories. Their Inquiry focus this term has been Fairy Tales and while learning about Little Red Riding Hood, the students have completed an activity where they drew a character and labelled it with their qualities/characteristics.

They have been using the sentence starter ‘I am…’ and writing down their character strengths. Examples are I am brave, kind, strong etc. The students wrote these traits onto leaf templates, and we will be making a tree behind their Zones Of Regulation and next to their affirmation mirror. 

Thank you to Mr Ryan Bowden and Ms Carly Draper for sharing the work of your classes 🙂

Father’s Day Stall

The Father’s Day stall will be taking place on Friday 1 September and GPA is eagerly seeking parents to volunteer to help on either or both, Thursday 31 August 1.30-3.30pm to set up Room 1 and/or being on the Stall on Friday 1 Sep from 9am. It’s always a highlight to see all our students visit the stall.

Please see the sign up here

We would also like to invite you to donate homemade baked goods and snacks and deliver donations to the office before 9am Friday 1 September. Labels are available at the office! Please no fresh cream or custard.

Music Soiree Concert 

It is with much excitement that we wish to inform you that we will be presenting this year’s whole school concert in our wonderful new stadium and gym space, on Thursday 14th September, from 4:45pm (for 5.00pm start) to 7pm.

The presentations will be in two segments with two audience sittings and a brief intermission in between.

Thank you to Mr David Jenkins, Performing Arts Coordinator who has provided all the details of this event in Compass today.

School Strategic Planning and NAPLAN

We are proud of all our achievements. Thank you to Mr David Jenkins for providing the update to our table: NAPLAN for 2023

SSP Targets AIP Targets 2022 Results % in top two bands 2023 Results % at Exceeding/Strong AIP Met/Not Met

2023 similar schools/network schools

SSP 2024 Met/Not Met
By 2024 the percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 3 Writing will increase from 69 % (2019) to 75% The percentage of Year 3 students in the top two bands NAPLAN writing will increase from 63% in 2021 to 69% in 2022 90% 100% Exceeded and well above similar schools- 70%, 91% network – 71%, 92%          and state- 51% Exceeded
By 2024 the percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 5 Writing will increase from 21 % (2019) to 32% The percentage of Year 5 students in the top two bands NAPLAN writing have increased from 55% 2021 to 63% 2022.

NB No separate target due to high levels attained in 2021 but always aiming to improve

63% 93% Exceeded and well above similar schools- 44%, 90% network – 47%, 90% and state- 29% Exceeded
By 2024 the percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 3 NAPLAN Numeracy will increase from 58% (2019) to 65% The percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 3 NAPLAN Numeracy will increase from 50% (2021) to 58% 68% 89% Exceeded and above similar schools- 59%, 86% network – 57%, 85% and state- 39% Exceeded
By 2024 the percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 5 NAPLAN Numeracy will increase from 46% (2019) to 53% The percentage of students in the Top two bands Year 5 NAPLAN Numeracy will increase from 53% (2021) to 54% 58% 93% Met and above similar schools- 48%, 88% network -46%, 86% and state- 27% Exceeded
By 2024 the percentage of Year 3 students in the top two bands NAPLAN reading will increase from 67% (2019) to 73% The percentage of Year 3 students in the top two bands NAPLAN reading will increase from 57% (2021) to 66% 77% 84% Exceeded and same as similar schools- 77%, 86% network -76%, 83% and state- 58% Exceeded
By 2024 the percentage of Year 5 students in the top two bands NAPLAN reading will increase from 56% (2019) to 60% Not included in 2022 AIP but achieved 74% 90% Exceeded and above similar schools- 63%, 90% network -63%, 89% and state- 44% Exceeded

 School Council

The next meeting for the Building Fund, Finance and School Council has been scheduled for Monday 5 September (previously 28 August).

Libby Alessi         Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Ryan FB – For the courage and integrity you showed this week to present your Show and Tell. You were amazing at having a go and sharing your news about Hamburgers. Keep it up Show-Stopping Speaker!

Kate FB – For the awesome effort you put into sentence writing this week. You shared some great word choices with the class and always contribute great ideas to finish sentence stems. Keep it up you sentence superstar!

Enzo FB – For your amazing effort in mastering common nouns this week. You were able to sort pictures and find nouns in simple sentences. Way to go Enzo!

Mahanvith FD – For presenting your Show and Tell this week with a confident voice and a huge smile on your face. You began by saying “Hi Friends” and then shared lots of information about your favourite food. Well done superstar!

Sai FD – For bringing in amazing fact books to share with our class and with Mrs Oldham for Science Week. It is wonderful to see how inquisitive and enthusiastic you are about science. Superstar effort!

Diya FD – For being the definition of resilience. You have returned to school with such positive energy, a desire to learn and have approached every task with a ‘can do’ attitude. Amazing work!

Avyaan FD – For working cooperatively with others during our digital technology lesson this week. You communicated very well with your group and always took it in turns to code your bee bot correctly. Thanks for being a great teammate!

Riya 1B – For showing our values of pride and creativity throughout our division unit. You have shared your passion and knowledge for Numeracy and have creative strategies for sharing!

Ruthwik 1B – for writing a reactive story about a storm that broke a bridge! You used lots of FANBOYS and exclamation marks! Well done, keep it up!

Yadvi 1F – For her exceptional work in Maths this week. You are a Multiplication Superstar!

Dominik 1F – For demonstrating fantastic work ethic throughout our division lessons in Numeracy. It is awesome to see your resilience and persistence when solving worded problems. Keep up the great work!

Rishan 1F – For being a superstar speller this week. You have worked hard and practised your sounds and today we are celebrating 100% correct. Fantastic work, keep it up!

Sophie 2M – For always bringing a big, beautiful smile to our classroom, sharing with others, showing kindness and being an overall super star!

Armaan 2M – For your fantastic imitation of a letter that Arfy wrote in our Mentor Text ‘Can I Be Your Dog?’ You were able to change the adjectives and nouns to make your own letter where you were pretending to be a mouse wanting to live in a delicatessen. It was awesome!

Valika 2M – For your wonderful persuasive piece where you were trying to convince me that school break times should be longer. You followed the correct structure and had 3 strong arguments. Well done!

Adam in 2S – For achieving some challenging goals in Maths last week and for helping his classmates during our activities. Well done Adam for showing initiative and kindness!

Ernest and Jaina in 2S – for demonstrating positive collaboration when working as a team in our volume lesson. You both showed how you can share your ideas to achieve challenges. Well done!

Aarohi 3C – For your exceptional organisation skills during learning tasks. You are one of the first to have your workbook ready with a margin and heading, and always keep your belongings cared for. Especially your tub! Great work.

Lewis 3C – For your determination to solve real world problems when exploring the relationship between division and multiplication. Your cafe ‘Dream Desserts’ successfully served 8 tables with 5 customers at each table. You also found the inverse relationship. Fabulous work!

Elsie 3C – For your outstanding poem about your connection to Country. You used phenomenally descriptive language to develop your writer’s voice and included strong emotion. Absolutely outstanding work, Elsie!

Nimsa 3C – For persevering during our Magic Potion lesson and displaying a positive attitude towards your learning. You successfully used Millilitres to build up to a 1litre and used interesting ingredients. Keep up the fantastic work!

Teju 3RK – For contributing to lots of class discussions this week. Thank you for sharing your insights with the class. Keep it up!

Haru 3RK – For showing a solid understanding of how multiplication and division are related during Numeracy this week. Proud of your work!

Rushitha 3RK -For always putting in her best effort, no matter what the task! Thank you for being an awesome student in 3RK!

Egshiglen 4A – for always following our classroom rules and school values. You are a pleasure to have in the classroom.

Sully 4A – For your amazing contributions to our Guided Reading session this week. Your expressions whilst reading aloud were fantastic!

Mathushalini 4SJ – For sensational learning and rapid research against the clock, during our Inquiry Indigenous Studies rotation sessions. You completed the tasks at Formula 1 Grand Prix speed, with sharp and efficient focus; producing high quality, deep, extensive and thoughtful work. Well done!! You are an absolute STAR!!

James 4SJ – For a courageously presented slideshow package and detailed script, persuading your audience to travel to or perhaps live in Timor-Leste. Your presentation to the class contains very interesting and well researched information.

Alva 4SJ – Improved and now neat and attractive handwriting. Your concentration, focus and work completion skills have also all improved. Keep up the excellent progress.

Asher 5/6J – for continuing to model exemplary behaviour and a positive attitude to learning. Whether it be in mathematics, literacy, inquiry, or other, you are always setting the example for your classmates. Thank you for this! Super work

Srivaishnav 5/6J – For your attention to detail when filling in your 5/6J World Cup Group A Table this week. It is impressive to see you fully engaged in our mathematics soccer simulation. Go Matildas! And Go Vaishnav!

Caleb 5/6J – For your creative, crafty, and clever comic strip characters you have developed. You have taken on board the elements of distinguishing features and unique personalities that make a cartoon character consistent. Congratulations, Caleb!

Ewan 5/6J – For demonstrating exceptional dedication to your maths this week. Your efforts in this week’s My Numeracy, Booklet, and Mathletics tasks no doubt helped you attain great results in your Chance post-test. Hard work pays off! Congratulations, Ewan.

Tengyi 5/6K – For fantastic contributions to mathematical discussions, strong knowledge of transformation and location, kindness to team members and pride in your organisation! Well Done!

Aliyah 5/6K – For consistently showing your community spirit, caring nature towards all classmates and incredible adaptability in the classroom. You always try your hardest and engage in all tasks. Thank you for being a wonderful Grade 6 role model.

Max 5/6R – for his exceptional knowledge of mapping and using a compass correctly! Thank you for sharing your insight in a kind way.

Bindu 5/6R – her incredible efforts throughout the year. Well done on continuing to work on your confidence and displaying a positive attitude towards your learning. We will miss you dearly Bindu!

Riddhi 5/6R – For her positive attitude displayed during all learning tasks. This week you demonstrated tolerance, respect, and resilience, you are a star! Well done!

Owen 5/6R – for his exceptional reffing skills displayed in our World Cup Soccer Simulation grand finals. It was a delight to watch you and Shogo in action, excellent work!

Shogo 5/6R – for his exceptional reffing skills displayed in our World Cup Soccer Simulation grand finals. It was a delight to watch you and Owen in action, excellent work!

Numeracy News

Year 4 News

Last week the year 4’s did some investigations with volume and capacity.

We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather for our lesson as we used water to measure and compare different containers.

TheirCare News

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