Newsletter #17 24 October 2019

Principals Report

It’s a very exciting week with only 2 sleeps to go until our Fete! This will be a fabulous Twilight Fete at Glen Huntly Primary; be sure to checkout the program of events and a big thank you for the wonderful work of Fiona Davey, all the coordinators and people assisting in so many ways from the GPA, GHPS and wider community.

Sign up if you haven’t already done so.

The Student Councillors are really looking forward to it so that’s a great gauge for all. The Shelter Shed on the East Site has been colourfully and artistically transformed by the very talented staff and parent at GHPS: Juz, Amandine, Marie, Emma (and her husband Pete), Meagan, Andrew and Maddison’s mum, Jackie. Many, many thanks to everyone!


There will be lot happening in the next couple of days and I can’t wait to see everyone enjoying themselves on Saturday.

Interschool Chess

Congratulations to all or fabulous chess students who qualified to represent GHPS at the Interschool Tournament and thank you Arthur for the report and pic of the Chess Team.

The students had a very successful tournament and we are very proud of all their achievements.

State Athletics Champion

Congratulations to Jaikiah Honner, 6J, who had an excellent day at Regionals, finishing 1st in the 200m and 2nd in the 100m.

Another outstanding performance.

My Brother Jack Awards

A wonderful result for Mahathi, 6J, receiving commendations in 2 categories of the My Brother Jack Awards:

Primary School Poetry

The Silent Killer

A sign of life,

Bubbles erupting on the surface of the sea.

A graceful gliding motion,

Drastically halted as the turtle tries to flee.

His nightmare is becoming tragically palpable,

The turtle tries to abscond from the jaws of death.

Thrashing wildly as his predator finally seizes the creature,

Frantically flailing around, hoping this is not his last breath.

The plastic net bobs around, leisurely savouring its prey.

t’s the twenty first century, we have a new killer to slay.

Junior Photography.

Congratulations Mahathi on such a fantastic acheivement.


If any families will be relocating house next year, but haven’t let us know yet that they will be moving, can you please notify the office straight away so that we can factor this into workforce planning and student organisation.

School Council

Members of the SC met this week and I thank everyone for their attendance and President Craig Matthews for the October report, which is included in this newsletter

Libby Alessi    


School Council Report

School Council met for the first time in Term 4 on Monday 21st October.

Key items covered at the meeting included;

  • CALLING ALL FETE VOLUNTEERS – the 2019 Fete Extravaganza is basically all ready to go but we need more volunteers for stalls to help make this fete a HUGE success. If you haven’t already done so please go to and sign up for at least one 2 hour slot to help out. Whilst the weather at this stage is not looking great it’s full steam ahead – we’ve been there before and it does not stop the day being a wonderful showcase for the school.
  • Workforce planning for 2020 is already underway and it is with great sadness that the school will bid farewell to Mr Bill Manuel at the end of the year as he has decided to retire. For those of you lucky enough to have had dealings with Mr Manuel over the years his dedication, knowledge, experience and sense of humour will be greatly missed.
  • Cabaret was an overwhelming success and rated very highly with students and parents as a highlight of the 2019 year. Thanks to all who made this such a memorable night.
  • The new oval is finally open for business – YAY! The finishing touches to the cricket pitch will be completed in early November (post fete). The new grass on the west site is also coming along nicely.
  • The new Mod 5 classrooms have been installed and are in their finishing stages. These will open up more much needed learning spaces for the school. We have also been advised that an additional Mod 5 has been allocated to the school and planning is underway for its location.
  • The location and contribution of the Noble Park English Language School remains under review as we discuss ways to make this work better for our school.
  • The finance subcommittee reviewed and approved the parent payment policy for 2020. There has been a conscious decision made for next year that families will purchase their own stationery items (based off a list of requirements prescribed by the school). This will allow people to take advantage of the ultra-competitive pricing that’s available from the myriad of Back to School sale events that take place in January every year.
  • In early September the school received approximately $60,000 in funding for essential maintenance and compliance programs as part of the State Governments investment into schools maintenance. These funds will be allocated a) to projects identified in the schools Condition Assessment Report and b) to items dictated by DET guidelines with regards to this funding.
  • The issue of healthy eating was discussed at length as School Council acknowledges some concerns raised by the parent community. GPA prepared a comprehensive summary of 2019 fundraising events that involve food and in the overall scheme of things, considering the length of the school year, the number and frequency of these voluntary opt-in events was relatively low. As always GPA is happy for new members to come on board to develop and run new events. The issue of class parties etc. was also addressed and a renewed focus on “one small item” per child will be given.

If there is any issue any member of the school community would like to raise with School Council, please email

Craig Matthews

School Council President


Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Meghashyam 0F – for using his empathy and comforting Jon when he was feeling sad.

Sindhura 0F – for being a responsible member of Prep F by cleaning up the reading space and making sure books are put away properly.

Mithra 0N – For your positive attitude towards all you do and for always trying to improve. You’re a star!

Hanish 0N – For working hard to improve your sounding out during writing and developing the confidence to complete writing tasks independently!

Akhilesh 0R – For his participation and enthusiasm during our first lesson discussing class dojo! Keep working hard!

Albert 0S – For your fantastic effort during our guided reading session and sounding out all your words really well. Keep up the great work!

Ayan 0S – For his fantastic writing on his first even narrative piece.

Darshika 1A – Your excellent effort completing your Billie B Brown book review!

Abigail 1A – staying focused and on task to complete all your work and then helping others to do the same. Thank you for being a superstar classmate in 1A!

Larrisah 1E – For her thoughtful letter to her pen pal. You asked some wonderful questions.

Rishikesh 1E – For his fantastic analysis of Jeannie Baker’s ‘Mirror’ and for making great ‘text to world’ connections.

Sahara 1M – thinking deeper about the book ‘here we are’ and asking great questions to further develop your understanding of the book!

Shanaya 1M – for always coming to school ready to learn and with a big smile on your face. You brighten up our classroom!

Varnika 2C – Your impressive and clearly presented research project on wombats. You put in so much effort! Well done!

Shresta 2C – Always making good choices and trying your best!

Athulya 3F – Her enthusiasm towards her home reading achieving 200+ days.

Brody 3F – His positive attitude and the consistent effort he puts into all classroom activities.

Avanish 3K – being an organised, dedicated and thorough ‘Banker’ and excellent book keeper!

Genevieve 3K – Always showing generosity to others, being a responsible technology supervisor and an excellent student council representative!

Rafael 4C – creative ideas when writing a narrative with a great sizzling start.

Randheer 4C – For your attentiveness during class discussions and your consistent effort in completing challenging tasks.

Mitsuki 4R – For approaching your work with growing confidence this term.

Apurva 4R – For working hard to improve your reading fluency.

Lakshitha 5S – For submitting an excellent Resume’ and Cover Letters for Earn and Learn jobs.

Stella 5S – For constantly improving on her effort and caring for her 5S classmates.

Our Fete is only 2 days away and we need all of our families to help out in some way.

Please, give us a few hours of your time and sign up to help on the day. The Fete does not run itself, we rely on our wonderful volunteers to make it a success, so please give us a hand.

Read our Fete Newsletter for sign up details and competition information.

Fete Raffle Tickets


Tickets will also be available during the Fete.

Major Raffle tickets – $5 each

Home and Garden tickets – $10 each

Now available to purchase in the office – single tickets or books of 5

Chocolate Trailer

There is still time to donate chocolates for the Year 6 Chocolate Trailer, and blocks are on sale at Woolworths and Coles this week.

Please leave your donations at the office.

Student Council

We, the student councillors, had a meeting and discussed that we need a little more helpers for the fete!

The grade sixes are setting up the chocolate trailer. Help yourselves!

The grade fives are doing the tunnel of terror. We hope you will like it! Maybe it will be super scary!

We hope you will bring in some home bakes because we really need some for the stalls.

Remember to buy an all-day ride pass.

We also discussed our highlights for term 3: Cabaret, Disco and Cooking.

By Emma, Luke, Vishnu, Sharannya and Genevieve.

(Student Councillors)

Hi Everyone,

Exciting news! Teeth on Wheels will be returning to our school for the children’s 6 monthly dental visits.

To make filling out the consent form easier you can now complete your Child’s consent form online by following the link below.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete and by reducing the amount of paper being used, we will be helping the team out by being more environmentally friendly.

The date of the children’s dental visit will be starting on Monday the 11th of November 2019, so please ensure if you didn’t complete a form at the start of the year to have this completed ASAP!

If you have any questions regarding the consent form or your child’s dental appointment please don’t hesitate to contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.

What’s On In Sport?

Congratulations to Aditya Reddycharla for making it into the South Eastern Representative Cricket Team for his age group.

Jaikiah Honner had an excellent day at Regionals.

Update on Jaikiah’s quest to reach the State Finals for 100m and 200m sprints

Last Thursday the Regionals were cancelled due to the weather and the events were moved to Monday of this week. On Monday I had a thirty minute warm-up when I arrived for my 100m race.  I came second in my heat and second overall in the final, with a time of 13.35 and I received a medal. 

I had a quick muscle roll before my 200m sprint event. I came in first in my heat and first overall in the final, with a time of 26.93. I beat my personal best time by just over a second and was awarded a First medal for that. We calculated that I was running at about 26km/h.

I returned to school proud of how I went and and to share my success with the teachers. I am now going to State final today at Lakeside Stadium at Albert Park. I hope I will be placed in the first three overall in both events and I am aiming that I will be in the top five in both the 100m and the 200m.

Jaikiah Honner, 6J

To view full terms and conditions, visit

Miss Kasambalis 

Chess News

Congratulations to the GHPS Chess team who joined 100 other participants in the State semi-finals on Tuesday 21.

After very successful top three finishes throughout the zonal qualifying rounds, the team finished 5th, just missing out on 4th which would have meant qualification to the finals.

Well done to Randheer (Grade 4) who finished in the top 10, while it’s a sad farewell for Param and Hasini (left and right), Grade 6 team members who have played their last tournament for GHPS. Thanks for your commitment over the years!

Arthur Le

Notices distributed to parents

14 Oct            Year 3-6 Students                   Swimming Program

18 Oct            All Families                              Hand, Foot and Mouth information



Sat 26                  Twilight Fete 2pm – 8pm


Fri 1                 2020 Prep Transition

Tue 5              Melbourne Cup Holiday

Wed 6             2020 Prep Transition

Mon 11           Teeth On Wheels

Tue 12            Teeth On Wheels

Thur 14          2020 Prep Transition

Tue 19            2020 Prep Transition

Tue 19            2020 Prep Parent Information Session

Tue 19           Prep – 2 Swimming Program Commences

Wed 20           Year 3/4 Camp


Mon 2            Year 3 – 6 Swimming Program Commences

Mon 16          Year 6 Graduation