Newsletter #19 21 November 2019

Principals Report

2020 Prep Parent Information and Transition

Capping off a highly successful 2020 Prep Transition program, staff were delighted to welcome current and new 2020 prep parents to a very well attended Information Session on Tuesday. On behalf of the Prep and Specialist team Amy and I provided a broad range of very valuable information and perspective about our wonderful school.

School Captains, Veer and Imogen, together with Sport Captains, Dakota and Adi made speeches to the parents, reflecting on what is like to be in their role. They are to be commended for their heartfelt words and impressed us all. Their speeches are included in the newsletter.

In this final session, the Prep team were busy with the new students, choosing Elmer the Elephant for their text and completing a pre-literacy and pre-numeracy task during their time together. In addition to the two sessions in Prep, there has been a collaborative effort by staff to provide experiences in Art, Library, PE and Japanese/Music, to other year levels for having buddy time with this year’s Preps and uniform being available for purchase so thank you to everyone.



We hope you found the Transition Program to be highly effective and thank you very much to everyone who attended and for the positive feedback we have received about the session. We look forward to welcoming everyone next year.

Grade 3/4 Camp Rumbug and Woorabinda Camp

A very excited group of Grades 3 and 4 headed off to Camp Rumbug at Foster yesterday and are having a a very good time. I’ve been in regular contact throughout the morning and afternoon and weather conditions appear to be a little less severe than here. The temperature has reached 35 with less wind than we have experienced here today. Activities have been able to go ahead as planned with provision to modify if the weather changes. Ms Tinetti has reported that everyone is smiling and they are enjoying the day. We have also heard from Camp Woorabinda with news that the students from Grade 5 at GHPS, Murrumbeena, Ripponlea and Bentleigh West are all participating in activities and have the same approach for modifying activities due to the heat and weather. Both groups will return to school tomorrow in the afternoon.

A reminder: No ASSEMBLY for one week: While both Grade 3/4 Camp, and Grade 5/6 Sport is on, there will be no assembly. The next Assembly will be on Friday 29 November.

Update on Capital Works Design & Planning (AMP2):

In the most recent communication from the Department of Education and Training (DET) the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) there is currently $500k to spend on AMP2 (master-planning) of the school site. Once the masterplan is completed, the VSBA then document the agreed ‘Priority Project 1’ from the masterplan. The VSBA will produce tender documentation for Project 1 ready to go out to the market. This includes all drawings and specifications required for a builder to price.

In May next year, DET lets us know whether we will be receiving the remaining funds (ie: $4.5M) in order to complete the project. If we receive the funds, we go out to the market and begin construction once the builder is appointed. If the remaining funds are not announced in May 2020, then we wait until the following year. The plans (for Priority Project 1) hold until the full funding is allocated. We are currently allowed to spend up to $500k; and if all the documentation works (ie: master-plan, tender drawings, specs… etc) we complete to get it to the market are below the $500k, then we are allowed to spend the balance on an ‘early works’ package. The early works package will be agreed to by the team (School, VSBA, and Architect), and may be where we need an upgrade the power requirements on the West Site. 

Simultaneously, the Masterplanning Stage is taking into consideration the approval for the new Mod 5 classrooms which have been sited to fit within the current capacity of the school. This is in reference to having sufficient room, play space and power coverage at the school, which is available on the East Site, hence the positioning of the latest Mod 5’s alongside the refurbished oval. Using the consultation process with Staff, there have been extensive discussions as to where classes will be positioned next year and who will be teaching what levels.

There will be some changes to a number of classes including all Grade Two classes moving to the East Site and the Library moving to the West Site currently where Grade 2 is this year. In the Masterplanning, the new Library will be positioned where the Grade 2 classes are this year. Next year Prep will be in the area where currently we have Grade 1. A marked up map will be on the website very soon. The Grade 5 and 6 will move into the new Mod 5’s alongside the oval.


We congratulate Ms Claire Piscioneri for being appointed our new Numeracy Learning Specialist in 2020. Ms Piscioneri greatly impressed us all with her passion, enthusiasm and her vision. With her own quality practices in Maths and her Assessment Literacy we look forward to her partnering with the PLC LS team.

Our second appointment is Mrs Alysha Jones has been teaching Year 6 in Ballarat and who is relocating to Melbourne. She has experience working in this year level and will attend Planning with the Year 5/6 teams in December. The panel really enjoyed hearing about her experiences, skills, and teaching practice and we look forward to her being welcomed by our school community.

2020  20 classes Rooms 
Principal Mrs Libby Alessi Principal Office
Assistant Principal Ms Amy Tinetti AP Office
Business Manager Ms Julie Bruce Main Office


Education Support

Laura James–Clark

Ruth Kinyua-Smyth

Main Office
Uniform Shop Lisa Oliver Upstairs East Site
Little Book Worms & Education Support Lisa Oliver

Tania Casonato

Education Support Jenny Grose

Denise Rimanic

Tanya Matthews

Prep Ms Mikaela Ristos

Ms Ashleigh Smart

Ms Ivana Novakovic




1 Ms Meagan Atkins

Mrs Yasmin Moran

Mrs Emma Murnane

New teacher to be confirmed







Mrs Eugenia Sassos

Ms Olivia Leung

Ms Danni Chau




3 Mrs Shannan Fox

Ms Liv Fourniotis

Ms Kamila Krauze




4 Mrs Ashleigh Casas

Ms Jasmine Roth

Mr David Jenkins




5 Mr Callum Swanson

Mrs Mel Oldham



6 Mrs Alysha Jones

Ms Claire Piscioneri



EAL East



Tree House Reading

Mrs Lexie Boomsma

Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely

Anu Velamakanni

Ariane Mazis

7 or 9,


Library Ms Amandine Lucas-Lely 16 & 17
Art Ms Juz de Bruyn 21
PE & Sport Ms Marie Kasambalis WW Hall
Choir, Band, Music/Japanese Mr Andrew Aiken WW Hall
Choir, Band


Laura James-Clark WW Hall
Cabaret Costumes Tania Casonato

Lisa Oliver

Cooking Fiona Davey WW Hall
Handyman John Tinetti  

Finance and School Council: Monday 2 December at 6.15pm and 7pm respectively.

Libby Alessi        Principal


Congratulations to the following students who received a ‘Student of the Week’ award during the last 2 weeks.

Seinosuke 0F – For settling into school and making some great friendships this term. We have loved having you as part of our Prep F family.

Ruhi 0F – for being a cooperative and cheerful member of prep F putting others first and sharing resources in our classroom.

Yianni 0F – For being a responsible, cooperative team member and for staying on the job while writing an exciting sizzling start!

Radha 0F – For her positive attitude towards all areas of her learning this week.

Nadia 0N – For working hard to improve your sounding out when reading and writing. Keep up the amazing work!

Riyan 0N – For working hard to complete your writing independently this term. Keep it up!

Mahanya 0R – For forever being your beautiful and kind self. You are a shining star!

Jedda 0R – Thank you for a wonderful year in Prep. We will miss your delicious smile, constant laughter and love of Dolly Parton. We hope to see you again soon. Love from Miss Ristos and Prep R.

Lateisha 0S – For your excellent maths skills during monster maths lesson.

Aarya 0S – For your continuous effort in all aspects of the classroom.

Harrison 0S – For your amazing effort in all of your writing tasks. Your handwriting and punctuation is spectacular!

Aahana 1A – For your outstanding effort during the planning and building of your digital system. Your teamwork skills were phenomenal!

Shloka 1A – For doing a great job in Mappen this week. The effort you put into your “5 Ways I Can Help the Earth” task was awesome.

Bob 1E – For consistently reading at home and writing detailed recounts. Love your work!

Rudra K 1M – your wonderful reading the other day. Your confidence has grown so much this year. I’m so proud of you!

Mahia 2C – Taking such care and pride in your work – you are such a superstar.  Keep up the amazing work!

Hudson 2L – For working so hard to improve his writing skills and producing fabulous stories.

Sushma 3K – Providing the class with an interesting craft activity and carefully guiding students through the procedure of making a pumpkin! Well Done!

Raghav 3S – Being a thoughtful and kind classmate.

Byron 3S – Fabulous improvement in Reading Comprehension and the use of Close Reading strategies.

Serafim 4C – For your humorous and well-structured narrative titled ‘The Bee Chase’. Your writing continues to improve.

Thomas 4C – For your valuable contributions during whole class discussions about persuasive text and single use plastics.

Amber 4R – For your enthusiasm and convincing justifications while responding to a discussion text this week. Love your work!’

Sanjana 4R – For always trying your best and helping your fellow classmates with a smile. You’re a star!

Madhav 5S – For creating unique and interesting products for his Earn and Learn store ‘Electronic Hi-Fi’.

What’s On In Sport?

Glen Eira City Council’s Active School’s Champion for 2019 is Glen Huntly Primary School!

GHPS achieved the highest walking rate of all participating schools, reaching an average walking rate of 13.6 walks per student, which is a fantastic accomplishment.

Special Assembly – Monday the 25th of November @ 9:30 am – WW Hall

We have a special guest who will award our sport captains (Dakota and Adi) the Active schools trophy AND the recipient of the FitBit.

       The newly appointed Lord Mayor, Margaret Esakoff, will be attending

along with a Glen Eira council representative.

A photographer will come along and capture the presentation and they will publish the photo along with a Walk to School article in the December Glen Eira News.

Prep Visitors

This term Prep students have been learning about the wider community and the people who help us.

We were fortunate enough to have 2 special visitors. They were Lucy from Ambulance Victoria and officer Dean and Wenty from Police Victoria.

They spoke to us about their jobs and showed us around their special cars! Thank you to both our guests. We had a wonderful time and learned so much!!


Captains Speeches

I’m Imogen and I’m one of the school captains of GHPS for 2019. I have been at this school since the first day of prep in 2013 and it’s hard to believe that I will be leaving at the end of the year.

From an early age, Glen Huntly Primary School taught me that keeping a growth mindset and a positive attitude is the best way to live, learn and grow and these are things that every child is taught at GHPS.

We are a multicultural school, as is practiced each year in our Harmony Day celebrations, where we celebrate with special food and activities.

Picking the right school for your child is important, as primary school plays a big part in the way a child’s mind is developed, and I can tell you right now that GHPS is the perfect school for your child, because we are kind, caring and considerate in all that we do.

In my opinion, by enrolling your child at Glen Huntly Primary School, you have given them great opportunities, and the chance to learn in a way that is fun and inspiring, because of our staff, our support staff, the families and the students. So congratulations for joining the GHPS community by enrolling your child here, because we are learners today and leaders tomorrow.


I am Veer, one of the school captains for this year. Glen Huntly primary school is an extremely supportive and helpful school to every student and we believe that success is not an accident.

On the first day of prep I was feeling really nervous. I got into the classroom and to my surprise the teachers were really nice and they made me feel welcome. At that time I couldn’t really speak English. The teachers made sure that I understood everything, or even just a little bit.

This school has extra activities such as Cooking, P.E and Art programs. We also have a Music merged into a Japanese class. Learning a second language is a really important thing and we provide that it is also a great challenge for your brain, so your child’s brain will be developed in a way that it is devoted to learning and fun.

G.H.P.S is an inclusive school and makes sure everyone gets along with each other. GHPS tries to be very careful to make sure that every child makes lots of friends.

We look forward to seeing you around.

Thank you.


Welcome future prep parents.

We are the sports captains for 2019.

We are here to talk about the P.E lessons at Glen Huntly Primary School.

Your child will be involved in events such as: House Athletics, Cross country, House Swimming and Walk-a-thon.

In P.E we learn a range of  sports, throughout the 4 Terms.

As you progress through the schooling years, you will find that the sports activities will get harder.

And when you get to year six you might even take on the role of sports captains, like us.

We hope you enjoy your school journey, starting next year.


Dakota and Adi

Mangos Arriving

Tuesday 26th November

Put Your Name On It!

We would like to remind everyone to please put your child’s name on their school uniform and other belongings.

There has been a lot of lost property at school and most of it is unnamed uniform which is washed and put into the secondhand uniform shop.

Notices distributed to parents

11 Nov            Year 6 Students                        Graduation Mementos

12 Nov           Year 6 Students                        Graduation Ceremony



Fri 22              NO Assembly

Fri 22              Year 3-6 Campers return


Mon 2            Year 3 – 6 Swimming Program Commences

Tue 10            Carols and Fete Rides night

Mon 16          Year 6 Graduation

Fri 20            Final Day Term 4 – early dismissal 1.30pm