Newsletter #15 13 September 2018

Principals Report

Fabulous Cabaret Performance 2018

What an exciting night of nights for the entire school community! The students and music program was on show for us all to enjoy with singing, dancing, playing, moving and lots of joyful entertainment.

We were treated to:

·     Excited students performing with their class where all their faces told us the story of how they were feeling and the joy (and apprehension) of what they were experiencing. Loved all their expressions and rhythm!

·     Party Hats performing and playing in a way that has left us all saying “What a band!”.        Can you believe they can play so professionally! So much talent and how extraordinary they all were together.

·     Dancing and choreography that had us all swept up in the challenge to move in time and remember all our steps and moves.

·     Costumes that were just so colourful and exciting and that explored the song in themselves. So much attention to detail and so swish!

·     Choir singing with such wonderful voice. We could hear their love of singing together coming through.

·     Musical accompaniment by The Party Hats with violinist Aiden 4J who played incredibly when the Choir was singing.

·     The School Captains with Grade 6A & 6P students who proudly welcomed and hosted the amazing Program of Events with the wonderful support of the Grade 6 teaching team.

·     Talents of staff and community with special thanks to Mr David Jenkins, Mr Andrew Aitken, Laura James-Clark, Lisa Oliver and Tania Casonato who created the atmosphere with the song choices, musical arrangements, choreography and costumes to liven the stage presence and pizazz. Everything we needed for the performance! Thanks also to Ross for your new look GHPS Program which added another touch of professionalism.

·     Artistic digital imagery that enhanced each item as the backdrop which we can thank the very creative class teachers for designing. They were really fabulous!                                                  


·     Robert Blackwood Hall which was the new venue for this year and it was such a great arrangement and a lot bigger for our growing community.

·     All the teaching and education support staff who ushered, encouraged, reassured, congratulated, practiced and costumed up so that the students could be the best performers they could be!

·     And last but not least to all our highly supportive community of parents, grandparents, friends and former students who came and watch and applaud all of our entertainers! It was really wonderful to see you attend and join us in one of our most favourite events.

Thank you to Liv Fourniotis for the lovely photos.

Farmer’s Friday

Dress up day and gold coin donation to the Farmers, Friday 21 September.

The Student Council invites you to get behind our Farmers next week. We all know they could do with a little helping hand.

Please dress up on our GPA Pie Lunch day on Friday 21 September and bring a gold coin donation to do so. We’re going to pass that on to the Victorian Farmers who we rely on to provide us with lots of healthy fresh food every day.

Thank you to Marko and Arnaud 3F who have written a report for the newsletter about the Student Council meeting.

Welcome to Their Care: Together with Their Care we are inviting you to the second information session, in case you couldn’t make the last one. It’s on Tuesday 18 September at 6pm which will be in the WW Hall.


Chess Tournament News: Congratulations to all the students who competed at the tournament. What a great day! There is a report in the newsletter about how they played. We are very proud of your achievement!

Acting Assistant Principals:

Thank you to the staff who have been Acting as AP’s – you have been amazing!

Thank you so much for all that you have tried and accomplished while Ms Amy Tinetti has been on LSL: Ms Claire Piscioneri, Mr Jake Mackie, Mrs Melinda Oldham and Mr Bill Manuel- you have all been fabulous.

Ms Tinetti is returning from LSL on Monday 17 September. I will be taking two days LSL at the start of Term 4 and be returning on Wednesday 10 October.

Meetings and Reminders:

Second and final Information session (a repeat of the last one) Their Care OHSC: Tuesday 18 September at 6pm in the WW hall.

GPA: Friday 14th September (2.15pm in the WW Hall)

Finance and School Council: Monday 17th September at 6.30pm/7pm.

End of Term 3: Friday 21st September Farmers’ Fundraiser and Special Lunch Pie Day: Bring a gold coin donation

Early Dismissal 2.30pm

Term 4: School resumes on Monday 8th October

Exciting Events

Special Lunch: Pie Day 21 September

TheirCare Holiday Program: Monday 24 September in WW Hall

Art Show – 22 October  

Rocktober – 27 October

Libby Alessi      Principal

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Aahana 0F – outstanding teamwork and communication skills during our farm construction.

Oscar 0F – finishing his writing task when he didn’t believe he could.

Ishaan 0N – learning your 200 Magic Words.

Rishikesh 0N – excellent reading in Book Club.

Kester 0R – being a caring and positive friend to everyone in Prep R.

Manaswi 1J – settling in well and doing a great job.

Yashica 1M – settling in well to Year 1 and GHPS.

Sanjeev 2E – excellent reading and comprehension.

Diya 2E – being a compost superstar and helping all the junior students to empty the kitchen caddies.

Bilva 2K – using a sizzling start and descriptive language in her Robot story.

Hanshal 2K – excellent participation during division activities.

Julia 2M – excellent listening skills in the classroom.

Clancy 2M – fantastic handwriting.

Sathin 3F – impressive knowledge about Picture Graphs using a key.

Keenan 3F – great work in Math to improve his understanding of money.

Apurva 3S – showing improvement in story writing.

Kushal 4J – excellent improvement shown in your Fractions and Decimals Essential Assessment post test.

Charlotte 4J – impressive improvement made in your Essential Assessment Fractions and Decimals post test.

Tarini 4J – being an outstanding student during your time here at GHPS.

Hirofumi 5S – For always striving to be his best in class and for showing enthusiasm towards his learning

Chloe 6P – great teamwork skills in developing personification poetry writing.

Leo 6P – a fantastic character analysis as part of your book review.

District Athletics

Last Friday, 7th of September, Duncan McKinnon held the annual District Athletics Carnival. Our school took 35 enthusiastic students, participating in a range of track and field events.

We had a few trainings sessions in the lead up to District Athletics which definitely gave some students confidence and belief in their abilities. This showed on the day with our relay teams running extremely well; finishing 3rd and 4th in timed heats.

We had three 4th place finishers in discus and high jump.

A notable mention and congratulations to Hugo Boddington in 4J, who finished an amazing 2nd place in the 9/10 year old high jump event and will go on to represent our school at Division Athletics.

All students who competed should be proud of their effort and sportsmanship. I am certainly proud of their commitment to training, encouragement of others and overall performance.

A big thank-you to Mr. Swanson and Laura James-Clark for looking after the squad.

Marie Kasambalis – Sport/PE


Student Council News

On Monday 10th September we had a student council meeting. We began our meeting with a discussion about our last Student Council meeting. We all agreed that the Pie day was a great idea and we are looking forward to it next Friday.

We talked about raising money for the Farmers in the drought, and having a farm dress up day/casual dress to raise funds for the Farmers. Shout out to Romani for this great idea.

We also had some other ideas like:  Having a curry day, a burger day and maybe some sort of special thing for Diwali.

Most of the meeting was talking about the farmer’s drought fund-raising and the yummy food days. MMMMMM… Tasty!  Talking about food days that makes me hungry.

Overall, it was a really good Student Council meeting. Hope everyone is looking forward to next terms special days and that everyone will support us in raising money for our farmers who are doing it tough in the drought.

Marko and Arnaud 3F student councilors of 2018



Monday 22nd October 5 – 7pm


Glen Huntly Primary school participated in the Term 3 Interschool Chess Competition on 31st August. This competition was a great opportunity to make friends, develop sportsmanship and put their chess skills to the test.

Out of 13 schools, the Glen Huntly Primary team showed exemplary winning spirit and won games after games to secure the 3rd place with the total of 25 points.  Glen Huntly will be invited to send 10 players (2 teams) to the State Chess Victoria semi-finals in term 4.

Congratulations to Metteya Gharde (6A) who received the trophy for securing the 3rd place among 110 kids and Kieran Wolfe (6P) for securing the 5th place.

Well done entire team and good luck for the semi-finals !!!


Vish with Raashi. Vish is from 1M. He had come to Quality Stores for grocery shopping with his father and grandfather. When he saw Raashi selling the chocolates, he kindly bought one and stayed back to help Raashi sell the remaining chocolates.

Ahaan helping Raashi sell chocolates. Ahaan will be joining prep next year and is Raashi’s brother. He was very keen and excited to help Raashi sell  her second box of chocolates for his Glen Huntly school 😀

Notices distributed to parents

7 Sep                All Students                     Details of Cabaret

7 Sept               Year 3/4 Students          Wheeltalk Program

10 Sept             All students                     Pie Lunch Orders

13 Sept            All Families                      Chess Club Term 4

13 Sept            All Families                      Fit for Kids Term 4



Tuesday 18  –  Prep Excursion

Friday 21  –  Pie Day

Friday 21  –  Early Dismissal 2.30pm.


Monday 8  –  Term 4 begins

Sat 27  –  Rocktober Trivia Night