Newsletter #12 August 6 2020

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.

Principal’s Report

It’s been a big week in our lives! With the Victorian Government announcing new restrictions to help us reduce the movement of students and families across the state, we have been very busy preparing for the first day of the new arrangements for GHPS students, staff and families, which started yesterday.

We trust that your children are remaining engaged with the daily tasks being posted by class and specialist teachers. Despite some internet issues and a couple of compass snags we have been encouraged to receive very positive communication about how everything is going.

Discussing Semester 1 Student Report

During this week, you will have the opportunity to book in a time online to discuss your child’s Semester 1 Student Report. Contact will be made via each classes preferred mode of communication with the view to these commencing during the week of 10 August.

Thank you to Mr David Jenkins who is assisting staff with this new way of meeting and for his information which follows about the purpose and objectives of this discussion which is to:

  1. Discuss any concerns regarding or to elaborate upon your child’s June report, where requested.
  2. To discuss and highlight your child’s recent progress this term and since their June report.
  3. In partnership, establish and clearly articulate some future Individual Learning Improvement goals for this term and for the remainder of this year.

The video conference discussions will last ten to fifteen minutes. Where applicable, could you please communicate with your child, the most preferred option times and dates for your ten to fifteen minute three way discussion time. We will aim to assign your first preference time where possible. It is also very important that your child be present for the video conference, as these discussions concern them significantly; they need to be a valuable and necessary participant in the conversation and they will hear directly what is being discussed and considered.

Local Schools Community Fund

Earlier last year we were advised about the launch of the Local Schools Community Fund and encouraged to apply. The Local School Community Fund supported the Australian Government’s commitment to education by providing a contribution to our school for a small scale project.

We are delighted to announce that our application was successful, and funding has been used to build a fabulous sand-pit for our students to enjoy on the West Site. We look forward to having a pic with the students playing in it very soon and this project has been a very welcomed addition to the playground!

We very much appreciate the support of Dr Katie Allen MP Federal Member for Higgins and for managing to squeeze in a visit in between lock-downs late last term.


Members of the GPA Subcommittee met online tomorrow last week and have commenced planning for the next fundraiser and it’s a great one to support.

We are very fortunate to be running a TriNature product fundraiser by Helen’s EcoStore. As per the attached flyer, GHPS families will receive a 5% discount on all products ordered, with a starter pack with even more savings available.

GHPS will receive up to 25% of sales made – WOW! You may have read my testimonial about how I love using these products and I am looking forward to ordering some more. Thank you to everyone who will be supporting this fundraiser.

School Council July Meeting

School Council members met online last week and I thank the School Council President, Ross Donnan, for preparing a report which will be included in our next Newsletter.

One matter which we discussed was the Grade 5/6 Camp which was scheduled for the last week of term 3. Unfortunately due to the restrictions around COVID, it will not be possible for the camp to proceed at this time. Curriculum Day was scheduled for Friday 7 August, but now this day will be a usual remote learning day.

Stay safe everyone and remember we are thinking of you all.

Libby Alessi     Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Sindhura 1A – Thank you for being a superstar remote learner each day this week. You have put in a fantastic effort for all learning tasks and should be very proud of this. Keep up the great work!

Adhit 1A – You are putting in your best effort for every learning task. I am so proud of you!

Divyansha 1E – for being a fantastic remote learning student. You complete your tasks independently! Thank you for your amazing effort!

Ruby 1E – For your exceptional persistence and improvement in your writing. I am so impressed with how hard you have worked this year. Keep up the amazing effort!

Dishen 1EFor always putting in his best effort with his learning. You are showing me some fantastic work and I love your contributions to our class WebEx Conferences. Keep up the amazing effort Dishen!

Prajesh 1R – Thank you for always being so happy and excited to learn! You bring a positive attitude and great energy to every Webex meeting! Keep it up!

Alyx 4C – For your incredible efforts and determination in all Writing tasks this week. You are showing an eagerness to improve your writing skills, by following instructions and watching the videos provided.  Marvelous work!

Sara 4R – For trying your best with your learning tasks, even when they may be challenging! You have been putting in a fantastic effort this term, and have continued to seek feedback to improve your work. This is an excellent quality to have and will get you far as a learner and in your life! Keep up the excellent work, Sara. Congratulations! 🙂

Stella 6J – For displaying outstanding commitment towards a range of learning tasks.

Jaymeet 6J – For displaying his personal best as reflected in his beautiful quality submissions.

Prep News

Corn Fritter Fun with Abby 0S, Layla 0R and Audrey 0S.

Math Time with Akshara 0R

Bike Riding with Yasmin 0R

Sport News


In week 2, prep students were encouraged to use equipment at home and performing various animal movements as part of their dance and movement unit. I am receiving lots of submission from preps this term, and I am very impressed.

Audrey 0S

Sanvi 0N

Thank to you the prep parents who are keeping their child/children engaged in physical education and physical activity. I appreciate your efforts!

As part of Grade 1/2 ‘Celebrating Diversity’ unit, these students are having a go at traditional Indigenous games they can play at home!

Ruari and Harvey


I received lots of amazing footage of students playing on their own or with their family! Keep it up!

Miss Kasambalis

Art News

Library News

Well done to the students who have been participating in the Premier Reading Challenge.

GHPS students have now read a total of 3,220 books and 46 students have completed it.

Congratulations to Aradhya (5O), Praneedh (1A) and Yuvan (3K) who have all read over 100 books each!

Fantastic work to all those who have been reading at home and keep up the amazing reading as there are only 44 days left of the PRC with it ending on September 19th.

Thank you and keep up the great reading everybody!

Miss Lucas-Lely



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