Newsletter #15 October 22, 2021


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.                                                             

Principal’s Report

Freedom Friday

It has been a welcome step that we have taken today in working towards opening up Melbourne.

As an added bonus it has been fantastic for Grade 5/6 students be able return to school across this week. It was a very happy sight to see the Preps, Grade 1 and 2 back as well.

The sounds of the school that we love to hear are returning. We hope everyone enjoyed the day.

Planning for 2022

Thank you to parents who have submitted their child’s prep enrolment form. We are planning for transition and more details will go out very soon.

Grades P- 6 for 2022

We are planning for how many classes will operate in 2022 so if you are moving too far away to have your child still attend and will not be at GHPS next year, please notify the Office during next week on 95712933.

Staffing update

Due to unforeseen family circumstances, Ms Liv Fourniotis will be taking leave until further notice.

During this time, we are highly appreciative that Ms Marie Kasambalis has agreed to replace Ms Fourniotis as of Monday 25 October.

We wish Ms Fourniotis all the very best and are thankful for your understanding. We look forward to the students arriving back on-site next week.

Wednesday 3 November

As per the last newsletter this is a reminder that our final curriculum day for 2021 is in week 5 and will be a pupil free day.

There will be no online or onsite learning for students on this day.

This is the day after Cup Day and teachers will be meeting on site to undertake professional learning in CPR and Moderation and Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy.

TheirCare out of hours school will be available for eligible students. Please contact them if you need further information.

All back on Friday 5 November

We are counting down the days until all students can return to full time back at school learning – 13 sleeps to go😊

Libby Alessi    Principal

The Read-A-Thon is up and running! 

Funds raised will be supporting the States Schools’ Relief (50%) and GHPS library (50%), with families to collect donations and make one payment to GHPS via Compass at the end of the event.

Prizes will be awarded for the most books read and most money raised for Junior and Senior students! 

Closing date is Fri 12/11/2021. Click to download a  Pledge Form and Reading Log.

Happy Reading!

GPA Committee

Sport News

This week Prep-2 were asked to decorate their bike or create a golden ticket to win a small prize from the go for gold program!

Some great pics have been sent in.

Thank you Elsie, Mahati, Jaina, Siheli, Yianni, Sara and Deeksha.

Art News

CLICK HERE for information and Order Form


The Uniform Shop is currently closed, so if you need to purchase uniform, please fill in an order form and send it to the office.

Your order will be available to collect from the office when ready. You can pay when you pick up or over the phone.


Yes, the Mango Drive is back for 2021!

If you love mangoes here is your chance to indulge in fresh juicy Kensington Pride mangoes and support our fundraising drive at the same time.

We are having delivered direct from the farm to us, the freshest most delicious fruit available. The Mango Fundraiser picks and packs trays of fresh mangoes during their premium harvest period, and delivers them directly to us.

HOWEVER, please note that due to a poor cropping season for mangoes, the trays this year are only 4.5kg (previously 7kg). Selling for $24 per tray.
We have also been limited in the number of trays we can purchase, so get in early because once we sell our prescribed number of trays we will be unable to order more.
I imagine these will sell out quickly – DON’T MISS OUT!
Mangoes will be delivered to the school sometime in early to mid December and you will be notified of the date they can be collected. Thank you for your support of GHPS.


Little Book Worms return in 2022

We look forward to seeing you then.

TheirCare Newsletter

Notification of changes to Fee payments and

Excursion Permissions and Payments.

Due to the current situation of lockdown, and the upcoming Capital Works, we are making some amendments on how we will communicate regarding Excursion Permissions and Payments.

Communication notices regarding excursions will be sent through COMPASS.

Permissions are to be given through COMPASS.

Preferred payment method for Fee payments and Excursions is through COMPASS.

EFT will still be available in the office and, if no other method is possible, correct cash only (no change will be given).

This will allow us to always keep all the correct information available to staff whilst on an excursion.

CLICK HERE for Parent’s Guide to Compass