Newsletter #17 25th October 2018

Principals Report

Sensational Art Show

Congratulations to Ms Justine de Bruyn for organising the fabulous Art Show we had on Monday night at school! It was so great to see so many of our families appreciating and enjoying all the different art works created by all of our students. They have truly been inspired by their art teacher and this really stood out in the quality and variety of their work. I loved that each piece was so individualised and everything seemed so colourful and wonderful.

There was such a great vibe to the whole evening with the art displayed so professionally throughout the various teaching spaces in the school. The hard work, dedication and passion of Ms de Bruyn that she brings to GHPS is just astounding. Thank you for the amazing feedback we have received from so many parents and staff about how they were just blown away by this event. We can also look forward to the Art auction at the Carols evening on Tuesday 11 December.

Thank you also to the GPA for organising the Little Monsters Pizza truck, to Juz for Jude’s Homemade Icy poles, TheirCare who sponsored the framing of Artworks and Steve Dimopoulos for being a guest judge. We really appreciate everyone’s contributions!


Rocktober – Saturday 28 October in the Wendy Wilson Hall – doors open at 7.00pm  for a 7.30 start

It’s a very exciting week with only 2 sleeps to go until Rocktober! This will be the best Rocktober that Glen Huntly Primary has ever offered, in fact it’s the first! You’ve got to checkout this great social event as it promises to be a fabulous night.

A big, big thank you for the wonderful work of so many people assisting: Shan (Emily 2E & Alice 4O), Caitilin (Rafi 6P & Asher 4J, Samson Prep N) Andrea & Tony (William 6A), Dave (Archie 3F & Rory 1J), Laura James-Clark, Mr Andrew Aitken 6A, Mr John Jacobs 4J and Mark Dorrington. There has been a lot happening to get ready and I’m sure it will be a fun night. I can’t wait to see everyone enjoying themselves.

One final notice from GPA and the Rocktober committee who invite you to rally your numbers and organise your tables.  If you haven’t organised a team then we can organise one for you – but please buy your tickets and encourage everyone you run into in the school yard to do the same. Tickets will be available on the door – but you will help us to organise the evening if you buy your tickets in advance.

For those who enjoy any opportunity to wear costumes, come dressed up as your favourite musical act. But whatever you do, come along and join the fun. It’s going to be a fantastic night. The Rocktober committee have a few fundraising activities planned too – although this is first and foremost a social event. BYO food and drinks.

Could you please sign up to our icy-pole roster? We need volunteers every Friday from 1.15-2pm:

The students absolutely love this treat every Friday so please give up some time and sign.

Interschool Chess

Congratulations to all our fabulous chess students who qualified to represent GHPS at the Semi Final Tournament at Bulleen on Friday 26 October:

Metteya 6A

James 3F

Ronnie 6P

Ayaan 3F

Evan 4O

Aidan 4J

Marko 3F

Oliver 6P

Kushal 4J

School Council

Members of the Finance and School Council will meet next Monday 29 October at 6.30 and 7pm respectively.


If any families are leaving the school next year, but haven’t as yet let us know, can you please notify the office straight away so that we can factor this into workforce planning and student organisation.

Libby Alessi            Principal

A message form your Assistant Principal Amy Tinetti

Working Bee Recap!

Thank you to all of the families who gave up their Sunday and helped at the Term 4 Working Bee! Those families were: Schmidt Family, Mentis Family, Jain Family, Pushpalatha and her family, Kringas Family, Le Family, McKay Family, Gilbert Family, Field family, Taylor Family, Weiss Family, Wilson Family, Blair Family, Mahendion Family, and the Powell Family. To any families left off this list I do apologise.

We got through all of the jobs on our list, it was great to have the mulcher there to help us clear all of the remaining offcuts from previous Working Bees. We weeded and got our grounds looking beautiful for spring. Thanks again to Heidi for her yummy cooking, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ to reward ourselves with after working so hard.

Our Buildings and Grounds meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th November at 6:30pm in the East Site Staffroom. Everyone is welcome to attend and discuss ideas on how we can improve the grounds of our school.


Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Rudhraa 0F – fantastic participation and team work during Monster Maths.

Isaac 0N – improved focus during class time and completing work in a timely manner.

Arini 0R – writing a story with creativity during writing this week.

Aadhitya 0R – expert understanding of telling the time to the o’clock and half hour.

Mahia 1J – an interesting writing piece called “Grandma bought me a surprise”.

Bindu 1J – a supper effort with her holiday recount.

Vrish 1M – an excellent holiday recount writing and sounding out your words.

Sachin 1M – settling in well to 1M and being a positive member of our class.

Viraj 2E – wonderful answers in his reading comprehension.

Alyx 2E – reading with fluency and expression.

Reyansh 2E – reading with fluency and answering comprehension questions with detail.

Aarav 2E – working well in a team to weigh different objects accurately.

Ajaai 2M – settling in well and making friends at his new school.

Siddharth 2M – working quietly and producing a great report on his country.

Randheer 3F – settling in well at GHPS and always being a kind and polite member of our class.

Bela 3F – being a quiet achiever who is an absolute pleasure. Not only does Bela produce a consistent high level of work, she is also a caring and friendly classmate.

Carlos 3F – consistently displaying an excellent, responsible attitude to all his learning and always being a kind and helpful classmate.

Vivi 3F – a positive attitude towards all her learning. She is a very responsible and organised student.

Rafael 3S – impressive contributions to class discussions about plants and their growth.

Aditya 3S – settling in beautifully at GHPS and trying his best.

Lucas 4J – outstanding focus on all of your work.

Sethumdi 4J – confidently sharing her research with the class.

Neeharikaa 5S – Throughout the entire year Neeha has been a friendly, helpful and polite student.

Rahul 5S – Posing an interesting ‘Big Science’ question about Black Holes during writing.

Leo 6P – an outstanding week full of effort, care and excellent critical thinking skills.

Music Melodies would like to congratulate Metteya Gharde on his excellent results in his recent piano exam.

His score was 96.5 which the examination requirements awards him  First Class Honours.

Well done.

Let’s Bee Coders!

The years 2s have been learning about using Bee-Bots. They have been using them to help measure different lengths. In this lesson the students were estimating how many ‘Bee-Bots Long’ a piece of tape was. Students then used the Bee-Bots to accurately measure the length. The Bee-Bots are a great learning tool to help the students incorporate coding into different lessons.


“The best part about using the Bee-Bots is the arrows because it helps us to move them”Aarav 2E

“I like using the Bee-Bots because they are fun and sometimes when they go in the wrong direction we get to fix it!”Ishani 2E

“They’re so much fun”Gowri 2K

The students have also been working with their Prep friends to show them how to use the Bee-Bots. They worked on understanding the directional language of ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’, ‘left’ and ‘right’. The Preps loved learning about the Bee-Bots!

Emma Murnane

Teeth on Wheels

Hi Everyone,

Exciting news! Teeth on Wheels will be returning to our school for the children’s 6 monthly dental visits on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2018!

To make filling out the consent form easier you can now complete your Child’s consent form online by following the link below.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete and by reducing the amount of paper being used, we will be helping the team out by being more environmentally friendly.

The date of the children’s dental visit will be starting on Wednesday the 7th of November 2018, so please ensure if you didn’t complete a form at the start of the year to have this completed ASAP!

If you have any questions regarding the consent form or your child’s dental appointment please don’t hesitate to contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.

Last week we had a visit from Cricket Victoria who took both Grade 5 and 6’s for their first lesson of a cricket unit this term. A full cricket kit was donated personally from Pat who visited and delivered two fantastic lessons with the Grade 6’s!

I would like to thank Ian Nash, secretary of Carnegie Cricket Club who helped with the visit from the Woolworths blast P.E program and the Milo cricket truck who also visited us at the beginning of the term!

Marie Kasambalis

Notices distributed to parents

12 October            All Students                 Swimming

12th October        All Students                 Berri Ice-Blocks order

12 October           Year 3-4 Students        Wheel Talk Incursion

15 October           Year 5 Students            2019 Year 6 Student Jackets

15 October           Year 5-6 Students        Mappen Supermarket Excursion

18 October           Year 5-6 Students        Sports Photos

23 October          All Students                  Halloween Cake or Doughnut orders

25 October          Year 1 Students            New Classrooms



Fri 26  –  Year 5-6 Sport

Sat 27  –  Rocktober Music Trivia Night


Fri 6  –  Year 5-6 Sport

Tue 6  –  Melbourne Cup Holiday

Fri 9  –  Year 5-6 Sport

Mon 12  –  Year 3-4 Camp

Fri 16  –  Year 5-6 Sport

Tue 20  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Wed 21  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Thu 22  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Fri 23  –  NO ASSEMBLY

Fri 23  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Fri 23  –  Year 5-6 Sport

Mon 26  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Tue 27  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Wed 28  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Thu 29  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Fri 30  –  NO ASSEMBLY

Fri 30  –  Prep – 2 Swimming

Fri 30  –  Year 5-6 Sport