Newsletter #13 8 September 2023


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.

GHPS Glen Huntly PS launches new uniform

A very exciting day is edging closer as we prepare to launch the new uniform with the new school logo.  As from 15 September, our new school uniform will be available for sale (only) from Ormond PSW Retail Outlet at 1/596 North Road, Ormond. The PSW range is high quality and will also bring a consistent colour palette to our uniform. We’ve gone with a contrast insert polo in both long and short sleeves, which will add an additional smart component to the uniform. We would like to have only these versions worn and not have long sleeved tops of other colours worn, to keep the appearance unified.

All 2024 Prep and new families will be able to purchase the new uniform for their child. Families with children in other year levels are also welcome to purchase items of new uniform as well. Just to clarify; the school dress will remain the same, as with the colour scheme: navy, white and maroon. As an additional item, the shop will also carry in the range, school socks in navy and white, full-length leggings and navy tights.

Items of uniform with the old logo on them are being sold at reduced price with 50% off until sold out. In addition to welcoming PSW, we would like to once again acknowledge the amazing work of Lisa in our Uniform shop and the wonderful face to face welcome and service she provides families when they come to her. We would also like to thank Liz for collaborating with Anna at PSW, liaising and providing so much information to the Finance Committee at School Council. Thank you so much. We are very much looking forward to seeing our wonderful students dressed in uniform marking the shift to this exciting new logo.

From the start of 2024, all students will be able to transition to the new uniform until the end of term 4, 2025. As of the first day of 2026, all students will be required to wear the uniform with the new logo. Please see the Uniform price list included in this newsletter.

Student Council Meeting Tuesday 5 September

The Student Councillors and I met during this week and it was very encouraging to hear so many thoughtful ideas.

It is wonderful to see the confidence levels growing within the Council and I look forward to reading the report, which is included in this newsletter from Yasmin and Raha in Year 3RK.

They will also speak at Friday’s assembly about what we discussed. Great work everyone.

Prep -2 House Athletics 

The students enjoyed a really fabulous program of events on Wednesday. They were able to rotate through a number of races, including sprints, hurdles, long jump, and relays.

The layout on the East Oval was wonderful and we thank Ms Kasambalis, staff, and Student Leaders for running such a fun event.

Awesome effort by our competitors and thankyou to the parents/carers who came along as spectators!

District Athletics                                                                                                                                           

Congratulations to the Aths squad who represented GHPS on Thursday. We are very proud of your achievements in being selected to compete against other schools in our district and hope you enjoyed the opportunity.

Thank you very much to Ms Kasambalis and Mr Jacobs for taking and supervising the students down at the Aths. Awesome effort by everybody!

We have 4 students who have made it through to divisions.

Harvey 4SJ – 1st 800m

Ivy 4A – 1st Discus

Sully 4A – 2nd Discus

Alisha 5/6K- 2nd Shot Put

Music Soiree Concert

We are very much looking forward to the students performing next week and showcasing the Music program.

The program of events has been confirmed and the evening will be opened by the Music Captains: Charvi and Own

All Year levels will be contacted by their teachers and given details of what students are required to wear for their performance.

Prep Transition and Enrolment 2024

Thank you to our current families who have already confirmed their Prep child’s 2024 enrolment form.

For the students enrolled, the first Prep Transition sessions will commence in term 4, week 2 on Tuesday 10 October.  This will be an opportunity for each child and family to get ready for the 2024 start to school.

It is always very well attended, and the feedback is very positive about how it assists everyone in the transition from kinder to school.

We look forward to seeing you there on the West Site at 9am.

Anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

The school would like to acknowledge that the anniversary is coming up on Wednesday 13th September.

On this day, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was adopted by the General Assembly on Thursday, 13 September 2007.

Somers Camp

A very excited group of Grade 5/6 students headed off to Somers Camp on Wednesday. This camp is in addition to the GHPS 5/6 Camp which takes place in term 1.

At Somers, which is a camp run by the Department of Education, the students have an opportunity to mix with students from other schools in timetabled activities such as Archery, Drama, High and Low Ropes Course, Orienteering, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, and lots more over the weeklong camp.

We look forward to hearing their stories about their experiences at Somers when they return at 11am on Wednesday 13 September.

Working Bee

This time round, the BAGs committee would like you to attend from 8am -11am on Sunday 10 September.

Although a shorter time, there’s lots that we’d love your help with so please try to come. Everyone will meet on the East Site.

We will be asking all students to wear a touch of yellow on this day if they would like to do so.

Footy Day Pie Lunch

A big thank you to the GPA for organising the end of term Pie & sausage roll Lunch.

Orders have closed but parents/carers can still volunteer on Friday 15 September 11.50-1.30pm.

To celebrate the last day, students are able to bring a gold coin donation and wear footy or sportswear dress. The money raised will go towards the Science program.

Early Dismissal 2.30pm

The last day of term 3, which is on Friday 15 September, is fast approaching. Students will be dismissed early at 2.30pm.

TheirCare is running a fabulous holiday program, so if you would like to register your child to attend “Weird Science”, book now at or call 0499 010 758.

We are very appreciative of being able to offer such a great program for families at our school.

As the end of term dismissal is 2.30pm and there will be no Friday assembly.

We hope all families enjoy the school holiday break and we look forward to all students returning on Monday 2 October at 8.50am.

School Council

The School Council met on Monday 5 September. Thank you to the School Council President, Supriya A for the report below.

Libby Alessi         Principal

President’s Report

Dear Families

I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Term 3 – 2023 at GHPS with so many exciting and fun filled events! We had our Council Meeting on Monday, 4 Sep 2023.

Council Matters Update

Annual Implementation Plan:

  • Stuart Andrews met with PLC on Monday, 4 Sep. He was very complimentary about what was happening at GHPS and interested in sharing our success across the network.
  • EOY monitoring (SPOT) has commenced, an opportunity to update progress made against targets/goals.
  • Thanks to the Leadership team for the amount of work put in – Ms Melinda Oldham, Ms Shannan Fox, Mr David Jenkins, Mr Cameron White and Mrs Libby Alessi

Gymnasium – Formal Inauguration

On the occasion of formally inaugrating the gymnasium on 14 Aug 2023, our Education Minister, Natalie Hutchins and Member of Parliament, Steve Dimopolous accompanied by the SEIL, Stuart Andrews, Regional Director Ian Burrage and the Architects from AOA Chris and Gorden toured new areas in the Gymnasium, Music room, Science room and were very impressed.

The Hall/Gym planning commenced nine years ago. Whilst we only got to see the tail end of the process which was the inauguration and usage of a world class gymnasium, the amount of work and effort that our Principal, Mrs Libby Alessi and past councillors have invested over the past several years has culminated in this legacy which our children get to experience.

It is exciting to see the progress of the building works made possible through the $7.2 million grant which came from State Member for Oakleigh Steve Dimopoulos. Our school community is incredibly appreciative of the financial support given by the local government.

Fathers’/special persons’ Day breakfast

The breakfast club provided a special breakfast on Thursday 31 August and invited all the fathers and special persons to come along and have breakfast with their child. A Dads v Kids soccer game took place in the gym and was enjoyed by all. It was a great turnout and we thank Mr Cameron White for initiating this special breakfast and the many helpers, including staff members: Mrs Melinda Oldham, Mr Ryan Bowden, Liz M and Ruth for cooking and preparing breakfast for the hungry crowd. A note of thanks to all the kind parent helpers.

Building and Grounds inc Capital works update 

  • Tree audit undertaken, resulting in pruning/removal of trees considered high risk.
  • Removal of old solar panels
  • Working bee scheduled for 10th September
  • New gate installed at the foot of the bridge, and permanent fence and gate installed around the Grade 3 area
  • BAGS committee discussed ongoing maintenance to lighting, sewer, security and Various areas around the school requiring concreting

Publicity & Marketing

  • New banner, highlighting our outstanding 2023 NAPLAN results to be put up
  • Prep transition coming up
  • Facebook and Instagram being updated regularly – Laura is doing a great job in the background!
  • New logo successfully being rolled out
  • Upload a “thank you” to local officials for their support on our Website – with a photo
  • Look into a plaque for opening of new areas.
  • Old logo uniform stock being sold at 50% off – new uniform being sold as of 15th September
  • Roseberry House and Buddies have turned up with their children for a tour
  • Further discussion to be had around selling 2nd hand old logo uniforms

Curriculum & Policy

  • Advise all families via Compass or Newsletter as to the Dogs at School Policy – and the responsibilities of dog owners when bringing their dogs on site.
  • The following highlighted amendment to the Dogs at School Policy was suggested and approved: Pet dogs must not be tied up on or near the school grounds or left unaccompanied

Expressing our gratitude and appreciation towards our staff and teachers

To our wonderful PE teacher – Ms Kasambalis – thank you for all your tireless efforts in organising Mini Olympics for the P-2s and the House Athletics for 3-6s. It is no small feat.

I’ve personally witnessed all the time and energy spent in setting up and one can only fathom what’s involved in running it seamlessly and tidying up after!

To our lovely Lisa, Liz and Ruth who turn up every Tue and Thu at 8am to serve at the breakfast club, our community extends their gratitude and appreciation!

To all the teachers – what a phenomenal book week with the most entertaining dress up day! The photos captured a very amused student and teacher crowd!

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the Music Soiree Concert that Mr Jenkins has worked with the children to showcase!

Last but not the least, a huge shout out to Laura and Liz who work behind the scenes and hold the fort!

Glen Huntly Parents’ Association 

  • A huge thank you to all parents and staff members for their kind contributions and time towards Bunnings BBQ, Disco, Hot Chocolate and Icy poles, Friday’s cake raffle and Father’s Day stalls!
  • Disco: Bronwen Holland (Emma 3 and Maddie 1), Lara O’Grady (Henry 4), Hayley Clift (Harvey 4, Adam 2), Phoebe Wiegard (Ryker 0), Sarah Davis (Henry 1), Michelle Muhlnickel (Audrey 3), Sanchita Shanbhag, Abbi Gilbert (James 5, Lewis 3, Eden 2), Ramalokesh Ramalingam, Richa Gupta (Radha 4), Maike (Zoe 2 & Noah 0), Nicole Healy (Ben 5 & Charlie 3), Sally Layton (Ivy 4), Ruth Smyth-Kinyua (Sully 4), Celine, Magda Afxentis (Audrey 6), Gajalakshmi (Akhilesh 4), Sarah Howell (Rachel 2), Aarohi, Fiona Davey (Daniel 4)
  • Hot chocolate/icy poles: Cecylia Kee (Winston 4 & Olympia 1), Hayley Clift (Harvey 4 & Adam 2), Gajalakshmi (Akhilesh 4), Fiona Davey (Daniel 4), Rose Garratt (Gus 0), Gayle Davey (Alice 0), Sam Cook (Sienna 3), Bianca Merange, Sanchita Shanbhag, Kavitha Faruqui (Zoya 6 & Nabila 0), Kate Fernandez (Louisa 2, Emmy 0)
  • Bunnings BBQ: Sally & Anthony Layton (Ivy 4), Abbi Gilbert (James 5, Lewis 3, Eden 2), David Blumenstein (Rachel 2), Ernesto Navas (Jonah 4), Gajalakshmi (Akhilesh 4), Mandy Lee and David Lupton (Elsie 3 & Nora 0), Bronwen Holland (Emma 3 & Maddie 1), Richard Howell  Malee (Sophia 2), Hayley Clift (Harvey 4 & Adam 2), Steve Davey (Daniel 4)
  • Father’s Day: Sarah Howell (Rachel 2), Abbi Gilbert (James 5, Lewis 3, Eden 2), Kavitha Faruqui (Zoya 6 & Nabila 0), Kate Langdon (Max 6, Zac 4, Jet 0), Nicole Healy (Ben 5, Charlie 3), Gajalakshmi (Akhilesh 4), Anthony Layton (Ivy 4), Sylvia Yarnton (Ernest 2 & Albert 0), Rebecca Sullivan (James 1), Lillian Chew (Sophia 1), Martina (Max 4), Cecylia Kee (Winston 4, Olympia 1), Naomi Boushel (Ewen 5, Robin 2), Janaki Ananth (Sanjeev 6 & Sana 1)

And a special thanks to all families that supported our GHPS community by purchasing from our stalls!

Save the date for our GHPS upcoming Events: 

  • Working Bee – Sun, 10 Sep 8am-11am
  • Soiree – Thu, 14 Sep 4 45pm- 7pm

Wishing you and your families a wonderful weekend and a restful term break!

Supriya Arikarevula

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Matilda FB – For the determined effort you put into learning about division in Numeracy this week. You improved your skills in sharing groups equally on your whiteboard and shared 12 delicious scoops of ice-cream into cones on your poster. Keep it up Division Diva!

Gabriel FB – For showing remarkable creativity and enthusiasm when planning and writing his story Goldilocks and the Three Dragons. Your dedication to improving your writing skills is truly commendable. Way to go Literary Legend!

Nash FD – For your hard work and focus this week while learning about division. You were able to confidently count objects, put them into equal groups and share with the class how many in each group. Superstar effort!

Adhiyamaan FD – For working so hard this week with Ruth during your Treehouse Reading sessions. You have been doing an amazing job practising your letters and sounds. Great work you are a ‘Sounding Out Super Star’!

Hannah 1B – you embodied the school value of pride during our soirée dance practice with unwavering confidence, impeccable rhythm, and effortless coolness. Keep on shining, superstar!

Pavneet 2M – For getting 20/20 on your last spelling test. You have persevered all year and you have been able to achieve your goal. Well done, your hard work has paid off!

Robin 2M – For being an overall superstar and a role model in our class. You always display our school values, have a positive attitude towards your learning and are willing to help others. We love having you in 2M!

Diandra 2S – For writing an interesting procedure about how to wash a bunny. You wrote neatly and included all of the elements of a procedure. Well done!

Rachel in 2S – For making a very detailed fraction pizza this week in Maths. You included labels for each ingredient and wrote each fraction, great work!

Ivan 2S – for settling in well and showing bravery as a new student in our class this term. Well done Ivan!

Shivansh 3C – For your exceptional blend of creativity and mindfulness during our Writer’s Notebook task. You wholeheartedly engaged with the experience and proudly shared your work with the class. Fabulous efforts, Shivansh!

Saambavi 3C – For consistently putting in your best efforts, staying curious, and displaying a positive attitude towards learning. You are inspiring!

Nagi 3C – For your detailed and well researched information report about marine life. You used clear subheadings, effective pictures and included information about the ocean’s battle against rubbish.

Vidhaan 3C – For your engagement and creativity when participating in a number talk.  All of your number sentences matched the equivalence of 36 and you experimented with all 4 operations in one number sentence. Excellent work!

Shreyan 3RK – For planning, writing and publishing an interesting informative text on the planet – Neptune. You showed both enthusiasm and dedication to your work. Well done!

Rushitha 3RK – For always putting in her best effort no matter what the task! Thank you for being an awesome student in 3RK!

Raha 3RK – For stepping into the role of student councillor. I know you will make Sriram proud. You show a level of leadership and maturity we love to see in Grade 3! Keep it up!

Winston 3RK – For writing an amazing informative text about blackholes. Your piece had lots of details and a clear writer’s voice. Well done!

Avyaan 4A – for always having a positive attitude towards his learning and consistently presenting his work to a high standard. You are a star!

Jon 4SJ – Taking pride in the appearance and functions of our Learning environment, so that it is neat and pristine, by tidying up our crowded bookshelves in our storeroom.

Ben 5/6J – For producing an excellent procedural text on How to Make a Fruit Salad. This demonstrated a strong focus and dedication to your task, allowing you to put your very best effort in to create a fabulous piece of writing. Congratulations, Ben!

Charvi 5/6J – For consistently demonstrating active listening skills which allows your input to be most beneficial to your class. You also achieved an excellent result in your Chance post-test. Recognition for your strong focus on improving your knowledge and skill set.

Levi 5/6J – For an excellent week inside and outside the classroom. Your work habits were solid throughout and you collaborated harmoniously with your peers. You did an awesome job at District Athletics in discus, too. Also, a huge congratulations on your football premiership for the Bears!

Jaini 5/6K – For continually building confidence in your interpersonal interactions with peers and teachers, being incredibly helpful and organised in the classroom (passing notes from Mr Jacobs!) and striving to achieve your best in all learning activities! Congratulations Superstar!

Gabriel 5/6K – For showing interest in procedural 3D drawings and boardgames, achieving continually improving spelling test scores and showing pride and dedication towards your weekly homework! Congratulations!

Shiva 5/6K – For always showing kindness and care to teammates, striving for mathematical excellence and taking your job as student councillor seriously! Well done!

Ayush 5/6K – For beautiful manners, working well in a team during his Inquiry Poster about the Federation Changemaker, Lachlan Macquarie, and confidence in reading out aloud with expression!

Suria 5/6K – For outstanding confidence with her reading fluency and roles in literacy circles. Also for her incredible community spirit helping others in the classroom and also in the yard i.e. by filling in for the school chook monitors when needed!

Akhil 5/6R – For his collaboration skills displayed this week during your Inquiry project focusing on Colonial changemakers. Well done for overcoming the challenges faced with your partner and staying on the job!

Zoya 5/6R – For her amazing yet challenging algebraic expressions created for the class this week. Thank you for getting involved during our Numeracy sessions and for sharing your passions with the grade. It made for an awesome lesson closure!

Harshitha 5/6R – For her perseverance displayed in Reading Groups this week. You finished the group’s novel and shared your love of the story with great care. Well done!

On October 5 It will be international Teachers’ Day.

A few ideas for International Teachers’ Day are: Have a teacher’s cake raffle, fun run for teachers and Teacher of the Week.

One more idea is a kid from each class will make a card about their teacher and present it.

We love our teachers, and it will be a great International Teachers’ Day.

This week we are celebrating Literacy and Numeracy Week. We have been doing lots of fun literacy and numeracy activities, like asking questions when reading, writing informative texts, and learning about time.

Last week for Wellbeing Wednesday we had school connections, which is when the Year 2, 3 and 4s come together to do different activities and make new friends.

We did some Father’s Day crafts like making a card, making paper mugs, Superhero bookmark, and a pop-up present card. We also played some games.

It was also Father’s Day on Sunday. We had a Father’s Day stall with gifts for your father or a special person. The stall had socks, sweet treats, seeds to grow, keychains, cards, and mugs.

Yasmin & Raha 3RK

Sport News

District Athletics

On the 7th of September 26 students went to the Duncan McKinnon Athletics Track.

As you may know we have had House athletics this term. Everyone who managed to get first, or second place was sent to District athletics, to compete against other schools!

Our school got 7th place out of 8. 

A big congratulations to those students who got into Divisions – Harvey and Ivy who got 1st place and Alisha and Sully who got 2nd. We wish you all good luck.

We also want to congratulate everyone who got 3rd and 4th and were so close to making it to divisions. Also, congrats to everyone else who participated in the event for trying your hardest!

A big thank you Miss K and Mr Jacobs for helping us on the day. 

Vritti 5/6R and Rhea 5/6K

Breakfast Club News

What a wonderful turn out to our Father’s Day breakfast; we couldn’t make those pancakes fast enough!

It was great to see so many happy faces.

Just a reminder that anyone is welcome to join us on a Tuesday or Thursday for Breakfast Club, which runs from 8.15 – 8.45 am.

(Mums and Dads are welcome too)!!

Foodbank Victoria are offering FREE cooking classes for some lucky families in term 4.

A trained Foodbank Victoria Facilitator will deliver the Cooking Classes, which will run for 4 consecutive weeks, beginning on 11th of October, from 3.30 – until 5.30pm.

Participants will cook and enjoy a meal with their family during each class and receive a weekly hamper of fresh and staple food with recipes to put their new skills into practice in the home environment.

Places are limited to a maximum of 10 families, or 24 participants.

Please register your interest at the office and we will inform families if they are successful in getting a space.

TheirCare News

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Thu 14      R U OK Day

Thu 14      Whole School Music Performances

Fri 15        Footy Pie Lunch

Fri 15        Final Day Term 3 Early dismissal 2.30pm



Mon 2      Term 4 commences

Mon 9      Year 3/4 Camp

Tue 10      2024 Prep Transition #1

Mon 23    Art & Science Show

Tue 24     2024 Prep Transition #2


Fee payments and Excursion Permissions and Payments.

All Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or see Guide below.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass

Thank you.