Newsletter #14 30 August 2018

Principals Report

Cabaret 2018

Class and costume rehearsals are progressing extremely well and we are all feeling very excited as we head towards this fabulous night.


On Wednesday, all classes had photos taken by The School Photographer in the WW Hall. It was a wonderful sight to see the students dressed in their costumes which Lisa and Tania have prepared for them. They will look wonderful when they perform on stage in only 12 sleeps!

The dance practices are going very well and Laura is really working hard with everyone to make sure their moves are as slick as can be.

Mr Jenkins and Mr Aitken are practicing the music and songs with everyone and the Grade 6 students are rehearsing their welcomes.

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket for the Cabaret at Robert Blackwood Hall, they are still tickets available and on sale now. It’s going to be a great night!


Prep at Assembly Friday 24 August

Some of our wonderful Prep students spoke at assembly last week. This is what they had to say:

We are here to tell you about why we love being in Prep.

This year we have made lots of new friends. We are learning how to be resilient and how to be a kind helper. Learning how to read and write has been lots of fun. Reading Eggs is our favourite.

We get to do lots of fun activities, play some games, and use the iPads. We met the Firemen. They taught us how to keep safe around fire. We also hatched 10 chickens. We named them Leo, Dory, Fluffy Wednesday, Rosie, Harry High Pants, Fliffy, Pecky, Chicken Little, Daisy and McDonald.

We celebrated our first 100 days of school with a big party. There was lots of food. Our teachers also surprised us with a party once we met Milo the Monkey and his friends. Sometimes when we try our best, we get a Student of the Week award at assembly. We get to go on a weekend adventure with Bubbles the Blue Bear.

Max, Sophie, Sriram, Emily, Rudra D, Kester and Twisha.

Welcome to Their Care:

Together with Their Care we are very excited about starting the new Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) and Holiday program. It is easy to enrol – all you need to do is visit the TheirCare website: We would love to see you at our information session on Thursday 30th August at 6pm which will be in the WW Hall.

School Uniform: Building pride and taking action

Wearing our school uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for our school and is an important part of being a member of our school community. At GHPS we promote a smart dress code, believe that school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

How are you helping our school?

Self- assess: How you are sending your child to school:

  1. Extremely well- my child wears the correct uniform every day
  2. Very good- my child wears the correct uniform most days
  3. Good- But I need to change 1 thing
  4. Fair- There is  more than one thing I need to change

Our aim is for all parents to be able to self- assess as a 1 by the end of next week- Friday 7 September. So, do you need to change something? We feel proud of you if you already have rated yourselves as a 1, but if you haven’t’ please aim high, make the changes needed and please support our campaign.

To help you out, here are a few reminders:

  • Our school colours are very smart! : Maroon, navy blue and white only (no black, except for shoes)
  • The uniform shop is open every Wednesday morning 9-10 AND we take orders through the office
  • Parents can use QKR to pay as well as card and cash
  • Families may be eligible to seek financial assistance from State School’s Relief, which we can do for you. Please contact the school
  • There is a uniform order form with this newsletter
  • We have new and very good second hand uniform (second hand: freshly laundered and only $5 a piece!)
  • There are long sleeved polo shirts for sale to keep your child warm to wear this under their bomber jacket. Please do NOT wear long sleeves under the short sleeved polo shirt.
  • We love maintaining high standards of appearance.
  • Grade 6 students have the special navy blue jacket and you will too when you’re in Grade 6!
  • Maroon jackets for everyone else

NAPLAN 2018 National Assessment Program

If you are the parent of a student in Years 3 or 5, you are due to receive an individual report of your child’s results for the tests they sat in May. The results should be out very soon.

When they arrive at GHPS we will be using the results to celebrate success, inform our planning and address areas requiring improvement by incorporating future goals into student’s Individual Learning Improvement Plans and across the school. Your child’s teacher should be your first point of contact for any concerns you might have about your child’s results. Further information and analysis about whole school achievement will be reported to the community at School Council and in the coming newsletters.

Parent Opinion Survey

A friendly reminder for parents who have been randomly selected form our Cases21 program to participate in the Parent Opinion Survey that the survey will be open until 6th September. Thankyou to those who may have already had the opportunity to complete the survey.

Chess Tournament Friday 31 August

We would like to wish all the students who will be competing in Friday’s Chess Tournament the very best of luck and look forward to hearing about the competition.


We love the work of the GPA and really appreciate they need a lot of help to reach their ambitious targets! Please support the fundraisers with as much time, donations and help as you can:

Father’s Day and Stall: 

This year’s stall put on by the GPA is all set to provide an array of gifts for purchase, thanks to Andrea (William 6P) and the GPA. It will be a hive of activity and fun on Friday when there is the opportunity to visit and purchase something for that special person in your child’s life. We desperately still need heaps of volunteers to bake, help setup, serve and pack up the Father’s Day stall for an hour os more between 9.30am – 3.30pm on Friday so please sign up

Cadbury Chocolate Drive:   

Please note that all students who return their money or unsold chocltaes by NEXT Monday 3 September will be rewarded with House Points! The first class to collect $900- in sales will recieve a bonus box of chocolates for tehri class to share.

Sunsational Sunscreen:

Prepare for the sunny weather and order your sunscreen today! Orders are open until 10 September.

GPA has raised $4923 so far and needs to get to $8000 in just over 16 weeks, so dig deep and help out where you can.

Meeting Reminders:

Their Care OHSC: Thursday 30 August at 6pm in the WW Hall.

GPA: Friday 14th September (Time TBC)

Finance and School Council: Monday 17th September at 6.30pm/7pm.

End of Term 3: Early Dismissal 2.30pm Friday 21st September

Exciting Events

Special Lunch: Pie Day (date TBC)

Father’s Day Stall: Friday 31 August

District Athletics: 7 September

Cabaret: Tuesday 11 September Robert Blackwood Hall

TheirCare Holiday Program: Monday 24 September in WW Hall

 Libby Alessi    Principal

GHPS Raises Science Knowledge and Awareness for National Science Week


During the week of August 11th -19th, we put a special extra bright spotlight on Science right across the school, with all classes participating in carefully crafted Science activities. The activities for each year level were:

Prep    → Living eggs chicken diaries and oral presentations about their favourite farm animal

Year 1 → Robot incursion 15/8, robot story, scientist/invention class presentation

Year 2 → Robot incursion 15/8, robot story, scientist/invention class presentation, persuasive writing –

How are robots useful?

Year 3 → Growing Alfalfa Sprout Heads

Year 4 → Hands-on Science experiments and writing-up findings

Year 5 → Comic Relief: entertain your friends and family at the same time by creating a comic strip or animated video about game changers and change makers in Science throughout the ages.
Year 6 → Build a Game: Imagine a video game producer invites you to produce a scenario, develop characters and create a story about five game changers and change makers and their scientific discoveries. Develop and produce an idea for a video game that features five individuals cited on the ‘Moments of Discovery – game changers and change makers throughout the ages’ chart.

The school theme of 2018 National Science Week was, ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’, focused upon the scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, designers and innovators of the past and present. You can discover game changers and change makers from the past who have solved seemingly unsolvable problems. Today’s game changers and change makers use science to solve problems, design new solutions and predict our future paths.


David Jenkins

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Principal’s Award’ during the last 2 weeks.

Kadiss 2E – displaying creative and critical thinking during Inquiry Learning.

Hanshal 2K – displaying creative and critical thinking during Inquiry Learning.

Isabella 6A – outstanding and creative artwork.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Veeksha 0F – excellent listening and participation during cooking.

Rishikesh 0N – excellent listening during our cooking session and for being enthusiastic about having a go.

Abigail 0N – practising her writing at home by writing her teachers books. We love them.

Nainika 0R – being a helpful and caring member of Prep R.

Connor 1J – spectacular contributions to class discussions in Book Club.

Gautham 1J – confidently presenting a wonderful and interesting Science Week talk.

Chakri 1M – consistently being a positive role model in the classroom.

Anisha 1M – being a kind and caring member of 1M.

Kadiss 2E – his hard work and “have a go” attitude in Book Club.

Sahana 2E – using great descriptive words in her writing.

Aanya 2E – an informative presentation about computers.

Emily 2E – detailed and interesting presentation about Hedy Lamar.

Varnit 2K – outstanding teamwork while making environmental dioramas.

Madhav 2M – a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards all subject areas.

Smruthi 2M – being a positive and enthusiastic student at all times.

Ayaan 3F – improved writing skills and excellent understanding about procedural texts.

Retal 3F – persistence to achieve her best when calculating money.

Parth 3S – an awesome attempt at writing poems.

Siddharth 3S – displaying excellent skills and using various reading strategies during independent reading.

Zoe 4J – great concentration shown when working on your tasks.

Tarini 4J – a wonderful presentation of your Polar Bear diorama.

Lakshita 4O –  for consistently outstanding, enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring dancing at each and every Cabaret rehearsal.

Kashvi 4O – for consistently outstanding, enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring dancing at each and every Cabaret rehearsal.

Romani 5R – for consistently outstanding, enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring dancing at each and every Cabaret rehearsal.

Etai 5S – For being a great example to all of Year 5 when writing a mature and relevant post onto Google Classroom.

Ruby 6P – diligence during all learning tasks.


Prep R – for being the best group of superstar borrowers.

Abigail 0N – for being such a regular superstar borrower.

Adwaith 4J – an amazing effort making his own pirate outfit.

Archer 5R – being an amazing Library monitor.

Chiara 5R – wonderful work as a Library monitor.


On Friday 17th of August, Glen Huntly Primary School held their annual House Athletics carnival at Duncan Mckinnon Reserve. This was the school’s first whole school sporting event which proved to a real success and with some sunshine!

It was great to see the whole school come together, dressed in their House colours for both competition and fun. Whilst the senior students competed in five track and field events, Grade prep-2 competed in modified events in the middle of the oval that they had been training for throughout Term Three. There were lots of cheering and encouragement, motivation and successes on the day from all students!

A big congratulations to Flinders House for being the overall winners on the day and Batman House for winning the spirit cup; reflecting sportsmanship and team spirit!

House athletics is a big day and I would like to thank all teachers, aide support and student teachers for helping the day run smoothly.


A big Thank-you for all parents who showed their support, it was great to see you all there!

The District Athletics squad will be announced shortly and will be held on Friday 7th of September at Duncan Mckinnon Reserve.

Marie Kasambalis     Sport / PE



Avast ye Mateys! Land Ho!

Thank you to all the landlubbers who attended our pirate book parade. There were lots of Captains and First Mates swashbuckling in our school hall last week and what a fun parade it was with no one having to walk the plank.

Thanks to our pirate mums and dads, Fiona Davey, Nicole Verginis, Elly Stewart, Shan Jayaweera, Lara O’Grady and Tara Surireddy for successfully sailing the high seas and collecting our fisn ‘n chips, a special treat enjoyed by all.

Mandy Zent 

Notices distributed to parents

20th August      All Students                       Chocolate Drive 

20th August      All Students                       TheirCare information

20th August      Prep Students                    Farm Excursion

21st August       All Students                        History of GHPS book 2

24th August      Participating Students     District Athletics

28th August      All Students                       Outside School Hours Care information

29th August      All Students                       Sunscreen Fundraiser



Friday 31  –  Father’s Day Stall


Friday 7  –  District Athletics

Tuesday 11  –  Cabaret

Tuesday 18  –  Prep Excursion

Friday 21  –  Pie Day

Friday 21  –  Early Dismissal 2.30pm.



Support GHPS by buying a burger at Grill’d Carnegie in August. 

Glen Huntly Primary School has one of the 3 jars as part of the Grill’d Carnegie Local Matters Fundraiser throughout the month of August.

This donation will go towards buying resources to continue to build our art/ garden program and sustainability program.

How it works

  1. When you purchase food you will be given a token
  2. Put your token into the GHPS jar
  3. At the end of the month the community group with the most tokens will receive $300 from Grill’d and the other 2 community groups will each receive $100

Visit Grill’d Carnegie website to see opening hours, menu and location.