Newsletter #16 3 November 2023


    Learning Today.                     Leading Tomorrow.

GHPS Principal Appointment 2024

All staff, and families have been advised via the staff briefing, Compass and /or at the last Friday 27 October assembly, that the school is really pleased and excited to welcome a new Principal, Mrs Nerida Burns, for 2024.

When congratulating Nerida via phone on Friday, she told me that she is very much looking forward to taking up the role of Principal and to visit GHPS this term, meet everyone and commence handover, which will be ongoing throughout the term.

Thank you to everyone involved with this very stringent process and great to have a highly successful outcome.

New School Uniform 

We are very excited that the new school uniform has been launched.

Seeing our students wearing the new uniform has been highly appreciated.

To see the uniform on offer, drop into the main office where we have a display to admire.

Attending Swimming

Ms K has organised the swimming program which will start on Monday 20 November, which is creeping up very quickly.

We would like to have all students attending the swimming program without exception as it is very important that they all have an opportunity to improve and practice their swimming skills.

Please contact the school if you are having trouble in any way and we can assist you. 

Students are not going to get better at swimming if they don’t attend each year, so it’s vital. Please make the most of this opportunity.

2024 Prep Transition

To date there have been 2 transition sessions with excellent attendance.

Thank you to Ms Draper, Mr Bowden, Lisa, and Ms K who have collaborated to provide a wonderful induction so far for our future Prep students and families. Last session, the children visited both the Prep room with Lisa to have a story and complete an activity and PE with Ms K.

The next session #3 will be on Tuesday 14 November.

If you are yet to enrol your child for Prep next year, please do as soon as possible.

Observe Parking Restrictions and No Stopping Signs

A friendly reminder for parents to take note and observe the parking restrictions in the surrounding streets to the school on both the West Site – Garden Ave in particular, and the East Site. I have been informed by a parent that they recently received a $192 parking fine from Glen Eira council for stopping for a couple of minutes in a no stopping zone on Garden Avenue at school drop off time to drop off their child.

The spot where this parent parked was at the opposite end of the street to the school and it was a very expensive way to find out that it was a no stopping zone. Adding to the confusion were all the railway works for Glen Huntly station with barriers, workers with stop signs, etc…

Unfortunately, the council stipulates that excuses such as these are not valid.

Staff Professional Learning

On Monday 6 November, staff will use the fourth and final curriculum day for 2023 to work on Semester 2 Reporting and Assessment, Anaphylaxis and CPR Training.

School closed: Melbourne Cup Public Holiday on Tuesday 7 November

Next Week:

Remembrance Day

Saturday 11 November is Remembrance Day — it is a day for us to remember those who have served and those who have died in all wars and peacekeeping operations.

Remembrance Day marks the date in 1918 when the First World War came to an end. It is officially observed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year.

To mark Remembrance Day, GHPS will acknowledge the significance of this day at the 10 November Friday Assembly. “Lest we forget”.

Happy Diwali 2023

Best wishes to all members of our school community who will celebrate Diwali later next week.

It is a very special time for many of our families to come together to symbolise the spiritual ‘victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”.

2024 Student Placement and Policy

At Glen Huntly Primary School, teachers and teaching teams collaborate to formulate and place students in class groupings for the next year and consider the following essential factors:

  • The academic strength of the group as a whole
  • An effective diversity and range of interests, talents and learning styles.
  • A gender balance in each class.

Teaching teams will always aim to create class groups that offer the best blend and composition based on these types of academic learning factors. It is therefore important that when parents request that their child be placed in a particular class, that this be based primarily on academic grounds.

The process that Glen Huntly Primary School works through has commenced and we anticipate that there will be some changes to which level or area of the school that each teacher will be teaching in 2024. This will be finalised as soon as we can confirm all staffing.

Glen Huntly Primary School recognises the importance of fostering and maintaining friendship groups. Glen Huntly Primary School also knows that it is equally important for students to mix and learn with peers who have different interests. During November, the teachers will ask students to write down six friends with whom they would like to work. Teachers endeavour to place students in a class with at least one of their friends.

We acknowledge that in certain situations, parents and carers may like to request that their child be placed in a class with a particular friend(s) or with a particular teacher. If you would like to request that your child be placed in a class with a particular friend or friends, please ensure that this request is received by Thursday 30 November, so that the request can be taken into consideration.

Requests for class placements must be made in writing, outlining who you would like your child to be placed with and include the reason for the request. Requests can be emailed to and addressed to Libby Alessi, Principal.

NOTE: It may not always be possible to accommodate class placement requests, but we will take all requests into consideration.

For more detailed information please see the link to this policy: Class Placement Policy

Libby Alessi         Principal

Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award.

Harnish FB – For your perseverance when creating your illustrations and sentences in your information report about chickens. You designed some fantastic illustrations of chickens and worked hard to complete your sentences. What an illustrious illustrator you are!

Lily FB – For your awesome efforts in designing your Ordinal Number Octopus. You have worked hard in our numeracy lessons this week to understand ordinal numbers. Keep up the outstanding work!

Enzo FB – For working diligently in our numeracy sessions this week! You were able to write numbers to 100 and master locating mystery numbers on a 100s chart in our game Guess the Number. Way to go Number Ninja!

Kai FD – For your perseverance while using the lightbot app during our digital learning task this week. You used trial and error to successfully make your robot move to the correct places, which showed your understanding of perspective. Amazing effort!

Albert FD – For your consistent effort and enthusiasm that you demonstrate during every task. It is fantastic to see you asking questions, sharing interesting facts and always interacting with your classmates in a kind and supportive manner. Superstar effort!

Edhan FD – For making an amazing rain cloud craft while learning about the /ai/ sound this week. You worked independently to write so many ai words on your raindrops. Excellent effort!

Lachlan FD – For your amazing effort while writing an information report about foxes. I was impressed by your neat writing and your understanding of words such as ‘omnivore’. I loved to hear you say, ‘I like to change sentences to make them better’. Fantastic!

Henry 1B – For showing the school’s values of resilience and pride this week where you stayed focused and committed to your learning! Well done, Henry!

Ragav 1B – Showing our value of pride this week during our numeracy lessons. You did an amazing job at telling the time to the hour, half an hour and quarter past! Well done you!

Uma 1F – Writing a convincing persuasive text about Alex getting an iguana. Your carefully selected word choice and thoughtful arguments were well considered and very persuasive. Wonderful Writing!

Myra 1F – Working hard to master telling the time to half past and quarter past during maths this week. Well done terrific time teller!

Grace 1F – For exhibiting a consistently responsible and dedicated approach to all her learning tasks this year. You are a joy to have in our class. Well done!

Iris 2M – For your fantastic poem about trees. You were able to use all of your senses to describe trees and their importance to you. Well done, you are a passionate poet!

Vamsi 2M – For your fantastic findings and brainstorm about things that turn in our environment. You had pages and pages of ideas. Well done you marvellous mathematician!

Jishnu 2S – for settling in very well to our class since arriving in Week 1 this term. You have shown resilience and bravery when making new friends. Well done and welcome to our school!

Pranika 2S – for writing a very descriptive poem about the season of summer this week, you used some excellent vivid verbs and adjectives. Keep it up!

Pranav 2S – for engaging with the audience by asking them questions in your Inquiry presentation this week. This showed fantastic speaking and listening skills, well done!

Eden 2S – for working very hard on your colour poem about how the colour yellow makes you feel energetic in our writing lesson today. Keep up the excellent and dedicated work to your writing!

Shenan 3C – For the care and kindness you showed your friends during camp. You looked out for others and took good care of your belongings. Great work, camper!

Emma 3C – For giving everything a go during camp and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You showed resilience and   challenged yourself to dive into new experiences.

Ellie 3C – For maintaining a streak of 100% during spelling tests this semester. You practise your words regularly and share tricks on how to remember difficult spelling words with your peers. Outstanding efforts, Ellie!

Advik 3C – For using your mental strategies to solve values within function machines. It wasn’t easy to begin with but you demonstrated persistence and collaboration when completing the task. Excellent efforts.

Amudariya 3C – For the growth you have made in your writing. Your determination and effort to build your vocabulary and extend your ideas in narrative writing has truly shone through. Well done!

3RK Camp attendees – For attending your first school camp! I hope this week has shown you all how courageous and independent you can be! Ms Roth and I are very proud!

Shivika 3RK – For demonstrating the school values of respect and teamwork. I am lucky I get to see this every day! – Well done!

Audrey 3RK – For getting 25/25 for her spelling test, three weeks in a row this term! You should be both proud and confident with your spelling abilities! See you at the world spelling bee! Well done!

Max 4A – for your positive attitude towards all tasks and always modelling respectful, polite, and kind behaviour. You are a superstar.

Ruby 4A – for your fantastic effort with your writing this week. You have worked really hard and it has shown through your fabulous work. Keep it up you writing wizard.

Sully 4A – For your exceptional behaviour you have shown this week and your amazing story you wrote about The Magic Spell. I am truly impressed. Keep up the great work!

Sara 4SJ – Much improved focus and concentration, thus bolstering and enhancing your stay on-task power.

Zac 4SJ – Willingly following through with advice about completing extra writing tasks at home, such as Journal or Diary writing, so as to practise, develop and improve your writing skills and writing confidence.

Rina 4SJ – Striving for and consistently achieving, 100% pure perfection and accuracy, with your Problem Solved Mathematics homework each week.

Aarya 4SJ – Precision and accuracy with achieving 100% correct with your solutions and answers to your Problem Solved Mathematics homework, consistently each week.

Oishika 5/6J – For a great week of focus, dedication, and satisfaction in your work this week. It is really inspiring to see you working so well individually and with others. Congratulations, Oishika.

Adishree 5/6J – For the crafting of a compelling narrative for your Choose Your Own Adventure story. You have painted the picture before you have even inserted images! Brilliant job. Your Grade 1 ‘buddy’ will be lucky to read it with you. Congratulations, Adishree!

Sahasra 5/6J – Whether it be your excellent homework, writing about your future careers, or your dedication to your maths and story writing, you cannot be faulted. It’s been a great week of development and maturity from you, and you should be super proud. Celebrate, Sahasra.

Mia 5/6J – for your beautifully crafted Choose Your Own Adventure Story, Halloween Night. You have not only demonstrated excellent writing skills but you have also proven your ability to lay your work out professionally on your slideshow. Congratulations, Mia!

Sahara 5/6J – For your magnificent Choose Your Own Adventure story, The Haunted House. Impressive is not only your story structure and writing prowess, but also the overall slideshow presentation of your work. Excellent job, Sahara!

Ochir 56J – For an excellent week of focus and dedication to your learning. You demonstrated initiative throughout and should be proud of your achievements. Congratulations, Ochir.

Abraham 5/6K – For working with focus and success on his Choose Your Own Adventure Narrative and scoring 20/20 on his spelling test for 16 weeks in a row! Well Done!

Alisha 5/6K – For showing maturity in the classroom, helping classmates and her teacher and persevering with her basketball focused Choose Your Own Adventure!

Jayden 5/6K – For creating an interesting, clear, and detailed setting for your Choose Your Own Adventure Narrative. Your readers will enjoy your slide show next week. Congratulations!

Zoya 56R – For completing your homework to an outstanding level. You chose vivid and exciting verbs, adverbs and adjectives which helped create a highly engaging narrative. Well done and keep writing for pleasure!

Arthana 56R – For being so patient and understanding with technological issues over the last two weeks. Arthana, you are always smiling, friendly and easy-going and it has been a pleasure to teach you.

Nafas 56R – For always being kind, helpful and cooperative. It’s not easy being a substitute teacher, and you have never stopped helping me and making me feel welcome. Thank you!

Science News

Sahasra from 5/6 J took our Clean Air Education to a new level, researching the causes of air pollution around the world, including vehicle emissions, by-products of manufacturing and fumes from chemical production.

Well done, Sahasra!

Thank you to all of the families and teachers who attended and assisted at the Art Show and Science Fair. What a lovely evening it was to share in the creative and curious pursuits of our students.

Thank you also to those families who adopted our newly hatched chicks.

Melinda Oldham


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